The 4-Step Strategy to Increase Your Google AdSense Earnings As A Beginner

Who else wants to increase Google AdSense earnings?

We all know that, Google AdSense is the most popular and reliable earning methods to make money online. Majority of the people start blogging to use Google AdSense to earn money in their free time.

Although making money from AdSense is not a big deal but it’s really hard to make good amount of money each money using AdSense. There are still thousands of bloggers who make a living from AdSense and they all know few secrets to make MORE money from AdSense that most beginners don’t.

If you are searching for proven ways to increase your AdSense earnings as a beginner, this detailed post is exclusively for you. I’ll walk you through a 4 step strategy to increase your Google AdSense earnings.

How to increase Google AdSense earnings

increase adsense earnings

Step 1: Every niche is different, choose a niche wisely!

First, consider your keywords.

The keywords that use on your blogs or websites is perhaps the only thing that increases your AdSense earnings. Therefore you should always focus on finding the right keywords to boost your AdSense income.

Here are few questions to ask yourself before choosing a niche.

  • Who is my ideal reader and what keywords they use on Google?
  • What kind of ads I want to place?
  • Why would anyone click on my ads?
  • Do I have enough contents on my blog to increase my AdSense earnings?
  • How much traffic do I need to make a good income from AdSense?

Your AdSense income completely depends upon the keywords and niche you choose. Getting traffic is also one of the essential factors that makes or breaks your AdSense income. So make sure to use the right keywords that will grow your organic traffic and boost your click through rates.

Here’s a detailed guide that explains how to do keyword research like a pro. Make sure to check it out and use the right keyword research tools like Long Tail Pro, Google Keyword Planner etc to find the potential keywords.

Step 2: Find the RIGHT theme to increase AdSense earnings

Find and use “AdSense ready themes” if you want to boost your AdSense earnings. Design is the king in online world, you have to use an appealing design to improve your clicks on ads.

Here are two important design factors you need to consider before buying an AdSense ready theme.

  1. Find a theme that has a header widget (to place your AdSense ads in the header, next to your logo)
  2. Also make sure to use a theme that has wider sidebar columns (to make use of big square units)

Also make sure to buy a theme that is mobile responsive. After all, you need to get more visitors clicking on your ads to increase your AdSense income. That can only be possible if you have a mobile friendly theme that is perfectly optimized for Google AdSense ads.

Important note: Google penalizes your site if you are using too many ads and too little content on your blogs or websites. So make sure to have enough contents on your blogs and don’t use too many ads if you want to increase your AdSense earnings in a safe way.

Step 3: Use heat maps to increase your AdSense click through rates

Did you know that most successful bloggers who make a living from AdSense use heat maps to grow their AdSense earnings?

A heat map is nothing but a “clearly visible map” that describes your visitors behavior on your site. You need to get to know your visitors behavior if you want to boost your AdSense click through rates and overall income. Only then you will understand where to place your ads to improve CTR of your AdSense ads.

Please have a look at the following image where it clearly shows where to put your AdSense ads to increase your clicks and income.


You can also use some advanced tools like Crazy Egg to precisely know about your visitors behavior and where they mostly click. Here’s an image that describes how it works.


Along with using heat maps, here are few important things to remember to increase your AdSense income.

  • Never buy fake traffic or clicks
  • Never make ads that don’t look like Google AdSense ads
  • Don’t use too many ads if you don’t have enough content
  • Don’t fill your blog or websites with irrelevant content

Step 4: Experimenting is the KEY

Whether you agree it or not, there are literally thousands of ways to optimize your Google AdSense earnings. But the important thing you need to remember is to play with the placement of AdSense ads. The color, size and the banners you use on AdSense ads play a crucial role in increasing your AdSense earnings.

The #1 rule in increasing your AdSense income is this: EXPERIMENT. Test whatever that you have to increase your AdSense earnings.

Play with banner ads, the color and the placement. Analyze which things are giving you most click through rates and income.

Move your ad units to show them on your content. If your content is really interesting, people will click on your AdSense ads if they are relevant. That’s how you can increase your AdSense earnings by focusing on creating targeted content.

Final thoughts about increasing AdSense earnings

The people who are successfully making more money from AdSense try a lot of things. They experiment with the ads, placements, color and themes. They also focus more on using the right kind of keywords to drive specific people to their websites. The more targeted traffic you get from search engines, the more money you can make from AdSense.

The important thing you need to remember while increasing AdSense earnings is to not to give up too early. While it’s common to get fluctuated earnings from AdSense, so make sure to create content that is compelling. Also don’t use too many ads just to increase your income or Google may penalize your site for going overboard with ads.

So what do you think? Do you have any more tips to increase AdSense earnings?


  1. Manik says:

    Hi Anil,

    Just few days ago, I got Adsense approval for one of my blog and currently I’m using Adsense in two of my blog. But the CTR is too low. Here got some great idea that will really help to increase CTR as well as earnings.
    And the heat maps is really new for me and also interesting. Hope this will help me better.

  2. Nirmala says:

    Hello Anil,

    You’ve crafted a nice post for bloggers to earn more with Adsense. I’ve learned about heat maps through this post, will make use of it. I used to do some experiments with ad positioning and somewhat familiar with the behavior of my readers. I’d say that the ad at the end of the post would have more chance to get clicked by the visitors (Not sure whether it work for others).

    Thanks for presenting this useful post, keep writing for us 🙂

  3. Bilal Ahmad says:

    CrazyEgg is a wonderful service. Mouseflow is also very useful because it records the click activities too and provides heatmaps for the most clicked places.

  4. Kulwant says:

    In India most of the newbies are dependent on Google AdSense only.

    And I have seen that few bloggers are using very bad themes and keep complaining about low CTR. They must understand that CTR is directly promotional to your theme, the better is your theme, better CTR you are going to get.

    As you said about experimenting, I agree with your point.

    We must keep changing the ads size and see which is getting more clicks. On my website I was using long ads only and never used 200×80 size ads because I thought they might get less attention.

    But one day one of my close friends suggested that I should use 200×80 ads on right sidebar..

    and what?

    Now this is the TOP MOST ad on my blog and getting maximum clicks. So experimenting in the key here.

    Thanks for putting the things together for getting better money via AdSense.

  5. Hello Anil,

    thanks for the this article. now i will try more experiments with my ads units and i will follow you suggestion thanks again 🙂
    Rahul Kashyap

  6. my tab is pink says:

    “Never buy fake traffic or clicks” – this requier underline. Buying traffic is a cancer of internet advertising. This makes buyers think they are investing in their busines and makes users think some poor site is very popular. But in the same time it can cause a drop in real income when people who pay for your clicks will find out what’s going on. Actually the only ones who earn with this are those who sell click or likes – as it all applies to social media as well.

  7. Ajay says:

    Very nice post Anil,
    The first thing that you said about the keyword that we choose affect the cpc. Could you suggest any free tool to check whether the keyword has enough cpc and will get some money for me. And any estimate on how much traffic one should get to earn min $1 per day from a tech blog?


  8. Sk Jony says:

    Thanks to discuss your opinion. I am using free traffic exchange in my site. Is it harmful for my site. How to increase my visitor.

  9. Aman Bisht says:

    Hi my website is, i have got Google Adsense recently and facing some problems using it. I have good page views and google adsense is providing add that pays by number of clicks done,Can i change the rate from CTC to CPI(cost per impressions) in adsense.
    Please help,
    Thanks in advance

  10. Chaitanya says:

    Thank you so much for the strategy you have provided. I hope i would make proper use of it.

  11. Actually once a site gains a good authority, the google engineers will verify the site manually and provide comparatively high cpc than before. It really takes time for a blog to get manual verification of a google verification.
    As you have said it also depends on the niche and the location.

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