Maximising Guest Blogging For SEO Benefits

Guest blogging is certainly one of the best ways to build relevant links for your website and to also gain links from a wide range of different domains. Some SEO specialists do not engage in guest blogging as much as others mainly due to the demand to produce high quality content which really is essential when doing any guest post.

With all aspects of SEO you can always improve your strategy and this is definitely the case with guest blogging. If done correctly and effectively you can not only build up the number of relevant back links to your website but also get targeted click through traffic as well.  One aspect many SEO’s get stumped on is coming up with new article ideas that are worthy for other peoples blogs because they struggle to come up with new title ideas.

Idea title generation is very much an essential part of guest blogging, as is locating blogs to post on and of course reaching out to blog owners in a professional and engaging way. We will look at all these points in this post and give you some great tips to improve and refine your guest blogging strategy.

Idea Title Generation

Coming up with new relevant titles is probably the most important part of good guest blogging because a good title allows you to write a good piece of content where as a bad title can make the post hard work and poor quality.

Sometimes you will just have a great idea for a guest post without even thinking, however sometimes you might get a degree of writers block and during these times we would recommend to search for other blogs related to your business to find some inspiration on a current relevant topic.

For example if you are in the leather fashion industry selling leather holdalls, leather messenger bags and leather briefcases, then you would search for fashion related blogs and fashion accessory blogs to see what other bloggers are posting about. The whole idea is to spark off your creativity and more often than not it works.

Remember while relevant blogs are important to target as a priority, do not be afraid to post on blogs not related to your topic if the chance to do so comes along because you will still be getting a new link from a new domain for your site and also you will be reaching some potential readers who might click through to your site as well.

Blog Locating & Reaching Out

To be effective with guest blogging you need to be finding new places to guest post all the time and there are a few really good ways to do this. One good way is to use a service like MyBlogGuest which puts guest bloggers and blog owners in touch. Another way is to utilise Google search and actively search for blogs focused around your topic which can be time consuming but very worthwhile as you are getting highly relevant back links for free. I even have created a massive list of around 200 blogs that allows guest blogging in different niche here.

Again using the leather bag retail example, you would want to be searching for terms such as ‘leather blog’ leather fashion blog’ ‘leather briefcases blog’ ‘leather handbag blog’ and then perhaps go more broad such as ‘fashion blog’ ‘handbag blog’ etc. You should then make a shortlist of these blog owners email addresses and compose a friendly personalised email to each.

If you want to be slightly unique in your approach to blog owners which does take slightly longer but gets a better result then it can be a very good idea to read up on several of their articles on the blog you’re targeting, then perhaps to post the articles on social media sites and send them an email thanking them for the good content while including the promotion you have done for it. You should get a great response rate from this and then after a few emails you can broach the subject of writing a unique piece of content for them – more often than not you get a green light because of the relationship you have built up.

Final Words…

Guest blogging is a superb way to get good quality back links and by following a few of these tips you are sure to have a better success rate with it. Also any relationships you do build up with bloggers, make sure you keep alive by sending emails and promoting articles of theirs as this stops you losing them as a potential link building contact in the future.


  1. Kavya Hari says:

    Actually, Guest blogging is one of the correct directions to get high quality back links in it.So, guest posting is one of the great tasks in it. Thanks a lot for written up here 🙂

  2. The most important thing, is don’t let yourself be discouraged by getting a blog post rejected, keep trying, you’ll get it done.

    And also don’t be scared to submit to big blogs or websites, the worse thing they can do is say no.

  3. prakash says:

    i’m very impressed to read your posting on Blogging benefits for SEO, keep update regularly. Thanks a lot……

  4. Charles says:

    Guest posting is also about relationship and it’s an undefinable value.
    It is also a good way to get backlinks on sites similar to ours, but they are already well known and regarded as authoritative

  5. Shapewear says:

    Guest blogging is one great option where you could easily gain awareness.

  6. Susan Wowe says:

    Guest blogging is really a win-win situation for both guest blogger and and the website owner.

  7. Joe says:

    Guest blogging gives the author recognition among blogging community. It also establishes you as an expert in your niche and soon other bloggers in that niche market would be willing to pay you for your articles. many niche market article authors are making substantial amount of money by virtue of their writing skills.

  8. Anish Kumar says:

    According to Guest blogging, we can increases back-links and generate many traffics for the own websites. It is a good way for seo. According to this way SEO Member in short time generate many back-links for own website. Thanks for suggestion and sharing this post.

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