Shared Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting Which One You Should Choose & Why?

Shared Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting Which One You Should Choose and Why?

Shared Hosting or Dedicated Server: Which One to Buy?If you are just starting out your first website, it could be difficult to make decision related to web hosting like whether you should buy a shared hosting plan or should go for dedicated hosting. Most of web hosting companies offer Shared, VPS, Reseller, Dedicated and Cloud hosting options to its customers. All of these terms could turn out to very confusing for you. I do not want to confuse you further and here we will be just talking about shared and dedicated hosting. I will try to help you choose the best web host for your first website. I will also be sharing the advantages and disadvantages you may face when go with any of these hosting types.

Why You Should Choose Shared Hosting Over Dedicated Server?

First of all lets discuss in brief about what is shared and dedicated hosting.

What is Shared Hosting?

As the name indicates, with shared hosting, you will be sharing the server resources including web space, bandwidth, memory and processor speed with other websites that are hosted on that server. Shared hosting is like renting a room with many roommates. You know what are the benefits and drawbacks of sharing the same room with other people. The same thing applies to shared hosting.

Shared Hosting is Like Sharing Your Room with many mates
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What is Dedicated Hosting?

You are the Boss in Case of Dedicated HostingWith dedicated hosting, you will be the only one who will be using all of your server resources. You will be the boss here and you will have full control over that server and in other words, you can do anything with that server, you won’t need to take anyone permission to make any kind of technical change on that server. When you buy a dedicated hosting, your own websites only will be hosted there and no other website can use that server.

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Reasons for choosing Shared Hosting Over Dedicated Hosting

Here are some reasons that should motivate you choose shared hosting over dedicated:

Pricing Matter

The most common reason why many people prefer shared hosting over dedicated hosting is the price tag. You can easily get shared hosting for as low as $4/Month from the best web hosts in the industry. But if you are thinking of purchasing dedicated hosting plan even from a good web host, you should be ready to pay $100 to $150 every month for it. So dedicated hosting used to be very costly compared with what we pay in case of shared hosting.

Your Project Type

For more than 90% of guys shared hosting is the best choice. If you want to start your first blog, small to medium level business websites, forum, websites catering certain services, you should be fine with shared hosting.

Best Option for Beginners

If you are about to start your first website or blog in any niche, shared hosting will be best solution for you. You won’t find any difficulty in managing a shared hosting account. With dedicated server hosting, you need to be technically sound as you will be managing most of things from your end there even through every hosting company has a technical team to assist you in case you get into any difficulty. Still it will be a headache in managing a dedicated server especially if you are newbie or started using web-hosting services for the first time.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting over Dedicated Hosting

Here are some worries which may be forcing you to stay away from a shared hosting account:

Sharing the Same IP Address

In this case, you are supposed to share the same IP address with multiple websites. So if any of websites on that server is banned by search engines for doing any form of spamming or illegal activities, your website may even get penalized for the crime you have nothing to do with simply because you all are sharing the same server space. It’s all depend upon your web hosts and how they deal with such websites. All good hosts take spamming related activities very seriously and they used to suspend such websites instantly to save other websites that are hosted on that server. You can use a reverse IP Lookup tool to see the list of websites that are sharing the same IP address with your website. You should spend some time in analyzing other websites that are sharing the same IP address.

Server Response Time May be Slow

Server response time may be on slower side in this case as multiple websites are using the same resources. If you are on a shared hosting server where you are sharing web space with a very high traffic website, things could get worse for you as in that case most of server resources will be used by that website. So your readers might find difficulty in accessing your website.

Your Server Crash too frequently

If you are with an average web host, your server can be crashed every second day due to excessive use of server resources by certain scripts. But if you are on a well known web hosts, they use to keep track of your server usage and make sure your website does not face any kind of downtime for any reason.

Despite of these bad facts, millions of websites are hosted on shared hosting and again if you are with a popular web host, such things will not be able to affect your website performance in general.

In Which Case You Should Prefer Dedicated Server Hosting?

But there must be some special instances when you will be giving weightage to Dedicated hosting over shared one:

You Want full control over Things

With dedicated server hosting, its your own space and you are free to do anything on it. You can run any kind of application or script on it and even can change your hardware and software settings without any permission. But since its your space and you are managing things here, so if anything went wrong, you will have to blame yourself only.

You Want More Security

Surely your website and your data will be more secure in case of dedicated hosting as compared with shared hosting. With dedicated hosting, you will have proper firewall and backup systems in place. So it will be difficult for hackers to enter into your server space and doing any spamming related activities on it.

You Want Better Performance

With dedicated hosting, you alone are going to use all of server resources and will not be sharing even small bit of resources with other websites. So your website performance bound to be much better than what you were getting with shared hosting account.

You Have a Very High Traffic Website

With shared hosting, you can easily handle daily visits in the range of 15k to 20k by optimizing your databases and using performance-boosting plugins. If your website is getting more traffic than this, you need a dedicated server. With dedicated hosting, you will have more resources to handle incoming traffic on your website and thus can quickly deliver web pages without compromising with the speed or downtime.

Now let us sum up the things. Lots of people prefer shared hosting over dedicated as its too cheap. If you are going to start a small business website or personal blog, you are better off with shared hosting. But if your website has huge amount of traffic coming or website data is highly confidential and want to secure it, dedicated hosting will be best solution for you.

Best Web Host for Buying Dedicated Hosting

I would Recommend using Hostgator dedicated hosting. They have both Windows and Linux based servers. Hostgator Dedicated Server’s basic plan will cost you $174/month, but with BPWEBHOSTING coupon, you will be paying $130.50 (25% Discount) for your first month hosting. From next month onward, you will need to pay $174/month as recurring free.

Recommended Web Host for Shared Hosting

If you happen to read this post in detail, you must have noticed I talked about hosting a web hosting on good web host. So it’s time to share the best web host for shared hosting:


  1. Jaykrishna says:

    I think we should not choose shared hosting if you have budget as because it will always better to be your boss as stated in the post .

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Jay, I think being a beginner you should aim at saving some money and in 99.99% of chances you will not be able to get one lack daily page views type in your first month only. Few people take one year and while others took two year to reach similar kind of milestones. And for most of guys in the web world, it just remains a dream. So its good to save your hard earned money.

  2. Felicia says:

    Hi Anil,
    Dedicated hosting will always be better. However, if you’re a beginner (just as you mentioned), you don’t really have the resources as of yet to pay for a dedicated hosting. If in the long run though you get to own multiple websites with which your ROI is easily achievable, then that would be the time to switch to dedicated hosting not just for your convenience, but also for the convenience of your readers.

  3. Thanks for detail information about Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting, the cost is vast different in these hosting. However dedicated hosting is always better but for a beginner blogger like me the shared hosting is enough but wanna try dedicated hosting too.

  4. Rahul Chowdhury says:

    Yup, you said those things right, and really the price matters. Untill you really need a dedicated server, a shared server rocks. 🙂

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Personally I would but buy a dedicated hosting by the time I don’t need it. Being a beginner, I would just go ahead with shared hosting and will end up saving some money. I can use this money for making my website more professional and also can use this money to advertise my business.

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