Online Reputation Management Strategies and Tips

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Online Reputation Management Strategies

If a person who has created defamatory content about an individual or a company knows how to optimise it on the major search engines, then that content will make its way to the first or second page of the results, and could ruin the reputation of the person mentioned. Search engines rank purely by relevancy, rather than quality, so regardless of whether the information is untrue or genuine, it will reach the eyes of those who search for that company or person’s name.

This is why online reputation management has become so important over the last ten years or so. It allows companies and high profile individuals to defend themselves

Kevin Ashes - Reputation 24/7

Reputation Management

against defamatory and negative content which could damage their public image. Over the course of the last decade, a number of companies have emerged, whose sole purpose it is to protect and manage the reputations of people and businesses online. Their job is to control what potential employees, employers, and customers can read about that company or person online.These online reputation management companies use a number of complex SEO marketing strategies in order to achieve positive results for their clients on the first pages of

the search engines, whilst pushing negative content further and further away from the online public eye. Some of these SEO tactics include submitting positive videos to video sites, creating profiles on social networks for the promotion of the  company or person, submitting articles to online directories, blogging and making use of press releases. Link building strategies are used to ensure that the sites containing positive content are ranked highly enough to be found, and to block out sites which contain negative content. All of these tactics require an in-depth knowledge of how the search engines choose which sites to rank, and of course are very time-consuming. Those who are concerned about their reputation should consider the use of online reputation management services an essential investment in their future success.

There are plenty of ways in which both businesses and individuals can protect their reputations. These strategies can be hugely effective in both preventing and repairing damaged reputations, however they can be quite complex and time-consuming, which is why it is recommended that those who are concerned about how their business is being perceived, seek the assistance of a professional reputation management company.

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Online Reputation Management Tips

Kevin Ashes - Reputation 24/7

A popular social networking site

The first and most important tip is to monitor what is being said about your business, both on and offline. Today, most people share their opinions and experiences with companies in an online forum, so this should be the first place where one looks for any negative discussions. This particular tip requires the constant checking of relevant blogs, social media sites and forums, so it’s worth hiring a reputation management expert to handle this aspect of your business.

Some business owners do not take this monitoring seriously; however it’s important to remember that online reviews, particularly bad ones, can spread like wildfire, especially through social media platforms such as Twitter.

Hiring a company who will immediately identify complaints and nip them in the bud, could actually save your business from a loss of customers and subsequent profits.

The second tip is to develop an emergency plan, should your business be unfortunate enough to be the victim of an assault on its reputation. A reputation management company can help business owners to establish a set of specific, immediate actions which can be taken when a disparaging or spiteful comment is made about their business.  If the commentary is made on a social media site, certain actions can be taken to downplay the negativity before it gets out of control, provided that it is caught in time.


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