Ryan Biddulph Interview On Building A Better Blog by Following Your Fun

Ryan Biddulph is one of my favorite bloggers who always seems to have fun at what he does.

Ryan is the author of Blogging From Paradise where he mainly talks about;

  • Building a thriving blogging community
  • Making money online
  • His travel experience (he travels A LOT) and a lot more.

If you’re looking for a fun blog to read (and learn some really interesting stuff about blogging), you must check out his blog.

What I really like about Ryan is that he doesn’t really focus too much on making money. He thinks money is a by-product of what you offer to the blogging community. That’s what I believe too. If you’re too much concerned about making money online, you really don’t focus on building audience. That’s why 81% of the blogs fail to make even 100 dollars.

So in this interview with Ryan Biddulph, let’s discover some of the prolific tips that Ryan has for us. Are you curious to find them out? Let’s jump into the interview without further ado.

Ryan Biddulph interview on building a successful blog

Ryan Biddulph Interview

1. Welcome to Bloggers Passion interview series, Ryan. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Thanks for having me Anil 🙂 My name is Ryan Biddulph. I help bloggers retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging at Blogging From Paradise.

2. What was your biggest blogging lesson that made a HUGE impact on your life?

Blogging mainly for fun helped me find the unlimited energy I have to guest post, to comment on blogs, to write posts for my blog and to write and self-publish 126 eBooks. By getting rid of many blogging fears I was able to blog for fun, opening me up to a whole new friend network and way of blogging.

3. I know you travel a lot. What’s your favourite place and why?

Thailand is my favorite country but I also love Bali, Costa Rica and Fiji too.

4. What’s your daily routine? How much time do you spend a week on blogging?

I spend about 8 to 10 hours daily blogging.

My current routine involves meditating after I wake them. I read and comment on blog posts from my Feedly feed. I then write and submit 2-4 guest posts daily. I also share my insights on The Warrior Forum and Quora. Toss in 2 posts weekly on Blogging From Paradise, a weekly podcast and daily live videos on Facebook and Periscope and you have my day, and week.

Takeaway: Most successful bloggers are successful because they work extremely hard. Blogging is no different. If you want to build a successful blog, make sure to spend quality time on it like Ryan does.

5. What are the 3 ultimate productivity tips that you have for our readers?

Blog mainly for fun to find unlimited energy for your productivity. Batch tasks, meaning, set aside 60 minutes for a specific blogging task then move on when the 60 minutes expires. Spend at least 30 minutes daily on personal development, which raises your energy and boosts your productivity.

6. What are the 3 premium products that you can’t live without?

My self-hosted WordPress blog. My CDN. Those are the 2 I cannot live without because I am not too focused on using tools.

7. You’re featured on some of the top sites like Huff post, Forbes, Virgin etc. What tips do you have for those who want to land on the biggest blogs when they’re unknown?

Write 1000 words every day in a Word Document and trash the document after you are done. Repeat for years. you get featured on top sites by developing a skill for years, which is why it’s tough to get featured on top sites.

Build your friend network every day for years by promoting *other* bloggers on social media. Your friend network will expand your reach, helping you pop up on the radar of big dawg sites.

Takeaway: Writing 1000 words a day is an incredible tip. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a native English speaker or not, try to pen down your thoughts every single day to hone your writing skills. Writing helps you a lot (in terms of building audience, creating products and writing epic content).

8. If you had to start a blog from scratch, how would you build audience and monetize it?

I’d guest post and blog comment on top blogs.

As for monetizing, I’d understand that my writing skill – practiced daily – is the #1 monetizing factor. Beyond that I would learn an income stream every 3-6 months and then add more streams, learning, executing, tweaking and earning money through 1 stream before I add another stream.

9. You’re a writing ninja. You’ve written A TON of Amazon books and guest posts. How do you handle so much of writing? How do you beat the writer’s block?

I genuinely love writing *but* I practiced writing 1000 to 10,000 to even 20,000 words daily for many years. So I write like most people breathe.

When you write like most people breathe you never suffer from writer’s block.

10. How do you make money online? Do you have any monetization tips for our readers?

I make money online by having written millions of words for practice. Money responds to polished, honed skills, not income streams.

I also built my friend network every single day by promoting other bloggers, who then promoted me, endorsed me and helped me make money through blogging.

My income streams: selling premium courses, selling eBooks and audio books and paperbacks, offering blog consulting services, offering various consulting services, freelance writing, sponsored posts, ad revenue, affiliate revenue and a few other income streams too.

Final thoughts about Ryan Biddulph’s interview

Creating a blog is easy but making it successful is not. Here’s where few people like Ryan Biddulph excels by writing every single day. Not only he writes every day but he also connects with other bloggers by offering help.

If you want to build a better blog by having fun, you must read Ryan’s blog.

So what are your thoughts about Ryan Biddulph’s interview? Did you like it? Do you have any questions for him? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

About Author
Anil Agarwal is the Founder of Bloggerspassion. He is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade Now. He has been featured in Over 100 Publications including Forbes, The HuffPost, HubSpot, Shopify, Semrush, Kinsta, Bluehost, Hostinger and G2.com etc.

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  1. It was really an awesome interview and the amazing part was the 1000 to 10000 words or sometime 20000 words, that’s really massive. I too like writing but that was really huge.
    Anil you should have asked Ryan how he managed to write such a long content in a day.

  2. Great advice on writing everyday Ryan. We always get better at what we practice daily, and writing is no exception. (Using Grammarly is a great way to grade our progress.)

    Do you agree with Neil Patel that longer 1,800 word blog posts rank higher on Google, or do
    you think shorter 800 word posts rank well too?

  3. Hot topic! Great information, as always. It’s fun to read blog interviews of other bloggers. The key topic almost everyone mentions as a blogger is “Enjoy what you do!” If you don’t love to write, don’t blog. Please. Don’t blog. Don’t ruin writing blog posts for the rest of us who LOVE what we do by “doing it for the money” and no other reason.

    Ryan sets this topic on fire with his love of travel, blogging, and helping others. I always love hearing what he has to say.

    Great Interview, Anil! I love your blog – it’s crisp and fresh. Great topics and ideas here.

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Rayn sir one points That make my sense out of the center is That the daily writing goal at least to write up 1000 words whats after all i conceived of 1 post PER week while rayn sir did that doubles. very helpful it was.

  5. Hello,
    It was really an inspirational and motivational interview. I also want to be a successful blogger. In our interview question 4’s takeaway I really liked when you said that it is extremely hard to become a successful blogger as many thinks that blogging its easy. And also in question 7’s takeaway you told the importance of blogging.
    RYAN BIDDULPH’S interview will help me grow as a blogger.
    Ridhi Agrawal

  6. It is simply inspiring.Thanks and kudos to you for bringing this interview.It is of immense help to me as a new blogger in my personal website. I really appreciate your effort.
    Ratikanta singh

  7. He is very helpful person and always down to earth. His suggestions and ideas are always helpful to me.

  8. This interview series started by Anil is really helpful for starters like me, who hardly have any source of guidance in blogging, but wishes to grow further, and is working hard for the same. Ryan, you are really marvelous and an extreme hard-worker. The sincere suggestions share by you are really logical and I hope it help me too, once I integrate them in my blogging schedule. 🙂

  9. bloging sounds slimple but actulally blogging has no shortcut to success. You have to equally work hard

  10. Following your fun, while building a new blog can really work. Just follow your heart and choose the blog for what you can make a difference in the world.
    Thanks for sharing this great information.
    Really glad to have…

  11. Yep the routine is a biggie Rupesh. Thanks heaps.

  12. The personal development aspect of things is HUGE Susan. So happy to see you killing it.

  13. Hello Anil,

    I know Ryan for a while and he is one of the best blogger I have ever get connected. He is very helpful person and always down to earth. His suggestions and ideas are always helpful to me. He is one of the bloggers which inspire me a lot. Thanks for this great interview.

    Have a great day 🙂

  14. First of all, I wanna thank a lot to Anil for publishing such a nice interview with Ryan.

    Ryan is a mastermind blogger who knows the power of connection. I’m totally astonished to see his energy for doing so many things on a daily basis.

    He’s a living motivator for us, the bloggers.


  15. What an inspiring interview! Just look at Ryan’s daily routine. I bet it as the one of the best routine one blogger can have. It clearly shows that blogging in no fooling around and also there is no shortcut to success. You have to equally work hard as in any other job.

    I have been following Ryan recently and he is an inspiration to all bloggers. Thanks Anil for publishing his interview.

  16. Hi Anil and Ryan,
    I love Ryan’s blog and have learned so much just by applying some of his principles. I totally agree that you should blog because you love it.

    I’ve started a blog in the past that I wasn’t serious about or didn’t have any love for it. Needless to say, that’s why I no longer have that blog and am starting over.

    I am amazed at how many guest posts he does. I loved reading the article and loved hearing what his daily blog routine schedule consists of. I totally agree, with spending time for personal development.

    I personally think that every entrepreneur should implement personal development into their routine. Thanks for the interview, you can bet that I’ll be using some of the things that Ryan mentioned in his interview to help me grow my blog.

    Thanks again Anil and Ryan, have a great day 🙂


  17. Thank you, Anil Sir. These type of interviews always encourages me. Please write an interview of Harsh Agarwal.

  18. Thanks for the opportunity Anil!

  19. Very Nice and Motivational Interview, Anil Thanks for Share..


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