10 Social Media Bloggers to Watch

It’s no secret that content curation is going to be the biggest marketing craze in 2018 and potentially many years after. The Internet is filling up with new information at an alarming rate, and there is simply not enough editorial content out there to organize and assimilate this information into easily understood packages.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of curated content, here’s a quick breakdown: it is the gathering and organization of information from around the web regarding a specific topic. That’s the one sentence breakdown, but there is a bit more to it than just simply collecting information.

Social Media Bloggers to Watch

A good piece of curated content is going to not only aggregate different sources of reliable and authoritative information, it will also add editorial commentary to make sense of everything. This requires that the writer that gathered the curated content not only knows about the subject matter, but is knowledgeable enough to be able to provide commentary that is both relevant and useful.

As the social web continues to grow and evolve rapidly, it’s becoming more crucial to follow the right sources in order to better understand the industry.  These are 10 bloggers that publish relevant and practical content curation.

1. Social Media Explorer

Social Media Explorer offers ways to more deeply understand social media for those who are serious about succeeding in the field.  Jason Falls cranks out insightful posts that detail how social media is influencing marketing and public relations.  This blog offers a wealth of knowledge to help readers extend their digital marketing reach.

Social Media Explorer


2. The Future Buzz

If you’re looking for a more entertaining read rather than the standard social media blog, check out The Future Buzz.  It offers engaging posts with unique perspectives on topics that are usually tired and overdone.  Adam Singer, Editor and Product Marketing Manager at Google Analytics, gives inspiring ways to help readers spread buzz online.

The Future Buzz


3. Social Media Examiner
If you want some more in-depth analysis on blogging and social media, this is the blog for you. It’s not a opinion based blog; instead, it looks deeply into the different types of issues that come up in blogging and online marketing.  Social Media Examiner consistently offers great how-to advice for marketers in a variety of industries.
Social Media Examiner


4. Social Mouths
Run by a high school dropout, this blog is written by someone who understands exactly how to leverage social media to make a business absolutely explode online. For small businesses looking to leverage social media as well, read this blog.

Social Mouths

5. Kim Garst
This founder and CEO of Boom!Social offers advice on a wide range of personal branding and social media topics.  With her expertise, Kim has all the information you need to establish a successful social media presence.
Kim Garst


6. Kikolani
This is one of the more classic blogs on social media and earning money online. It has quite a bit of clout in the industry and features many influential people on a weekly basis.  Kikolani offers excellent advice for the freelance blogger.


7. Copy Blogger
This is arguably the most famous blog out there in the social media space. Copy Blogger focuses on improving your blog through quality writing.  It takes a very in-depth look at how you can either jump into online marketing or enhance your current business online. Whether that be SEO, copywriting, or social media, you will find the tips that you need to make more money online.  Kikolani


8. Hubze
This visually and aurally engaging social media blog hosts plenty of videos and podcasts, unlike many blogs with mostly articles and blog posts. If you’re a visual or auditory learner, you’d feel at home here.  You’re not likely to get bored of this blog.

9. Jeff Bullas
Jeff is a marketing expert that really gets into the granular details and shows you exactly how to come up with marketing campaigns that deliver ROI online.  His blog is loaded with quick ways to improve your internet marketing.
Jeff Bullas


10. Marketing Tech Blog
If you’re in the technology space, chances are you’re also into online marketing and social media. Many people who are very seriously into technology find this to be an outstanding resource.  This blog offers helpful tips on a wide array of internet marketing topics.  Marketing Tech Blog


If you have any extra time to read up on blogs, check these out! Pick up at least a few of these that resonate with you and add them to your RSS feed.  By following these 10 bloggers, you will definitely keep up-to-date on current social media information.


  1. Jessie Zubatkin says:

    Great Post! You’ve hit the nail on the head with these 10 examples. A few of these guys I follow myself already and are stellar examples of curation. As you mentioned, one of the keys in differentiating curation from aggregation is providing the human annotation to the content, why is this important, why do i care about this article over the 20 others out there. I wanted to share another asset with you and your audience about creating original content and using curated content in harmony – the ebook is called Feeding the Content Beast (without getting eaten alive) http://www.curata.com/resources/ebooks/how-to-feed-the-content-beast/ Thanks and keep writing!

  2. Hey Marcela,
    Nice list! Unfortunately I never heard the name of first 5 sites. Thanks for letting us know.
    Going to watch out those site.

  3. Dean Saliba says:

    Kikolani is someone who I would recommend all new bloggers to follow and read as much of her articles as possible. 🙂

  4. Alicia says:

    These are all highly popular websites, especially in the social media marketing niche. I do follow a few of them, especially Kikolani.

  5. Mahesh Verma says:

    Really Awesome list. I got Some useful website in this list 🙂

  6. Gajendran Megajolla says:

    Hi, this is an very awesome list, keep it up, i also follow this too.

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