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On July 9, 2011
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With OIO Publisher Plugin, You can manage advertising space on your blog more efficiently. You will have more control over your ad spaces and you will also get listed into OIO Publisher marketplace directory after buying this plugin.

If you are running a WordPress blog and looking for ways to make money online from your blog selling banner ads, text links, sponsored reviews, digital products or affiliate products, OIO Publisher Plugin is specially designed for you.

As, I have noticed, most of blogs in blogging, money making and other niches earn money selling banner ads, text ads, paid reviews, digital downloadable products and affiliate products. It becomes a tedious and time-consuming process to manage various advertising spots and communications with the existing and potential advertisers directly on your blog.

You could have easily used that valuable time in doing more productive works for your blog like writing more posts after buying OIOPublisher WordPress plugin. More posts to your blog means more traffic and more traffic means more money to be made for you though your blog.

Introduction About OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher Plugin

OIO Publisher is a Plugin to manage various advertising options available on a WordPress blog. You can do lots of time consuming processes like adding ad slots on your blog, setting the pricing and selling those ad spots quite easily with this amazing WordPress Plugin.

You can set you own pricing and customize your ad spots to great extent with OIO Publisher. And they have already integrated all popular payment systems like Paypal, 2Checkout etc in their system.

With OIO Publisher, we will have full control over various ad spaces available on our websites and blogs. To start selling ads though this ad manager, you will need to add some PHP or JS code in your website.

So this plugin will work fine not only on WordPress but also on Blogger and websites that are hosted on their domain names.

Features of OIO Publisher

  • Complete control over all advertising options on your blog
  • – Save valuable time while earning money selling ads though this plugin
  • You will be keeping the 100% revenue in your pocket. When you sell ads via other popular ad buying and selling marketplaces like BuySellAds.com or AdvertiseSpace.com you will only get 75% or 80% of your total earnings
  • Your blog will be listed in OIO Publisher marketplace directory for free. This will help you get additional advertisers for your blog. Although OIO Publisher marketplace is not that much big when compared with BSA kind of networks, but it’s growing all the time
  • You can sell banner ads, text ads, paid reviews, digital products or affiliate products through this plugin
  • You can add PHP or Java Script (Whichever suits you) Code on your blog and websites
  • You can select payment options of your choice and can sell various advertising spots at your own prices
  • After buying OIO Publisher plugin, you can use on as many websites you own. You will be paying one time fee for this amazing plugin designed for WordPress blogs. You will be getting full 24×7 support and life time update for this plugin from OIO Publisher team
  • It works as a plugin on WordPress blogs and on blogger and general websites, it will work as a stand-alone application
  • The cost of OIO Publisher plugin is just $47, but with the coupon code I will be sharing below, you can get it for $37 only, so keep reading to get the discount coupon code for this ad management plugin for WordPress blogs
  • Supports all major payment systems like Paypal, Credit Card etc
  • Traffic stats available and are emailed automatically to the advertisers. So you don’t need to manually track the number of impressions and clicks against ad and mail them to the corresponding advertisers. So no work from your end in tracking of visitors on sold ads

Now lets talk about the problem areas with OIO Publisher network. The only downside I noted was lack of advertisers in their marketplace. If I compare the advertiser OIO Publisher has with other ad buying and selling websites, it’s quite low. So you have work hard to get advertisers for your blog.

We can show banners of different sizes at different locations on our blogs with OIO Publisher. We can sell multiple banners of same size and can even rote our banners with this plugin for WordPress blogs. Advertisers can buy ads on your blog for a month or even for many months in advance by making the payment for the desired period.

You can manage all processes that we are discussing though the admin panel of OIO Publisher after purchasing this plugin. Here is a screenshot showing how advertisers can start buying ad space though OIO Publisher Advertising Manager Plugin:

OIO Publisher Plugin Ads Selection Form

When advertisers see advertising banners on our blogs, they will be redirected to the payment page where they have to choose ad type, interval and payment mode etc. Once advertisers make the payment and we approve them, ads wills start showing on our blog. If the advertisers do not renew their ads subscription, their ads will be removed from your blog and you will be informed for the same.

OIO Publisher Plugin Price with Discount Coupon

If you directly go to OIO Publisher website, they will charge you $47 one time fee for this plugin. But here at Bloggers Passion, I’m giving you a discount coupon that will help you save $10 on your purchase. So the OIO Publisher plugin will cost you $37 only and I promise this plugin is worth much more than they are charging for this WordPress Plugin.

Please click this link to buy OIO Publisher plugin and use JUNO-BP discount coupon to get $10 off from your shopping.

Once you have purchased this plugin, you are eligible to submit all of your websites and blogs into their marketplace and thus will be able to increase one more monetization method to your blogs and websites. I would highly recommend using this plugin in case you are thinking of making money from your blog selling advertising space or affiliate products.

Click Here to Try OIO Publisher Plugin and use JUNO-BP discount coupon to get $10 off.

Note: This coupon code will be valid for the month of July only. And in case you want to buy OIO Publisher after July, please let me know though comments, I will share the latest discount coupon code for this plugin.


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