Niche Marketing Case Study: How A Local Watch Dealer Makes $2,000 Monthly From Google Organic Traffic


Do you know what niche marketing is?How-to-Find-your-Niche

I’ve been experimenting lately on the potentials of earning a living online. I didn’t realize that someone close to me was busy earning real cash from two micro blogs.

I couldn’t contain the joy when he finally shared his niche marketing strategies with me.

Andrea is a local watch dealer in my town. Prior to hitting the internet riches, he barely makes enough money to support his family. But all that is changed now.

The steps below will show you how Andrea, a Local Watch Dealer built his first micro blog with 6 pages (web pages) and dominated Google search engine for highly sought after key terms.

What Is Niche Marketing?

Niche marketing is that system that focuses on one particular area or field. In essence, a niche marketer will research a potential and profitable market, determine the exact product they need and how desperate they need it.

However, a niche may be generic and wide. If you’re just starting out in this web marketing game, you can drill and dissect a niche and focus in one vital arm. For instance, shopping is a niche. Coupon is also a huge market and that makes it a niche. When you drill down into this ‘coupon niche, it gets better. There you can have the wewood coupon discounts, fossil discount coupons micro niches to select from.

All these are coupon codes for watches, bracelets, bags and women’s apparel. Picking any of these deals as your base domain name makes you a micro niche marketer. As your marketing guts/confidence gets better, expanding your horizon and targeting more micro niches could yield more dividends.

Target Long Tail Keywords

As the competition gets stronger by the day, the chance of making sales online grows dim and dim until someone is out of business. In order to avoid this, channel all your marketing energy in long tail key phrases. These are terms that have 3 – 7 words in them. Often, these terms show how desperate the searcher is. If you’re a good observer, you would notice how desperate people are when they need quick solutions to acne for example.

Similarly, when web searchers use long tail keywords to look for solutions, it shows they’ve been pre-sold in some way. It could be via TV commercials, internet infomercials or via word of mouth.

It’s also easier to rank on Google’s homepage because the competition is less. When building your niche blogs, ensure you focus on “long tail key phrases.” It’s the easier route to follow and produces result quickly.

Write Cornerstone Contents

Has someone ever told you that content is king? Well, it’s absolutely true. When a new blog is launched, don’t be mindful of promotions yet. Don’t even bother how many readers you’ve. The first thing to do is to write cornerstone contents. These are epic posts that deals with your primary keywords (long tail).

This is going to be the foundation where your subsequent posts will rest. If foundation of a structure is weak, what do you think would happen to the building itself?

I heard you right, it will collapse one day.

So, get your priorities right from the very beginning. Don’t be in haste and miss out on this opportunity to make your niche blog profitable, strong and friendly to search engines. According to Andrea, the local watch dealer who shared these secrets with me, cornerstone contents was the best marketing advice you can share with someone. Isn’t it wonderful?

Build Links Naturally and Gradually

As a local watch dealer, Andrea understands that to survive in life, you need patience and there is no shortcut whatsoever. If your choice is to make millions from your blog and internet business within 3 months, don’t you think you’re being too unrealistic?

There is no limit on how much you can make online but it takes a little time. We know that links are the currency of the web. But when you build your links, reduce the velocity (speed) and watch how natural the links are. If you were the search engines, how would you rate a link from a shopping discussion board, when the anchor link is pointing to a sports website?

Think about it. Relevant links are difficult to get. Stay away from link exchanges and focus on contextual linking with proper optimization.

Marketing Wrap-Up

Finally, when I asked Andrea how he makes money from this blog, the first answer he gave was “cost per action.” In this affiliate marketing system, you earn commission when your referred customer takes any form of action. Ex. Sign up to an offer, buys a product/service, click a link, read a post, watch a video, attend a webinar etc.

There you’ve it, the exact niche marketing system used by a local watch dealer (Andrea) to dominate search engine. If he can make $2,000 per month from two tiny 6 page blogs, you can too!

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