Most Useful Social Media Tools

Most Useful Social Media ToolsSocial media websites have gained an increased influence in people’s interactions with friends, colleagues and family members. People used to spend long hours on web surfing through various sites, forums, blogs and others. As of now, a variety of social media sites and tools are available for internet users to stay connected with the world. Get through the article to see 7 popular and highly useful social media tools.

1. G+ Search

Google + Search
G+ Search is a Google Custom Search-powered social search service. If you enter a keyword, G+ Search will bring a list of results. Well, the search results appear listed under five categories; All, Posts, Profiles, Buzz and Google Reader. It means users can easily access Google’s social media-driven contents. G+ Search is a great way to search contents in Google’s new social media site, Google+. Google surprised people with G+ search. It works on the same pattern on which Google search works. Just enter your desired search and G+ search will display relevant results from the social media platform. It also includes search options for photos, videos and news links, which people share on their profile.

2., standing for ‘deliver it,’ is a great social media tool, which lets a publisher post his/her RSS feeds across a variety of social media sites. Moreover, the tool avails entire statistics about the contents delivered. Well, a publisher will get real-time updates on how readers respond to the contents. auto-posts contents to leading social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, MySpace, LinkedIn, and many others.

3. Hootsuite

It is a social media dashboard, where users can merge together all key social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. Users will be able to access streams from these social media sites on Hootsuite. As well, there are options to update statuses and even set the time for particular updates and messages. Android app of Hootsuite works pretty cool. Hootsuite also enables to control and manage the message scheduling and gives detail of your all massages.

4. SocialOomph

SocialOomph is another social media tool designed especially for Twitter. It was known as the original tool made to keep a track on follow and unfollow, inactive accounts, sorting profiles without images, or bio and many more. Additionally, it has a series of features categorized in base features, auto-follow and auto-dm features, facebook features, social update submission, scheduling and posting blog posts and use of keywords to find friends to follow.

5. Spool

Spool is simply a content aggregator from various sources on the web. Users can bookmark a mixture of news stories, articles or features for reading for a later occasion on Spool. The tool also has some offline capability, which means some contents can even by accessed if the user goes offline.

6. Listorious

Listorious is a tool designed to search accounts on Twitter. In addition to that, it enables to search peoples lists, and to target to the people you are looking for. It has a wide category of subjects including activism, environment, music, social media and health.

7. Wanderfly


Wanderfly is a tool designed for PR and marketing purposes. It has a personalized algorithm for providing recommendations which are meant for discovering new and appealing experiences in accordance with your budget and interest. It also integrates Facebook to display all your preferences on a single page.

These were the seven most useful social media tools. There are too many similar tools on the web. Such tools are highly helpful for internet users, who have less time to spend on surfing through all social media sites and other websites. Most of these tools let users read, update and write comments on a single platform. Some tools even provide option for users to update social media status messages in a later occasion.

Diana Maria is a blogger and a writer. She loves writing on technology and luxury.

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  1. Hillary Bost says:

    Wow there are a few on this list I have not seen yet. Thanks for the info I will have to look into them more. In particular wonderfly

  2. Carson says:

    Thanks for the write up Adam! Fantastic to see us amongst the likes of G+ search….

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