Must Have Cool Gadgets for Bloggers

With advent of technology, like everything blogging is also become hi tech. Gadgets has made blogging an interesting profession. These gadgets not only make your work fascinating but also enhance the functionality of your blog and user experience. They also help the bloggers to track their blog perform and visitor’s behavior on their blog, which give them the scope to make their blog better.

Here is a list of some gadgets which all bloggers should have to make their work interesting:

1. Blogrolls or Blog Lists

Blogrolls help you share blogs like professional bloggers. It builds healthy relations among other bloggers in community. Another advantage of this is that you will also get a backlinks for your blog at other good blogs.

2. Subscribe Buttons

Subscribe Buttons
By having a subscribe button the blog bloggers can track the visitors who have the intention to come back on the blog, with these buttons blogger can ensure that readers come back. Once a visitor takes your blog subscription, which gives them a reminder to come back to the blog, also keep then updated with the latest happenings on the blog.

3. Automated Social Network Updates

Social Network Updates
Keeping update with the social networks is also an essential part of blog promotion. Going to each site posting about a new post on your blog, is a time consuming task. So with automated updates, your social network profiles will automatically gets updated with your latest blogposts. It’s only a one time task in which the blogger has to make the settings for the automatic updates.

4. Google Calendar

Google Calender
Keeping with the latest updates is the key to success. So keeping track of niche specific events, blog events like blog contests or blog promotion events is an important part of blogging. Google calendar can help you in this; it updates the readers with happening of any such event in industry.

5. Twitter Badge Connect the Blog with Your Twitter Account

Twitter Badge
If you have your blog twitter profile then the twitter badge added on the blog helps the two to connect. It will display all your tweets of your profile on the blog.

6. Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer
It is a very handy tool which can be used by many bloggers. Specific niche blogs like movie or music blogs can use this tool to post countdowns about a release of a new movie or a music album.

7.    Polling Options

Polling Options
Many blogs have polling option on their blog. These polls help us to collect reader information and their opinions. Such as “What is your favorite music album?” to blog opinions, such as “What is your post of the month?”

There are many other gadgets available also which bloggers can use to make their blogging experience more interesting. But remember one thing; do not over do with gadgets on your blog. Therefore, try to use mix n match of some and try using new one, with affecting the performance of the blog.

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  1. Madelyn says:

    Yes i am totally agreed with you every blogger should have these kind of gadgets which all give response better to him/her and from my opinion every blogger should have “”Automated Social Network Updates”” for their blog which is i think perfect gadget for him/her.

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