How Long Tail Pro Can Help You Get Massive Traffic from Google

increase long tail pro traffic

Google loves long tail keywords.

By focusing on which of the following option, you can easily increase your search traffic?

  1. Google b) Google traffic c) increase traffic from Google

If you are blogging for a while, you will definitely answer “C” for the above question.


We all know, long tail keywords are easier to rank for because of their length, search volume and the combination of several keywords.

You can easily rank for long tail keywords such as “how to get fit in 6 weeks” instead of trying to rank for short tail keywords like “fitness”. Do you agree with that?

But still people struggle to increase their search engine traffic with long tail keywords.

Do you know the reason?

They find it really hard to come up with low volume and highly profitable long tail keywords.

If you are one among them, I’ve a good news for you.

If your aim is to capture more Google traffic, let me help you with this post.

I’m going to discuss about an incredible tool called Long Tail Pro which can easily help you bring more search engine traffic to your blogs.

Are you curious to find out more about it? Before getting into the details, let’s first talk about Long Tail SEO so you can better understand why should you target long tail keywords to increase your traffic and sales. Then, we can discuss about using Long Tail Pro to capture more traffic from Google.

What is Long Tail SEO?

long tail seo

People who are using Google these days to shop online are getting smarter day by day.

They are not buying anything before reading reviews on Google. Do you agree?

For instance, if I want to buy an iPhone, I don’t buy it without reading customer reviews on Google by searching relevant phrases like “iPhone discount”, “iPhone user reviews”, “iPhone user experience” etc.

Do you see the pattern here?

People who are ready to buy a product online use long tail keywords such as “best iPhone deals in India”, “maximum discount on iPhone” etc.

That’s the reason why long tail keywords are more profitable.

If you are covering a technology related site and writing reviews about gadgets, electronics or anything similar, you can increase your product affiliate sales by using long tail keywords.

That’s how majority of the tech bloggers are making a lot of money from affiliate marketing.

That’s where long tail SEO wins the race. If you want to tap more search traffic and increase your website sales, there’s no other better alternative to using low volume and highly profitable long tail keywords in your content strategy.

Long tail keywords Vs Short tail keywords

keywords importance

Let’s briefly talk about the pros and cons of both long tail keywords and short tail keywords so you can better understand why should always target long tail SEO for major benefits.

Pros and cons of long tail keywords:


  • They have great search volume so you can easily increase your traffic.
  • Searches of 5 or more words account for almost 80% of all impressions from Google.
  • Long tail keywords are easier to rank for.
  • They can send you quick traffic even if your blog is new.

Cons: Without the use of right tools like Long Tail Pro or SEMrush, it is really hard to find low volume and highly profitable long tail keywords.

Pros and cons of short tail keywords:


  • If you are ranking in top 10 search results for a short tail keyword, you can literally make millions of dollars and drive massive traffic to your blogs or websites.


  • They are hard to rank for.
  • You need to build a lot of backlinks to get rankings for short tail keywords like “marketing”, “SEO” etc. You also need millions of dollars to rank for such keywords!
  • They usually take years of time to get into top 10 results.

So I guess by now you understand why should you always target long tail keywords to quickly increase your search traffic but how can you come up with such profitable long tail keyword ideas?

Long Tail Pro. It is one of the widely used keyword research tools to generate unlimited number of long tail keywords.

Try Long Tail Pro for just $1 (for 10 days)

What is Long Tail Pro and how will it increase your Google traffic?

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool.

Unlike other keyword research tools like Keyword Planner, WordStream, Moz; Long Tail Pro is specially designed to find and target long tail keywords.

It is also used for doing competitor’s research. When it comes to doing keyword research, nothing beats competitor keyword research. By finding what your competitors are already ranking for, you can easily understand what kind of keywords you should target in order to bring more search engine traffic to your websites.

It helps you with the following things.

  • You can find long tail keywords really quickly.
  • No matter what your blog’s niche is, you can find profitable long tail keywords.
  • You can easily find keyword competitiveness.
  • You can also find how many links, domain authority or page authority you need to get into top 10 results for a specific keyword.
  • You can also create targeted campaigns.
  • You can research your competition.
  • You can identify keyword opportunities.
  • And many more..

Click here to start using Long Tail Pro (just $37 per month)

How to use Long Tail Pro to increase your search engine traffic?

increase long tail pro traffic

Quick note: I’ve written a comprehensive review on Long Tail Pro here, so make sure to check it out before diving into the following steps. It’s where you will learn how to set up a campaign on Long Tail Pro.

Step 1: Create a list of “targeted keywords” with Long Tail Pro

Have a look at the screenshot below (Copy the URL of Next 3 images and open in New Tab for Clarity):

long tail pro guide

Now, again have a look at the below screenshot to select the targeted keywords to use in your content strategy to get better search rankings and increase your website sales.

long tail pro example

Step 2: Prioritize your keyword list

Even after coming up with targeted list of keyword ideas, you don’t want to use them all at once, right?

You will only go after one or two keyword ideas to write your next post. For this, you need to carefully choose the keyword ideas from your targeted keyword ideas.

So how can you prioritize your keyword list?

My suggestion is to remove all the keyword ideas that have more than 2000 local monthly searches.

Also, set your “Suggested Bid” to 200 and number of words to a minimum of 5 to get the highly profitable long tail keyword ideas with low monthly competition.

After applying the above results, here are the few keyword ideas I got for the original seed keyword “best hairstyles for men”.

longtailpro tutorial

And that’s it! You can use them in your content strategy or on your websites to boost your search traffic and sales.

That’s how you prioritize your keyword ideas.

Step 3: Take the help of Google Suggestion tool

Now, let’s dig deep into the long tail SEO strategy by using Google’s keyword suggestion tool along with the Long Tail Pro to find incredible and unlimited long tail keyword ideas.

What is Google suggestion tool, you may ask.

I hope you might have already seen the Google search result page with the following scenario. You will normally find it at the bottom of Google search results page.

Google suggestion tool

It will give you a list of great “related keyword ideas” for your targeted keyword term. The above screenshot is an example of keyword ideas taken from the Google suggestion tool which you can usually find at the bottom of the search results page.

Or for more effective results, you can also start using Google suggestion tool.

It gives you even more ideas where you can simply copy all those ideas and paste them in the Long Tail Pro tool to come up with the most profitable keyword ideas for your business.

Let me show how.

For the same keyword idea I used above “best hairstyle for men”, tool gave me a list of following items (note that, I’m only showing few of them, the tool gives you even more ideas).

keyword tool

See that? You can get unlimited keyword related ideas for any keyword idea you have using

Let’s now talk about how you can combine the above keyword ideas with Long Tail Pro.

Step 4: Harnessing the power of Long Tail Pro with Google suggestion tool keywords

In this final step, all you have to do is to copy all the above keyword ideas into Long Tail Pro tool.

Rinse and repeat the first two steps mentioned above to find low competitive and highly profitable long tail keyword ideas.

That’s it!

That’s how you can use Long Tail Pro to capture more traffic from Google to your blogs and websites.

My experience with Long Tail Pro so far

I’m a HUGE fan of SEO. I love getting more traffic from Google.

And I love doing keyword research. For years, I’ve been doing this and I know you can quickly boost your search engine traffic by finding low competitive long tail keywords.

If you are anything like me who likes to get more traffic from Google, Long Tail Pro is definitely for you.

I’ve been using the same tool for almost close to an year now and I find it really impressive to get unlimited long tail keyword ideas.

And how much does it cost for you to get all this priceless keyword data?

You just need to pay $37 per month to start using Long Tail Pro to boost your traffic and sales. There are actually two versions of Long Tail Pro which costs as the following.

  1. Long Tail Platinum Annual plan (costs $27 per month and billed annually)
  2. Long Tail Platinum Monthly plan (costs $37 per month and $1 for first 10 days)

Here are all the features that you get with it.

  • Find Thousands of Profitable Keywords in Seconds
  • Calculate Keyword Competitiveness
  • Competitor Analysis on Top 10 Google Results
  • Check Rankings of sites in Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Import Lists of 10,000 Keywords at Once
  • Get Access to the Platinum VIP Facebook Community

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to boost your search traffic using Long Tail Pro

Final thoughts about using Long Tail Pro to capture more Google traffic

There is no SINGLE solution to increase your website traffic.

But using long tail keywords in your content strategy is one of the surest ways to quickly capture more Google traffic to your blogs and websites. If you are struggling to boost your search traffic, you should definitely give a try to Long Tail Pro.

Long Tail Pro is undoubtedly one of the most effective keyword research tools used by smart marketers like Marcus Sheridan, Pat Flynn to uncover the hidden and highly potential long tail keywords to grow their website traffic.

If you are keen to boost your Google traffic, give a try to Long Tail Pro. Do you have any questions? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and I’d be glad to respond to your queries.


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