My Blog Traffic Sucks – Now How To Get Past It

Almost every blogger who first starts out does the same thing – write a post and hope traffic comes pouring in. As we all know, traffic doesn’t work like that.

It is because of this that those very same bloggers build a few links, write some more posts and wait for traffic to come pouring in. Now, what is wrong with this bloggers thinking? I will tell you what is wrong, they think that traffic only comes from search engines.

Search engines provide a small amount of traffic.

If you want more traffic to your blog, then you need to go where the majority of traffic is at. Yes, search engines are one of them but there are many more places as well. For example, here are some places where you can get more blog traffic.

Blog Traffic


This list can go on and on but I want to give you the general idea. Do you know what all these sites have in common that the search engines don’t offer? Interaction!

If you want more traffic to your blog, then you need to interact with the people you want reading your posts. Don’t be afraid to spend some time on Digg or StumbleUpon because they can send a lot of traffic your way. Same goes with Youtube, create a video, comment on other channels and simply interact with your potential audience.

Something I find extremely interesting is that most people don’t think about is that almost all blogs use some form of social media on their site. Do you know how many blogs list the keywords that people found their site with? Well, in a small study that I did I found 1 blog out of 50 that listed every keyword that sent them traffic.

Now, can you guess how many blogs has some form of social media on their site? I guarantee you that you will be surprised by this number.

Social media won by an astonishing margin – 217 to 1.

I am sure you are wondering how I came up with this number, right? The way I calculated this was by adding up all the social media buttons on the sites. Most sites used Facebook, Twitter and Google+, so they all received 3. Some blogs used Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon and Digg, so I they earned a 5. The math doesn’t really matter here, what matters is that most blogs target social media as opposed to search engines.

Why does this matter?

This matters because most bloggers are still trying to play the search engine game when that is only a small piece of the traffic online. I am not saying that you can’t get a lot of traffic from search engines, however, you will be better off diversifying your traffic with social media and organic traffic.

In a recent post that I wrote called, “How To Think Like A Millionaire” I talk about how millionaires all think long term. The reason for this is because long term success is usually much greater than short term success. That being said, social interactions has and will continue to be the leading source of traffic for years to come.

Let me ask you something – If you had to name the real world search engine, what would it be? In my opinion it would be a phone book. Now, if a person wanted to buy a new bedroom set what are the chances they will browse the phone book for a retail store?

Wouldn’t that person be more inclined to ask a friend of family member for a recommendation? Now, that would be considered social interaction (real world social media).

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, what I am trying to say is that if your blog traffic sucks then it is time to start interacting with your potential readers through social media. Next time you publish a new blog post Tweet about it on Twitter, Like in on Facebook, create a video and post it on Youtube and just get out there.

With all the social media platforms available, I know you are spending some time with it already, so why not put a little more effort into it and gain traffic from it? I understand that people say that spending hours on Facebook isn’t productive; however, if that is how you plan on getting traffic then it is a productive use of your time.

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