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On September 13, 2011
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With Magic Members Plugin, you can convert your existing WordPress Blog into a Membership website. You can also start a fully functional Membership website from Scratch on WordPress with this plugin.

Magic Members is a premium WordPress Plugin that can be used to convert our existing WordPress or new blogs into automated and fully functional membership website.

This premium plugin will take care of all functionalities you are thinking of being in your first membership website.

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Why We Need Membership Website

Membership website allows to increase our earnings from our blogging efforts. We can create a community of exclusive users and offer them high quality content in return for some monthly subscription.

We are in better position to communicate with other members in membership websites. We feel really motivated for being paid for producing high quality content. Membership websites are good option for website owners and users as website owners are able to make additional money from their membership website and users are given access to high quality content in exchange for some monthly fee.

Suppose your membership website has 400 members and you are charging $5 every month from each member. So your single membership website will give you additional income of $2000. Your earnings with membership website will increase as you are able to capture additional members for your membership website.

Those membership sites are rally successful that are showing their premium content in moderation like some portion of content for free and require membership for full content access.

Membership Website with Magic Members Plugin

Magic Members WordPress PluginWordPress platform when combined with Magic Members plugin converts our new or old WordPress blog into Membership website. It does not take much time in installing this plugin into your WordPress plugins directory.

All you have to do is upload this plugin into your WordPress plugins directory and activate it. After activation, you will see a Magic Members menu option (Left sidebar towards bottom) that you can use to customize your first Membership website. Here is a screenshot showing this premium plugin in action after clicking the Magic Members menu option.

Menu Option

Since Magic Members is a premium plugin, so there is some cost associated with it that you need to pay. Go through the its Pricing and Discount Section for saving some money on your purchase of this membership website converting plugin for WordPress blogs.

Magic Members Plugin Features List

Convert WordPress blogs int membership website with Magic MembersMagic Members premium plugin for WordPress blogs comes with lots of features and here is the list of some features I find really interesting about this plugin:

1. Unlimited Membership Levels

You will have full control over how users at different levels will be accessing your membership website content. You can decide how much content you want to showcase to users at different levels and can charge them accordingly.

2. Easy Integration With WordPress Blogs

You need to follow simple steps to convert your existing or new blog into membership website with Magic Members Plugin.

3. Flexible Membership Options

You can set different billing cycles for unlimited users at different levels. You can decide how members will be paying you and when they will be paying you like daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

4. Payment Integration Modules

There are lots of ways you can accept payments from members at different levels. Some of payment gateways you can use to accept payments from users are Paypal, 2CheckOut, CCBill,, ClickBank, Worldpay, Skrill, Alertpay etc. You can use all, some or only one of them for accepting payments at various levels in your members rel=”nofollow”hip website.

5. Control Subscription Length

You can control when memberships at different levels will expire in your membership website. Like you set expiration for members in trial membership in 2 weeks type.

6. Multiple Membership Levels Purchase

Users at your website can purchase membership for your website at different levels, so thus will help in increasing your revenue from your membership site.

7. Unlimited Coupon Creation

You can create unlimited coupons for giving away discounts to your members at various levels.

8. Login Redirection

You can use Login Redirection option to showcase different welcome page to members at different levels.

9. Controlled Content Access

You can use this option to control what kind of content members will have access at different levels.

10. Import & Export Users

You can use this feature to import previous members to your website. With export feature, you can export all date related to your members in an excel.

11. Partial Content Display

You can use private tags to hide certain kind of content at different levels in your website. You can decide what portion of your website content you want to show to visitors and members.

12. Pay Per Post Access

You can use this option to sell new content on pay per post basis to new visitors. There must be some visitors who will not be interested in monthly subscription and want access to very few articles. So you can set custom pricing for each post.

13. Entire Blog Protection

Magic members prevent normal users from accessing the content that is available to members. When a new user tries to access the content available in membership area, he will be redirected to the login page. Once that user logged in, will be served content as per his subscription level.

14. AutoResponder Integrations

Membership websites created with Magic Members plugin can be easily integrated with popular autoresponser websites like AWeber, GetResponse, Constant Contact, iContact, arpReach and MailChimp.

Click here to know more in details about Magic members Plugins and its complete feature set.

Magic Members Pricing with Discount Coupon Codes

Magic Members plugin is available in three license types namely: Single, 3 Users and Unlimited. Single license type can be used on single domain and it will cost you $97 in general. 3 Users license type can be used on 3 domains and it will cost you $197 in normal. And unlimited license type can be used on unlimited domains and the cost for that will be $297 in general.

I have some discount coupon code for Magic Members plugin that I want to share with the readers at Bloggers Passion which will help them save from $10 to $25 on the purchase of this premium WordPress plugin.

Type          Normal Cost     After Discount    Coupon Code    Saving
Single                    $97                        $87                                 MGM876MM          $10
3 Users                 $197                      $182                               MGM965MM          $15
Unlimited            $297                      $272                              MGM996MM          $20

Best thing abut Magic Members plugin is that it is coming with 30-day money back guarantee. So it’s a win-win situation for you. You will get all your money back if you don’t like this plugin and if use to its potential will be able to convert your WordPress bog into a money making membership website.

I would highly recommend trying Magic Members plugin if you are thinking of creating a membership website or want to convert your new or old WordPress based blog into full automated and fully functionally membership site.


  1. Alicia says:

    Magic Members sounds really solid and good. Maybe I should try setting up a membership website too, I am sure Magic Members will be suitable for this purpose.

  2. Nad says:

    We are using Magic Members with eWay payment gateway for 3 months. Magic Members failing to update some members and their credit card charged by eWay. When they can not login they try to renew the account and Magic Members billing them for the second time. Magic Members tech support pretending to be trying to resolve this. But after three months we still have customers calling in and their accounts Magic Members failed to update their accounts while eWay billed their credit cards. I do not recommend Magic Members for paid services.

  3. Hillary Bost says:

    I have seen some sites switch to member only and I can’t say that I really like it, I think you should start off paid or continue to be free.

  4. Been with Magic Members for years, but have had heavy issues with multiple rebills not catching, or suddenly being charged months into the future after I thought the account was in-active.

    I have asked them to check it, and fix it, time after time. My subscription ran out again recently and they simply ignored me when I emailed them up to the end.

    In truth, we have lost thousands of dollars because of their software not working right at various times. It’s been a real headache. They do usually communicate back, but it’s slow, and they absolutely refuse to call to resolve anything, even on the most complicated of issues.

    Highly do NOT recommend!

  5. Maybe I should try setting up a membership website too, I am sure Magic Members will be suitable for this purpose.

  6. Tomasz Lasota says:

    Magic Members it’s a scam We bought unlimited version of MM. Main functions not working correctly. There’s no support, they not responding on any email or money return requests. Simply selling not working software. Stay away from that company.

  7. Valderes says:

    the plugin works fine (seems) except the integration with Pagseguro. And their support is terrible! Their support would have to improve a lot to get bad.

  8. Anne says:

    I warn anyone from doing business with this company. While the software itself is okay they do not honor their representations. I have only had the software for 5 weeks and they ignore every support request. I also paid them an additional $100 to set up the site which they never did AND KEPT MY MONEY. I am now waiting for paypal to intervene but MM ignores their inquiries too.

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