Rebrands That Caused the Most Upset to World

Rebranding involves giving your business a new look. This may be done by planning to adopt a new logo design, changing the packaging and slogan associated with the brand. Changes may be subtle or a complete overhaul depending on your business strategy.

Logo design of a company plays a vital role in establishing corporate identity. Logos communicate with customers at personal level. This affects perception and opinion of the market towards a brand. Sometimes change in logo design can work wonder and at times it can have disastrous consequences. As such companies should be very careful while planning to rebrand. Let us have a quick look at how some recent rebranding attempts failed to produce desired results.

Tropicana Orange juice

Tropicana Orange juiceTropicana Orange juice
This is an example of how a logo design may go wrong. Perhaps PepsiCo thought that the image of glass full of orange juice would be more inviting (or tempting!) to customers than classic logo of fresh orange pierced with a straw. However, the company was wrong and underestimated the customers’ affection and preference for the “real” orange in old logo. After a month of launching the new logo the company was severely criticized and it promptly rolled back to its old logo design.

SciFi Television Channel

This was a major disaster in an attempt to rebrand a popular television channel that primarily catered to science-based programs. In fact the word “SyFy” used in new logo design is a slang term for syphilis (a sexually transmitted disease). It is strange how a company can adopt a new name without doing enough research. Company offered a weird justification to this fiasco. They said that they could not trademark the name “Sci-Fi” so they went for this alternate, similarly spelled name. They thought that it added a hip and casual look to the logo that may be attractive for target group. Overall, the change distanced many long time fans and left the company with an embarrassed and tarnished brand image.

Capital One Bank

Capital One
This is another example where rebranding attempt failed to garner positive response. Earlier logo design of the Capital One bank was smart and classic for a financial company. Addition of the red “swoosh” in 2008 meant nothing special. Use of swoosh had become cliché by that time. In fact, some observers noted that it looked more like a boomerang! A close observation reveals that you can’t ridicule them for such inference. This leaves us with a pertinent question – how can you link a bank with a boomerang? Perhaps it was used to symbolize prompt service and response of the bank.


Latest logo design of Pepsi failed to evoke a positive response from fans as well as critics. The logo redesigning was a part of rebranding campaign that appears to be wastage of money and effort. Pepsi claims that the logo was redesigned to give a “smiley” effect. The white stripe was basically redesigned to create the effect. Depending on the product the stripe got thinner or wider. However, the smiley was hard to make out at first look. The Pepsi logo has been redesigned once in every decade (or even more) but Coke barely altered their iconic logo.


GapGap 1
The old logo design was familiar and well accepted by customers for more than two decades. The dark blue square with sheriff font in white was classic and intimate. The mistake that Gap committed was changing too much too soon. The new logo design intended to create a contemporary and bold look. However, it looked like a poor adoption from stock images of Microsoft. There was a severe backlash from customers and patrons. Facebook and Twitter pages of Gap were flooded with harsh comments. After much debacle and embarrassments, the company decided to return to their old logo design.


Master Card reworked their corporate identity. This was done by change in name from MasterCard International to MasterCard Worldwide and a radical change in logo design. The famed red yellow interlocked circles got replaced with a multi layered fluid like logo. The rebrand strategy intended to show that the company is expanding its business to new markets worldwide. The new logo design lacks simplicity of the former. Too many changes are being done at one go! In response to the lukewarm response of this rebranding effort, the company announced that the old logo will appear in all credit cards of the company and the new logo will be used for business communications.

Seattle’s Best

Seattle’s Best
Seattle’s Best coffee shop chain began their business in 1970s from a modest coffee shop in Seattle, US. Now it has more than thousand stores in US and worldwide. Their old logo design conveyed this vintage message through a brightly designed logo, having a retro look. The new logo appears to be too simplified. The vintage and retro look is missing. It appears too generic logo that can be confused with any brand of an eye drop or mineral water.


Rebranding is not only means coming up with a new logo design. It should involve overhauling of brand message, creating a new culture and setting new goals. Examples above clearly show that often it is risky to mess up with a classic design.

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