SEO Smart Links Plugin Review: With Alternatives And Importance of Interlinks In SEO

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April 10, 2019
SEO Smart Links Plugin Review


This plugin will help in doing internal linking in your blog posts and pages. Internal links added through this internal linking plugin will be SEO friendly.

Are you curious to know more about SEO smart links plugin? Do you want to know about the importance of interlinking in SEO along with some of the best ways to interlink your posts?

Hands down, internal links are crucial in giving better experience to both your website readers and search engine crawlers. If you’re looking for the best way to interlink to your old posts, you should definitely give a try to easy to use plugins like SEO smart links.

So if you want to increase your search traffic, make sure to start interlinking to your old blog posts. Let’s discuss about SEO smart links plugin without further ado.

SEO smart links plugin Review: The best way to interlink to your blog posts

SEO Smart Links Plugin review

SEO Smart Link plugin is one of must SEO Plugin for WordPress blogs. It will help you interlink your blog contents in a smart and SEO friendly manner. Best thing about SEO Smart Link plugin is that it’s available with lots of customization options.

SEO Smart Links Plugin Installation Process

It would not take much time in installing this SEO plugin for WordPress blogs. Here is the step by step process you need to follow to install it in to your WordPress plugins directory:

Step 1: Go to WordPress plugins section in to your WordPress admin panel and click Add New

Step 2: Make search with SEO Smart Links in to the search box available and the very first result should be for SEO Smart Links plugin. This plugin is developed by Vladimir Prelovac.

Step 3: Click Install Now link and Activate it

Step 4: Browse this plugin options available for customization from Settings –> SEO Smart Links. Here is a screenshot showing some of SEO Smart Links options available for customization:

seo smartlinks customization

If you want to upload this Plugin via a FTP client on your blog, click this link to download it now.

What about the pricing of SEO smart links plugin?

It offers you 2 types of plans.

  • Free and
  • Premium version

You can download the free version of SEO smart links plugin from here. If you want advanced features, you should check out their premium plans which come in two plans.

SEO Smart Links install

  1. SEO smart links professional plan (costs you $349 which is a one time pay)
  2. SEO smart links business plan (costs you $499 which is a one time pay)

Here are the features that you get with SEO smart links professional plan;

  • You can automatically interlink blog content
  • You can add nofollow attribute
  • You can open links in external window
  • Access to enhanced content parsing algorithm
  • You’ll get advanced control over number of created links, advanced custom keywords options and advanced automatic interlinking options
  • You’ll get link cloaking and redirections
  • UTF-8 support for sites in foreign languages
  • You can override settings at post level
  • You’ll get access to link template customization
  • Nofollow whitelist
  • You can easily Import and Export configuration
  • You can add custom keywords for better interlinking

Here are the features that you get with SEO smart links business plan;

  • All the features from professional plan which are listed above
  • You can easily sync settings over multiple sites
  • Get access to custom post types support
  • Built-in caching which helps you improve overall website performance for big sites
  • Detailed Statistics & Reports
  • You’ll get free support along with updates

If you ask us whether you should go for free version of SEO Smart Links plugin or premium one, we would recommend you going for a free version if you have small WordPress blog and if you own a very popular blog, you should go for it’s Premium version. In case you continue using free version of this plugin into a high traffic blog, may lower down the performance of your WordPress blog.

Top alternatives to SEO smart links plugin in 2019

There’s one thing we want you to let you know about SEO smart links plugin. The plugin hasn’t been updated in the last 4 years so we highly recommend you to check out the following best alternatives for easy inter linking of your blog posts in your WordPress site.

WordPress SEO by Yoast premium

Although WordPress SEO by Yoast is not just another internal linking plugin as it is often used as an all in one optimization plugin for all your content needs. The premium version of the plugin gives you smart linking where it gives you excellent internal linking suggestions that you can use to interlink to your posts as you write.

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WordPress default linking feature

Since last few updates, WordPress is providing the default linking feature where you’ll get internal link blog post URLs to insert by searching with a keyword or two. All you need to do is to click on a phrase or word where you want to insert a link and enter a keyword and WordPress will show all the posts with those keywords.

Here’s how it looks like;

WordPress autolink feature

When you enter any keyword (in our case bounce, WordPress started showing all the posts related to that keyword) as seen in the above image.

SEO Booster

This plugin automatically inserts keywords in your text link to the right pages on your site and it easily integrates with Yoast SEO to automatically insert links to any focus keywords you have entered using Yoast plugin. That means, you must install Yoast plugin to be able to use it.

What is the importance of interlinks in SEO?

Let’s first talk about what is interlinking in SEO before diving into the details of knowing the importance of internal linking.

Interlinking is the process of linking to your own other blog posts which are highly related to the topic you’re covering. That way, your audience can find something highly interesting and highly related to the content they are currently reading on your website.

Here are some of the benefits of interlinks in SEO in 2019 and beyond.

  • Reduce bounce rate (as people will be spending more time reading all the related posts by interlinking)
  • Increase dwell time (it is the amount of time spent by your website visitors on your blog)
  • Give better reading experience (people will be getting more relevant and interesting stuff to read from your blog)
  • Increase search engine crawling (interlinking really helps you Google to fetch your site contents quickly and more frequently)

Not only that, you can improve the search engine rankings for particular keyword you’re linking to? Yes, anchor text links are very important and play a key role in giving you better search rankings.

What are the things to remember while interlinking in SEO?

Here are few important things you must know for better interlinking in SEO.

  • Always make it a habit of add an interlink for every 300 to 500 words that you write within your blog posts or pages for better SEO purposes. That means, if you’re writing a 3000 word article, make sure to include at least 10 internal links within your own site.
  • Be sure to add only links to the pages that are highly relevant to the topic you’re writing. There’s no additional value you get in terms of user experience or SEO if you’re linking to irrelevant pages.
  • It’s better to open even your internal links to your own pages in new tabs. That way, readers won’t get distracted while clicking on any of your internal links as they’ll be opening in new tabs.

As a side note, we recommend you to interlink to your related posts manually instead of depending on plugins or other tools as you’ll know what type of links to insert and what to avoid.

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Final thoughts on SEO smart links plugin review for interlinking purpose

Although SEO smart links plugin is outdated for a long time, still it can be used for better linking. If not, you can give a try to other alternatives which are mentioned above. Just make sure add internal links whenever you’re adding new contents to your blog.

Do you still have any questions related to SEO smart links plugin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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