How to Request and Create an Invoice Using PayPal Account [2023 Edition]

Are you wondering how to send a payment request or invoice through PayPal?

Well, your search ends here.

PayPal is hands down the best digital payments platform with 325 million active account holders. Accepted in 200 countries across the globe, PayPal allows consumers and merchants to receive money in more than 100 currencies. 

And that makes PayPal the first choice of SMB’s and freelancers.

You may also interested in knowing;

PayPal’s professional invoices and request money feature make it, even more, easier to get paid.

Yes, whether you are aware of that or not, PayPal facilitates you to generate invoices, and that further helps your clients to pay you with a single click.

So, in this post, we will guide you step by step;

  • How to request money on PayPal
  • How to create an invoice on PayPal
  • How to send an invoice on PayPal

Without much ado, let’s dive in.

how to request and create an invoice using paypal

How to Request Money on PayPal

To request money on PayPal, go to – Request payments under Tools from the top menu of PayPal.

To take advantage of the PayPal request money feature, you have 3 convenient options that will make it easier to request payments from your friends and customers.

paypal request money

Option 1. Send an Email Payment Request 

This is the simplest approach to request money on Paypal. All you need to enter the names or emails or mobile numbers of the persons from whom you’re requesting money, type in the amount, review, and tap Request Payment.

paypal email payment request

Option 2. Send an Invoice

PayPal invoicing is a fantastic tool that helps you automate your invoicing process.

Easy-to-use invoice templates can be personalized the way you want. Company logo, product descriptions, automatic invoice numbers, promotional discounts, shipping costs, and the currency you wish to be paid in, everything can be added in a PayPal invoice.

Option 3. Share your PayPal.Me link 

This is the new and hassle-free way to pay and get paid. 

get paypal me link

Simply create your personal PayPal.Me link and share it with anyone via SMS, social media platform, or email. Your customers can then click on the link you shared to send you payments.

The best thing about the PayPal request money feature is that, no matter what payment solution you choose there is no fee to request payment on PayPal. 

Also, you are allowed to withdraw the funds into your linked bank account the moment a client pays into your PayPal account.

That being said, you will have to pay a small fee for receiving a payment when your request for the payment is completed, the funds are added to your PayPal account balance.

Among these three options, PayPal Invoicing is the greatest way to send a payment request as it allows you to create and send professional invoices to your clients and track your payments from your PayPal account.

Now, let’s see how to create and send an invoice on PayPal.

How to Create an Invoice on PayPal

Step 1: To create an invoice on PayPal, go to Tools > Invoicing

paypal create new invoice

Step 2: Click Create Invoice to get started with making your first invoice. Once you click on this button, you will see a window like this;

paypal invoice

Step 3: As you can see in the image above, the invoice number is generated automatically. 

Add your business information and you may also add your company logo to give it a professional look.

Step 4: Enter the recipient information.

Step 5: Enter item details, price, and other details such as taxes, discounts, shipping charges, etc., and click save as draft.

Now, it’s time to send the invoice to the concerned person.

How to Send an Invoice on PayPal

Sending an invoice in PayPal is quite easy. All you need to click on the Send button included on the invoice and you will see two options; 

  • Send via PayPal 
  • Share link myself

If you choose the first option (send via PayPal), your invoice will be sent immediately or at a scheduled later date.

And if you choose “Share link myself” then you will see a screen like this;

paypal invoice link

From here, you can simply copy the link and share the same via email, text, or chat.

Quick Note:  Invoices can also be sent to multiple recipients at one go, or on a recurring basis.

So, this is how you can create and send an invoice in PayPal.


What is the PayPal money request?

PayPal request payments is a fantastic feature by PayPal that facilitates you receiving payments from your friends and customers easily. 

Is there a PayPal fee to request money?

There is no monthly fee, even professional invoices are free. All you need to pay a small fee when you get paid.

How do I request money on PayPal?

There are 3 options available to request money on PayPal, professional invoices,  PayPal.Me, and email payment requests. Moreover, you can also take advantage of the PayPal business mobile app.

Which is better, PayPal request money vs invoice?

PayPal invoicing tool is amazing that lets you create and send professional invoices to your customers all around the world. Furthermore, with PayPal invoicing tool, you can schedule recurring invoices as well.

How to create and send an invoice in Paypal?

To create and send an invoice in Paypal, simply visit the invoicing section under tools, click the create invoice button, select a template, enter your information, recipient’s information, payment details, and then click Send button.

How to get a PayPal request money link?

To get a PayPal request money link, go to request payments under the tools menu, choose to get your own link, create a memorable link, and share it to get paid.

How to request money on the PayPal app?

To request money on the Paypal app, simply download the Paypal app on your mobile device, set up your profile, and choose the Request option for doing the same.

Final Thoughts

This is all about how you can request money and create an invoice on PayPal.

PayPal invoices are perfect for freelancers looking forward to receiving payments for their work.

So, freelance globally with confidence and grow your business to the next level.

If you still got any questions related to PayPal payment requests or creating invoices, do let us know in the comment section.

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