Spinning Your Way To The Top: The Art Of Article Spinning

When it comes to websites and blogs, content is king. If you don’t know this by now, then your blog or website is in big trouble. It is very important to have updated and relevant content in your website if you want it to rank well and be noticed by all. Thus, you need to write articles and blog posts that are rich in relevant and targeted keywords. Some website and blog owners resort to using a concept known as article spinning as part of their optimization campaign. So the crucial question to ask here is, “What is article spinning?” How can it help your website or blog?
Art Of Article Spinning

Catching Up With Article Spinning Technique

Have you ever read a website or blog post only to realize that you came across a highly similar one in the past? If yes, then you have probably read a spun version of a written content. Article spinning is the process of changing or altering words and parts of an original article and replacing these words with their synonyms in order to create a new and different version. So instead of having just one article, you can have another version or in some cases, even several adaptations. This allows you to use the supplementary articles anyway you wish, whether it’s for link building purposes or other search engine optimization tactics.

Some website owners hire a writer or editor to spin articles while others use automatic spinning tools. There are lots of pros and cons to using article spinning as a search engine optimization tool. You might want to learn about some before you use it for your own site:

  1. Manual spinning is tedious but highly effective. Hiring someone to spin articles may take up much time compared to having them spun by automatic spinning tools. The advantage is that this lessens errors which oftentimes occur when using automatic spinning tools. If you want to use this technique, you better make sure to hire someone reliable so you can be sure to receive good quality work. Be prepared in shelling out additional money too.
  2. Automatic spinning tools could change the thought of the article. Yes, automatic spinning tools can give you results in a matter of seconds but it can have lots of adverse effects. Not all spinning tools recognize usage of elements like figures of speech and jargons so it can possibly change the overall thought of the whole article. The result is a hodge-podge of words that may not make sense at all. On a positive note, using automatic spinning tools can be a cheaper alternative compared to hiring someone to spin articles for you.
  3. Article spinning pose different copyright issues. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that spinning articles or creating versions of one original written work can potentially stir up lots of copyright and patent issues. Aside from that, search engines would eventually recognize that your content is not so unique at all and may end up banning your site altogether.

So before you decide to use article spinning as an optimization tool, think about the points made here first. You may decide to use article spinning or maybe formulate your own strategy if you deem necessary. Be wise in choosing the technique. Remember that you want to build up your credibility with your target audience. Therefore, you need to be consistent when it comes to posting articles that are rich in content and are highly, if not fully, original. Make sure that you know the tricks of the trade so you won’t wind up discovering that all along, the joke’s always been on you.


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