StumbleUpon Traffic: How to Drive Traffic to Website from StumbleUpon

What you will do if you lost majority of traffic coming on your website from search engines? It could happen as your website rankings are heavily affected by algorithmic changes from Google like Google Panda updates, Google Page Layout Algorithm or Google Penguin update. Till date majority of websites and blogs rely on traffic they are getting primarily from search engines. If you are seeing your website nowhere in top 10 on Google for its targeted terms or want to drive more targeted traffic to your website from other sources, you should read this special about StumbleUpon Traffic.

You need to go for building traffic through different activities like doing guest posts, being active on Social media networks, using Yahoo Answers, working as an expert in discussion forums created around your website niche and through StumbleUpon. Now let’s discuss in detail about what you need to be done to drive lots of targeted traffic to your website from StumbleUpon.

Some facts About StumbleUpon

SU Traffic Prediction Details from Google Ad PlannerWe can use StumbleUpon to discover stories of our interest around the web. With SU, we can explore articles, images, video’s and much more. We can like or dislike certain stories and their system will only show stories that we are especially interested in and what our friends are recommending. It’s a totally different way of finding stories of your interest on internet.

StumbleUpon is a PR 7 website and its Alexa rank is 144 only. As per the data available from Google Ad Planner (That used to be quite accurate), StumbleUpon is generating 210 Million Page Views every month and 6.1 Million as unique visitors for a month.

StumbleUpon Traffic Building Process

You can download the Stumbebar, Add-On for Firefox and Google Chrome Extension etc. from this download page. After installing the SU toolbar, you need to:

StumbleUpon Traffic: How To Manual

Create an Account on StumbleUpon

First thing you should do, is creating a Stumbler account on StumbleUpon. You should fill complete information in your profile section and should add an associated image with your account. Then you need to define your interests. You should select those topics only you are actually interested in. During my sign up process with SU, I selected blogging, internet marketing, seo and web hosting as topics of my interest.

Making New Friends

First thing you could do is invite your friends from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus Social media websites to join you on StumbleUpon. You should start following Stumblers matching your interests. If you want to follow people having different interests than blogging, you just need to replace blogging with topic of your interest. For following people who are interested in web hosting topics, use this link. You can start following me on StumbleUpon from here.

On StumbleUpon, we can follow up to 500 people (maximum limit), but there is no limit on how many people are following us. They have also applied a certain restrictions about the number of Stumblers you can follow in a day to avoid spam activities.

Create Great Content with Interesting Titles

If you are not creating good content on you website, you will never get success with any social media website including StumbleUpon. You will not get many views if you are promoting sales or landing page for a product on SU. The kind of content which works well on this social network is well researched tutorials around a particular topic, interesting and informative videos, Images, List type of articles or posts and infographics.

Using for Sharing Content

You can use, which is a URL shorter from SU for shorting your stories URL. You can paste the shorten story directly into popular social media websites by logging into your account or you can use website for publishing or scheduling your stories directly on StumbleUpon, Facebook and Twitter. Here is a screenshot showing tool in action. URL Shorter and submitter stories on SU, Facebook and Twitter

Submitting Stories on StumbleUpon

While sharing an interesting story on StumbleUpon, you should make sure it carries a creative title. If default title does not sound much interesting, change it to better one while submitting. While submitting a story, you should make sure you are submitting the story into correct category only. If a particular story is already submitted on SU, you can like it or dislike it. When you are sharing a fresh new story on this network, you will get a submission form as shown below. For each story you should add a title in the Write a Comment section and related tags in the Add Tags Section.

StumbleUpon Story Submission Sample Form
Since this is a Social network, so you should not be too self-promotional. It should not be case you end up just promoting your own stories. It’s great feeling if your stories are submitted by other Stumblers.

Don’t see Much Traffic Coming from StumbleUpon

To start seeing good amount of traffic landing on your website from StumbleUpon, you need to create a strong follower base the way we are able to create on Facebook and Twitter. Once you have decent number of followers under your belt on SU, you will start noticing traffic spike on your website from StumbleUpon. There are no automatic tools that can help you get lots of followers instantly.

You have to do the hard work. You have to manually follow targeted Stumblers and should hope they will follow you back. Most of Stumbles used to get notification about the new followers into their email accounts. Another thing you could do is start sharing your SU profile link in your email signatures along with your website URL and other Social Media links. And if you have an active website, you can ask your website readers to follow you on StumbleUpon by adding a link or icon for it in your blog sidebar or in the header section.

Ask Readers to Share Stories from Your Website

You can motivate your website readers to share interesting stories from your website on StumbleUpon by adding a badge or icon for it in your website articles or blog posts. Why don’t you add StumbleUpon badge on your website to help your website readers submit stories of their choice on SU. It would not take much time in adding a badge on your website. It’s just copy and paste. You need to paste the badge code where you want to show SU badge on your website.
In case you are running a WordPress based blog, you can use Digg Digg Plugin or similar plugins to add a floating share bar in your blog posts.

StumbleUpon Paid Discovery Option

If you did not get much success with free traffic building techniques for StumbleUpon or want to drive more traffic to your website, you can give a try to StumbleUpon Paid Discovery. With this paid discovery tool, people will be directly visiting your website. Traffic that you will be getting though this paid tool will be engaging and receptive. Your ads will be shown to targeted audience having the same kind of interest. You can make sure your website link is opened by people having interest in specific topics, specific locations, age and gender etc. To know more in detail about StumbleUpon paid discovery pricing plan check this link.

Make Improvement in Your Website

To get better engagement from the traffic that you are getting from different sources, you should have a fast loading website with good design, very few ads, no popups and no distracting element that force them to close your website immediately.

My Own Experience about StumbleUpon Traffic

In the last two months I started seeing good amount of traffic coming on Bloggers Passion from StumbleUpon (SU). Since April 26, 2012 to June 26, 2012, has so far received 1624 visits from SU only as per the data available from Google Analytics.
StumbleUpon Traffic Sample Data from blog

In the past I had heard a lot of bad words about StumbleUpon traffic like the traffic you will be getting from StumbleUpon will not be engaging and will not make such business sense for you. But all those bad words look to be myths only. Bounce rate for traffic that I’m getting from SU is 71% type which is not that much bad on a blog based on blogging niche.

I will have no hesitation in accepting I’m still a learner when it comes about getting traffic from StumbleUpon. I’m trying to learn more ways to build traffic to my own blogs and websites from StumbleUpon. So I will keep on updating this page with the latest StumbleUpon traffic achievements and tips that I will learn over the period of time.

Benefits of Traffic Coming from StumbleUpon

By driving targeted traffic to your blog from StumbleUpon, you will enjoy lots of additional benefits like:

Strong Social Media Signals

It’s true more traffic on your blog from StumbleUpon means strong presence of your website on StumbleUpon and that will send a positive signal to Google bots as Social Media signals have become very important when it comes about getting top rankings on Google in any niche.

More Backlinks for Your Website

You will be building lots of quality backlinks for your website stories that are submitted into SU and from your profile page. This will also help you towards better page rank and better search engine rankings on major search engines including Google.

Should Improve Engagement Metrics

Since you are able to drive targeted traffic to your website from StumbleUpon, so it should help you towards improving engagement metrics like bounce rate, time spent on website, page views per visit etc. Better engagement metrics means higher rankings for your website on Google and thus more traffic for your website from Google organic search.

Do you know any other way to improve StumbleUpon Traffic or have something to share related to getting traffic to a website from SU, Please do the same in the comments section?


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