Should Online Weight Loss Journals Be Used to Make Money?

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There are many people blogging about their weight loss efforts, what works for them and what does not, enabling their make moneyfollowers to discover and attempt similar methods of weight loss and follow a healthy diet. Keeping an online journal of your journey as a weight watcher is what the world’s biggest weight loss companies, like Medifast and Nutrisystem often recommend.

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These brave bloggers often accumulate many loyal followers eager to follow the highs and lows of their journey. Should these weight loss bloggers begin monetizing their blog? What are their risks? Is a Personal Weight Loss Blog Suitable for Advertising and Money Making?

Bloggers often hear of other bloggers making big money from monetizing their blogs and feel they too would like to jump on the bandwagon and start earning as they blog. I advise people to consider if earning an income from weight loss or diet blogging is really the route that they want to go down. Some people find it strange that I ask them to pause for a moment before they begin placing ads on their blog, after all, who does not want to earn a few more dollars?

The simple fact is, not every blog is suitable for advertising and moneymaking. It is quite feasible to blog for different and multiple reasons, but it is important to reflect on the possible repercussions that can occur once you begin adding income streams to their blog. Doing this may well steer your blog in a different direction than your initial goals for your blog.

How Online Marketing Can Destroy a Weight Loss Blog – And How to Prevent This

Placing ads on your blog may have a detrimental effect, this has already happened to quite a few bloggers. I will share some of the stories with you below, withholding the bloggers identities, so you can come to an informed decision whether this is a route you want to take with your weight loss blog journey.

Damage Your Reputation

One blogger, whose purpose of his blog was to build a name for himself in the weight loss industry, was slowing building a solid reputation when he decided to promote certain affiliate products related to dieting. He did not have any knowledge of the products he was promoting on his blog, which to his horror, he later discovered were fraudulent. He had inadvertently been ripping off his own followers that he had been building relationships with previously. This had an adverse effect on his blog, as his reputation was ruined.

Tip 1: Consider only products you are sure are genuine and will benefit your readers of your weight loss blog. Reader Chaos – You run the risk of losing some of your followers by adding impression-based ads to your blog, as happened to one blogger who informed me of her reader’s uproar recently. Some were actually incensed that she had taken the advertising route, feeling she had changed the rules midstream. It can depend on the type of blog, community levels and of course, the way you begin to introduce ads to your blog.

Tip 2: It is advisable to consider carefully whether your readers would feel let down and weigh up the income benefits as opposed to the cost of losing some of your blog following.

Advertising Overload – One very successful blogger, who had an interesting blog and a substantial following, became more obsessed with making money from his blog than continuing to give his readers valuable content. This killed his run of success. He removed much of his archives, those that were not potential money makers and instead placed ad after ad on his blog, making it difficult for his readers to access any actual content.

He began writing only about topics that had the possibility of creating income rather than what had previously gained him a loyal following and in the process, lost a large bulk of readers. What remained as a meagre shadow of his former blog. It is important to retain the main goal for your blog when considering how far to delve into monetizing your weight loss blog.

Cluttered blogs and Low Conversion Rates – Many bloggers have made the decision to remove ads from their blog after coming to the realization that the remuneration from the ads were not justified in the space they were taking up, adding clutter to the overall look. If you find that the conversion rates are low, it may not be worth your while. This differs from blog to blog as it can depend on the topic you are writing about and the style and position of ads also. Yes, these are negative examples of bloggers who lost out due to monetizing their blogs.

I do not wish to disillusion bloggers who wish to blog about their weight-loss journey or successful diet options. I urge you to consider what is best for your blog long-term. Numerous weight loss bloggers successfully supplement their income with their blogging efforts. Others even blog full time for a living.

Conclusion: Consider the readers of your weight-loss blog and if you decide it could benefit them to have certain ads, utilize those ads that may best serve them, in addition to continuing to create valuable content on diet, exercise and weight loss topics.


  1. Hillary Bost says:

    I think that online weight-loss journals could be used to make money but they are more for encouragement and holding the poster accountable for the actions they want to follow through with. Making money off them, I think, would only be beneficial to those who are in the know of affiliate marketing.

  2. Dean Saliba says:

    Is it even possible for new blogs to come in and make money in this niche anymore? It seems to be one of the most saturated niches around, along with the MMO niche of course.

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      No doubt weight loss is a very tough niche. But there is always possibility to make money with every niche. No doubt it’s going to be easy to drive traffic and make money from blogs based in weight loss and make money online kind of niche’s

  3. Glenn says:

    Making money off them, I think, would only be beneficial to those who are in the know of affiliate marketing.

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