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Internet offers new opportunities and new challenges. Internet based technologies are influential in changing the lives of many individuals across the globe. It has changed the routines and introduced new patterns of business. Web hosting services facilitate to hold web pages in the virtual world. If you are planning to venture into online business, reseller hosting is a viable option.
Reseller Hosting Business


As a reseller web hosting service provider, you will purchase bulk space from the web hosting service provider. The budget required to setup a web hosting service is very high. It requires capital, space, hardware, software and manpower resources. On the other hand, reseller hosting service will divide the server space purchased from the native web hosting service provider and sell the space in small partitions. It is possible to start your online business with little or no investment. If you are excellent at marketing, reseller hosting offers good business prospects.


Reseller hosting can be mentioned as a sensible way of doing business. You are paid for selling space to your customers. Native (from where you are purchasing web hosting space) web hosting service provider will take care of provision of space, bandwidth and special software. The special software enables you to partition the available space and manage the space effectively. As you are purchasing the space in bulk quantity from the native hosting service provider, you will get at much discounted price. By selling each plan at retail price you will be able to make a decent income. As a reseller hosting service provider you will not take risks with investment.

The native hosting company will provide full support in technical point of view. Hardware, software (operating system, application programs and security) and data connectivity issues will be taken care of by the hosting company. As a reseller you can focus on core marketing activities to attract new customers as well as retain existing customers.


You should be selective in your approach towards opening up for a reseller account. You should be able to get highest possible versatility in many aspects including the ability to host a number of domains, capability to setup email accounts, capability to host different types of databases and capability to install software to process different scripts. You are advised to conduct extensive research in this aspect before signing up an account with a service provider. Even though you are not required to deal with technical issues, you are expected to understand technological trends prevailing in the market. This will help you better focus your market and make maximum profits from your investments.


You are required to meet the expectations of your clients. Commitment and consistency are required to excel in this business. You should also choose the right web hosting service provider by which you will be able to have better image from your clients. Premier web hosting service providers are able to offer excellent reseller packages which include a pre-designed website, shopping cart, payment gateway systems and traffic reporting mechanism.

Reseller packs

Reseller packs are sold similar to a web hosting plans by premier hosting companies. You can subscribe for any convenient package right for one year to 5 year duration. You are advised to go for a long-term plan as you can get maximum benefit from modest investments. In addition to standard features, you can get customer support at 24/7 basis and free bonus software. You will also get free credits to promote your business through Google Adwords, Yahoo Search, Facebook advertising, etc. You can also expect web statistics tracking tools, email marketing tools/templates, software to create custom websites, 30 day money back guarantee, etc.

Private label resellers

Private label reseller is an attractive online business offer wherein you are free from all kinds of billing, technical and support issues. A web hosting firm offers this kind of reseller account to facilitate resellers to make money through their marketing skills. It is possible to earn as much as 50% of the total revenue generated through this program. Some of the best reseller programs offer unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases and free domain registration for life. You are free to use your own logo. You can customize the templates as per your promotional requirements. The private label reseller account is one of the most effective ways to make money through online.


Reseller web hosting offers you start business in less time with less capital. You will have high levels of flexibility. You can bargain for bulk purchase of server space and bandwidth allocation. You have the freedom to allocate the available resources among a number of small accounts. You can sell services under your own brand name. You can set up an auxiliary website for backup purpose and when your main site crashes due to unwanted reasons you will be able to serve your customers through the auxiliary website. If you are able to clinch a deal with a reputed web hosting firm it is a great way to start and sustain your business through reseller hosting.

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