SEO Smart Links Plugin for Smart Interlinking of Your Blog Content

When we look at ways to promote our WordPress blogs in a way that they perform exceedingly well for their targeted terms in major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. The first thing that comes to our mind is using SEO plugins to make our WordPress blogs search engine friendly. To achieve this, there are lots of premium as well as free SEO plugins available. Since this post is about SEO Smart Links, I will be focusing on it only in today’s post.

I have been using this plugin for quite some time on my blogs and I’m really happy with the results I’m getting after start using it.

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SEO Smart Links Plugin

SEO Smart Links Plugin Introduction

It is one of must SEO Plugin for WordPress blogs. It will help you interlink your blog contents in a smart and SEO friendly manner. Best thing about SEO Smart Link plugin is that it’s available with lots of customization options.

SEO Smart Links Plugin Installation Process

It would not take much time in installing this SEO plugin for WordPress blogs. Here is the step by step process you need to follow to install it in to your WordPress plugins directory:

Step 1: Go to WordPress plugins section in to your WordPress admin panel and click Add New

Step 2: Make search with SEO Smart Links in to the search box available and the very first result should be for SEO Smart Links plugin. This plugin is developed by Vladimir Prelovac.

Step 3: Click Install Now link and Activate it

Step 4: Browse this plugin options available for customization from Settings –> SEO Smart Links. Here is a screenshot showing some of SEO Smart Links options available for customization:

SEO Smart Links Options menu

If you want to upload this Plugin via a FTP client on your blog, click this link to download it now.

SEO Smart Links Plugin Features List

Here are some features you will get benefit from after installing SEO Smart Links plugin:

  • This plugin can be used to link keywords and phrases to their targeted posts, pages, tags and categories etc in your blog posts and comments section.
  • You can add nofollow tag to external links and can get them opening in new window or in different tab.
  • You can limit the number of maximum links this plugin should generate per post.
  • You can also set the limit for number of links that this should generate for a specific keyword.
  • This plugin will help you generate lots of SEO friendly internal links for your blog targeted pages, which will result in higher rankings for those pages on Google and other search engines.
  • Strong interlinking of your blog contents will help them get better page rank from Google.
  • Since you are autolinking your blog contents in a relevant manner and this it should improve engagement metrics of your blog including its bounce rate.
  • You can set certain type of contents and keywords that should be ignored by SEO Smart Links.
  • You can make sure this plugin don’t use the contents placed in different heading tags for auto-interlinking.
  • This plugin can be a real goldmine for affiliate marketers as they can use this SEO plugin to create affiliate links automatically and can add attributes like nofollow and open New Window to those affiliate links to make their affiliate contents more search engine friendly.

SEO Smart Links Premium Version

This plugin is available in WordPress Plugin directory for free with some basic features and there is a premium version of SEO Smart Links available here with lots of advanced features available.

Here is a screenshot showing list of additional features you will enjoy if you decide to buy SEO Smart Links premium version with its pricing:

SEO Smart Links Plugin Premium Payment Plan

If you ask me whether you should go for free version of SEO Smart Links plugin or premium one, I would recommend you going for a free version if you have small WordPress blog and if you own a very popular blog, you should go for it’s Premium version. In case you continue using free version of this plugin into a high traffic blog, may lower down the performance of your WordPress blog.

Click This Link to Buy Premium Version of SEO Smart Links Plugin

Being an SEO expert, you know how important it is to interlink your website contents in an intelligent way that they not only look good to search engines, but also they are adding value for your blog readers. And we can achieve the same thing automatically with SEO Smart Links plugin. Do you have something to say about SEO Smart Link, please share in the comments section below.


  1. Uday Ghulaxe says:

    Thanks foe sharing such a great plugin here Anil Sir,
    I am looking for such wordpress pluging fom some days for interlinking my blog post for better results interlinking blog post is really neccesory for increasing blog engagment.

  2. I tried this interlinking plugin and am really surprised at how amazing it worked, gone are those days i linked manually, i can now focus on what to post, and let the plugin handle the interlinking matters.

  3. Thanks for this post.
    I was looking for a plugin which automatically link my blog posts.
    This is what I need.

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