Social Media Vs SEO: Which Is the Best Way to Bring Traffic?

Social media and SEO both are playing a vital role in driving traffic any blog. It’s essential to spend your time wisely on these two different online mediums to reap the best rewards.

Lets dig into the details without much ado..

Social Media Vs SEO

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Why social media is the best?

Social media sites like Facebook, twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn have very large audience. You can bring massive traffic from any of these sources, but all you need is to have thriving fans in all your networks. The key factor to bring traffic from social media sites is to work only on one social media site at one time, not on all the sources.

When you work only on one source, you can show much variance and spend quality time to build audience around your blog using that medium. In other case, you can’t build great connections when you’re spending time on all the networks simultaneously.

One more major reason to consider social media sites to bring traffic is this, there’ll be no panda or penguin updates 😉

You just need to work on connecting with other bloggers, sharing and promoting their links to get noticed. They’ll also help if you’re ever in any need.

How to boost your online reputation using social media?

Be personal: Interact with your readers and engage with them using social media sites on a regular base. This will not only improve your fan base, but also provide great platform to make more sales.

Always provide great information: No matter how busy you’re with your blogs, spend quality time to share great information on social media sites to let your business grow. They will trust you and become loyal to you on social media sites when you’re offering great quality of contents all the time. This way you can make your online visibility go viral in no time.

Respond to your fans: This is the best way to give yourself a great online boosting for your blogs. Try to respond to everyone who keeps in touch with you. Offer them the best to gain their loyalty. In the long run, this will create a great impact on your online businesses and bring in more fans and followers on social media sites like Facebook, twitter or Google+

Work smart, not hard: This is the tricky part to boost your online reputation using social media sites, be interactive, don’t spend too much time on social media sites and kill your productive time. Instead, make social media sites work for you, connect with your readers, fans and followers at the peak time (where more users gather online). This way you can engage with more audience in less time.

Why SEO is REALLY important for your business?

No matter how flexible the social media traffic is, it can’t beat search engine traffic, because it’s the best traffic resource that’s available to you at free of cost, agree?

But bringing in search traffic to your blog posts, take time and your SEO skills to rank high for the desired keywords. So always make sure you’re spending quality time to learn new SEO practices to bring long lasting organic traffic to your blogs.

How to get more out of search engines?

Search engine traffic mainly depends on two factors.

Back links to your sites: The more quality back links headed toward your blog posts, the better ranking you’ll get in the search pages, simple as that. So, focus on writing quality blog posts and engaging with other bloggers to get quality links from them.

Time: Search engine traffic takes time, you can’t expect search traffic flowing through your blog within 5 minutes you publish a post on your blog, right? Some time it does take weeks, even months to get quality search traffic for the desired keywords. So patience is the key here.

Social media Vs SEO: Which is best?

I’m not going to dig into the details of which media platform is the best for your online businesses. Simply, they BOTH are required to succeed online, agree?

But, the key factor here is to decide where you can gather more users online. Is it social media sites or through search engines?

If you’re a newbie to online business or blogging, focus more on social media engagement because you’ll always find it easy and effective gather more people online. When you focus on search engine traffic when you don’t know anything, you could no results, because search traffic does take time. You need to work hard and optimize, get quality back links to your blog posts to reap the reward from the search engines.

Conclusion: No doubt, you need to focus on SEO, but solely don’t depend on search engines to drive traffic. Don’t prefer over optimizing your sites, it can really give bad results for your sites in the long run. Instead, also focus on user engagement on social media, because social media sites are becoming so important these days. You can’t simply ignore those sites to bring quality traffic, sales or leads.

Social media sites give instant traffic to your posts, whereas, search traffic does take lot of time to drive traffic. But both traffic sources are the best when you work according to your goals.

Let me know what do you think about these two variant traffic resources.


  1. arun seo says:

    I think the future belongs to social media and content marketing. The typical seo is almost out of competition but quality seo is of great future !

    • Social media traffic will BEAT everything within few months.. you NEED to have more visibility on social media sites to make money, bring more subscribers and to succeed online (you simply can’t skip this step!).

      Thanks for the comment Arun 🙂

  2. Rahul says:

    by my opinion both are very important for a website and social media we make our network for site and by seo we get better rank on search engine and reach our visitors..

  3. NEERAJ says:

    i think social media bring more traffic to blog but we can’t ignore seo

  4. Lola Sosanya says:

    I think SEO brings in more traffic in general. Social Media might bring a lot of traffic but this depends on how interesting your content is. For example, once in a while I get a lot of traffic from StumbleUpon but I notice I get a consistent about of traffic from a particular keyword from SEO. So it depends on your niche and content.

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