12 Best Free Real Estate Plugins for WordPress Blogs

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February 21, 2021

WordPress content management system is a powerful blogging platform and offers extensive features to its users. If you are running a real estate related blog and searching for ways to make it efficient, this post is exclusively for you.

I’m going to share few free best real estate plugins for WordPress sites that will help you run your sites more efficiently. But before going into the details, I want to share few important things with you so that you will be aware of what to do before installing any real estate related plugin.

Blogging through WordPress.com is certainly a pleasing experience because of its inherent features and capabilities. An extensive coverage, great quality of content and high probability of getting searched through search engines, differentiates it from others. All this brings your blog a worldwide recognition.

There are many reasons to choose WordPress and you would surely like to get the advantage of its amazingly powerful open source Content Management System that is ruling the world. As a successful blogger your dream to maximize viewership over internet gets fulfilled in a most cost effective manner and this is well within your approach with immense capabilities of the flexible CMS of WordPress blogs.

The power gets enhanced with Plugins which are actually add-ons to your writing. It is the distinct features of these handy tools that make your blog look smarter, modernized and energetic. Your real estate business can flourish by way of a dedicated WordPress blog and some very exciting Plugins which transform your blogging into the next generation space and provide a professional look!

Top 12 Best Real Estate WordPress Plugins List

best real estate plugins for wordpress

Without much ado, here are few free and essential WordPress plugins for real estate related industry blogs and websites. Let’s dive into the details.

1. Simple Real Estate Pack: A Special and Advanced Plug-in

Simple Real Estate Pack Plugin

Presenting information about a property in a fascinating and tempting manner is the key element to write an effective blog focused on real estate. If you can provide area specific content, this becomes a big plus in triggering the audience’s interest and leverages high relevance for your blog.

Your blog’s viewership primarily relies upon how meaningful and to-the-point content it has. I prefer Simple Real Estate pack because more than being just a plugin, it brings along a plethora of tools and widgets for real estate bloggers. To call a USP of this great tool, you receive a set of various calculators that brings down complex computation to a matter of few clicks!

This amazing real estate WordPress plugin offers the following features;

  • Calculators (mortgage, closing costs estimator etc)
  • Live mortgage rates
  • Market trends (with graphs/charts etc)
  • Google maps are embedded
  • Also includes walk score

Moreover, computing is amazingly simple with home affordability calculator, closing cost estimator, rent meter and live mortgage rate, etc. Getting to know about properties located in their close surroundings interests readers. Surplus features coming along with Simple Real Estate Pack that make it rather handy are – smart collection of short code widgets to find schools, grocery markets, gas stations, banks and other relevant information!

Here’s the download link for the plugin

2. Great Real Estate: A Great Plugin to Work With

Though this real estate WordPress plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years, it is widely used turn your WordPress sites into a content managed real estate related sites. You can easily show real estate listing on your WordPress pages to make it easy for your visitors or clients to read your information at one place.

This is perhaps one of the greatest plugins that would convert your blog into a content managed website with its powerful features. Developed with a view to enabling the agents, brokers and realtors in managing their listings, Great Real Estate is equally useful for you as a blogger. A complete makeover of your blog content is possible.

You can see it in a well managed website by including this plugin in the content pages and stun your readers. Entering the content is very easy and without requiring any formatting, you can boost the power of this plugin by including some other useful tools like – Nextgen Gallery to upload and manage photographs of properties, Word tube to upload videos, and FPP Pano for beautiful panoramic 360 views.

So if you like to give your readers the sensation of browsing a website, this effective tool is going to do that!

Download Link to the plugin

3. FireStorm Plugin: Experience the fire of power with this plugin

Want to add real estate listings on your WordPress blogs and web pages? Fire storm plugin is just for you. You can easily tweak your real estate related listings according to your thoughts. This plugin is easy to use to create various listings and also easy to manage. The front end of Fire storm plugin is made by keeping search engine optimization in mind, it’s great for increasing your site’s visibility in the search engines.

One of the most power packed plugin that will help in creating a completely state-of-the-art real estate listing website from your blogs is – Firestorm. This freeware is a magnificent plugin for people like realtors, brokers or agents engaged in real estate business, and can get the best out of FireStorm as a blogger.

It’s easy-to-use and administrate features make it a preferred tool particularly for individuals who are less techno-savvy. Handy tools like filters and short codes make listing a child’s play. Manage single listing or put multiple ones according to your choice. Great features like ’point and click’ management, integration with Google maps, custom input fields, slide show support, search widgets, location widgets and contact details of sellers make your blog a complete website.

Download Link

4. WP property: WordPress Powered Real Estate and Property Management

Want to create a directory of real estate properties? Want to integrate real estate directories in to your WordPress sites? WP property plugin is just for you, this plugin helps you manage your real estate properties without any hassle. This real estate WordPress plugin features plenty of short codes so you don’t have to sit and search for hours to use them on your real estate related WordPress sites to make your functionality better.

This plugin also includes following features;

  • Localized Google maps for additional functionality
  • Templates can be customized
  • Customizable widgets: Featured Properties, Property Search etc.
  • Property result pagination via AJAX
  • Property queries by custom attributes
  • SEO friendly URLs

Download this plugin here

5. Easing slider plugin

It’s all about showcasing your products in the best possible way – in a way that’s attractive, easy to scroll through and lists the important features in a concise way on the main page. Easing Slider does it all – it provides an attractive slideshow of properties and listings and provides each one with a link to go into the detailed versions. It is extremely easy to use and has multiple slideshow options and effects to have a really customized and attractive display of the listings.

One of the best things about using Easing Slider plugin is that it is fully mobile responsive. It means when your clients are browsing your information using their mobile devices, they won’t find it hard to see your slides, it’s that simple.

Download Easing slider plugin from here

6. Mail Chimp for WordPress

It doesn’t matter whether you are building a real estate website or an eCommerce site, every website needs an email list. You need to tap your website visitors to make more online sales. Before converting your visitors into sales, convert them as your subscribers (also called leads).

It becomes easy to make someone buy your real estate products or get your premium help if they trust you. By building an email list, it becomes easy for you to build a rapport with your real estate customers. Also trust is an essential ingredient to generate more online sales in any business online be it small or large scale.

With this popular tool, you can stay in the minds of your visitors and keep them coming back for more. You keep them in the loop and make sure they will be looking at you for any real estate need by sending them updates about a new property or investment opportunity that they would like to avail. This plug-in can connect your Facebook business page and many other things to your website. The plug-in also allows an RSS driven emails to go into the visitors’ inbox’es so they always remain up to date about you.

Mail Chimp is an email autoresponder service that lets you send emails to your subscribers. Unlike other auto responders like Get Response or AWeber, Mail Chimp is free to use (up to 2,000 subscribers you can send emails for free). Mail Chimp is widely used and it offers excellent features like A/B testing, great email delivery rate, ready to use newsletter samples etc.

Download the plugin now

7. WP Smush it.

Although WP smush it plugin has nothing to do exclusively with real estate related WordPress sites, but I’m suggesting it to you because real estate blogs and websites require tons of images. When you are using too many images like charts, graphs or any events, chances are you are making your WordPress site loading time slower.

WordPress site loading time is one of the key factors that can make or break any blog’s success, so keep an eye on your loading time, optimize it to get better results in the search engines. By using free plugins like WP smush it, you can easily optimize all your images at one go. It can be done automatically, once the optimization is done, you can notice your site loading time getting better. So don’t forget to use this plugin to optimize your images, you’ll thank yourself later.

Download WP smush it plugin here

8. LayerSlider

This plugin allows you to customise each layer of your slideshow. This includes the period of time it stays on the screen, light effects and size. LayerSlider is fully customisable with individual or global settings for the best effect overall. This is a premium WordPress image gallery plugin worth each and every penny.

This plugin has easy to use admin panel with drag and drop features, real time previews and lots of Google fonts to use. This plugin also has 13 built in skins to make your content slides mind blowing. By using LayerSlider plugin, you can easily insert any content mediums including videos, text files, images, custom files etc. A must have plugin for WordPress users who run real estate related blogs where they have to mostly use content related sliders to impress their customers.

9. Flash Rotator 3D Gallery

This 3D gallery takes images from your WordPress library and puts them in a 3D slideshow. This flashy gallery can showcase all of the real-estate properties you have available. Readers are naturally drawn to things that call attention, and this gallery does just that. Flashy but simple to use, Flash Rotator 3D Gallery is an excellent plugin to try out.

10. SlideDeck 2.1

If you want to create slides that shows your content on your WordPress sites, this is for you. This image gallery not only hosts photos, but it can host videos and HTML as well. This gives you more grounds for versatility when creating your gallery. If you have short videos showing off houses, then this gallery is the perfect choice. It’s easy to use and easy to update.

The great thing about using this plugin is that it is fully responsive that means your content slides are automatically turned into responsive across all the devices including smart phones, tablets and PC’s.  You can easily connect to YouTube, Flickr, WordPress posts and Pinterest etc. sites to create gorgeous looking sliders in a few clicks without having to insert any additional coding.

11. Touch Carousel

Want to display your posts using images in a slideshow? Touch Carousel plugin is just for you where you can show your content slides in a beautiful way. In a world were people use their touch-screen phones and devices to view the web, Touch Carousel is the perfect plugin. It has touch-enabled features. Visitors using an iPad, iPhone or any other touch screen can quickly navigate the slideshow with the slide of a finger. This high-tech plugin is a must have for real-estate agents that want their blog to be suitable for all viewing platforms.

You can also slide any post or page type on WordPress and select what taxonomies (categories, tags etc) to include and how to order them on your WordPress sites using this plugin.

12. Easy image gallery

If you are using a default WordPress theme to manage and showcase your images in a slideshow or gallery, it wouldn’t give you promising ways to display results. When you use easy image gallery WordPress plugin, you can easily create an image gallery on any post, page or custom post you want.

Browse more WordPress Plugins:

In a nutshell about Free best WordPress plugins for real estate blogs:

All the above mentioned plugins are great for running your real estate WordPress sites in 2021 and beyond. All you need to do is to use them one by one and make sure to install the one’s that you are specifically developed for you. You don’t have to use all the plugins under the sun to make your real estate related sites awesome. Also use the plugins like WP smush it to optimize your images well in advance to make your real estate blogs and websites load faster than your competition.

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Though I specifically point out these six WordPress plugins for real estate bloggers, you are open to share your experiences and inputs! And I’d glad to respond to your comments, please share your thoughts below.

Anil Agarwal

12 Best Free Real Estate Plugins for WordPress BlogsAnil Agarwal who owns Bloggerspassion.com, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade. Bloggers Passion has been featured on premium online sites like Forbes.com, Huffingtonpost, Semrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on.

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