Money Making Online – Is it a Reality?

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Quitting the corporate world is not an easy task. Mainly because of the financial stability it provides. But what if you are forced to come out of the corporate cubicle? Who will pay off your mortgage; look after your dependents? What about savings for old age? All these issues are to be looked into once this decision is taken. But in today’s e-world one need not worry as there are myriads of ways one can make a living. One of the most important is the facility to make money online.

Money Making Online – Is it a Reality?

For people who are familiar with the online world there is no dearth of jobs. Let us explore few of the options available


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of online job is freelancing. Freelancing is the option to work in any field one wants, at any time and place. One can work independently as a freelancer and sell the work or be attached to a firm and work on a contract basis. Few of the popular freelancing job that people do online are writing, SEO, translation, data entry etc. Sites like elance, odesk, freelancer etc are great help for people seeking freelance job opportunities.

Online Business

In today’s world one can sell anything and everything online. From grocery to food items and from laptop to clothing anything can be sold. Using one’s creativity and imagination can make the business unique and stand out from the crowd. The main advantage of online business is that since the store is set up virtually the total investment required will be less. If maintaining a separate online store is a cumbersome task, then sites like ebay, amazon etc can be relied on to sell stuff online. Dropshipping is the best form of business for such e-stores. Under this arrangement goods are directly sold to the end user by the wholesaler and the retailer need not keep the goods in stock. This way one can avoid the risk of stocking products.

Selling hand made goods

If one has the flair to make art and craft items, there are numerous online stores like etsy, through which the products can be sold worldwide. One can set up their own store in these sites and sell the products.

Starting a Blog

For those who are good at writing and generating ideas, blogging is a good option to make money online. Bloggers can offer advertisement, guest post services etc in their blog and charge for such service. Affiliate marketing and google adsense are other means of making money through blogs. Blogging platforms like blogger, wordpress etc has made the world of blogging easily accessible to common man.

Stock trading

For those who are ready to take risk, online trading of stock is a way to make money. Most of the banks provide such facility through net banking facility.

Selling products one own

There are sites like craiglist, ebay etc which helps one to auction out products that are no longer used. This provides the advantage of not only clearing the unwanted stuff in the house but also helps one to make money online. Creative and legitimate product page and a good feedback score are the plus points to get more orders through these sites.

Writing Review

People normally prefer reading reviews before purchasing any new product from a new website. Sites like sponsoredreview lets bloggers write review on the advertisers’ products. The bloggers are in turn paid for the reviews that are written.

Domain Name Flipping

This is not a very popular method of making money online but is resorted to at least by few tech savvy individuals. Here domain flippers purchase poorly maintained websites at a very low rate make, the domain more attractive and user friendly and then sell it at a higher amount.

Customer Service

The backbone of any business is customer service. Customer service can be done not only through phone calls but also through email and live chat. Many of the companies, especially online companies, outsource customer service job to freelancers which is again a source for making money online.

Financial and online marketing services

Businesses normally rely on online help for financial services like accounting, taxation, bookkeeping etc. If finance is the area of specialization, then one can set up a website offering these services. The same is the case with online marketing where one can offer services like on page SEO, link building, social media marketing etc by setting up one’s own website.


Thanks to internet, the service of a tutor is crossing boundaries. Tutoring service can be started on one’s own or one can rely on sites like to provide their service. But unlike other forms of money making avenues that offer flexible working hours, tutoring service requires the tutor to spend fixed time with the client.

A clear understanding of one’s skill and talent and a careful analysis of these various avenues will surely help one in making a good living out of online services.

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