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On July 29, 2012
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Subscribe to Comments plugin will allow your blog readers to subscribe to blog posts of their interest.

Do you own a blog and finding it hard to get more comments on your blog, why don’t give a try to subscribe to comments plugin. After installing this plugin, your blog readers will be getting automatic email notification about the subsequent comments on a blog post they just subscribed to. Subscribe to comments is one of plugin that is powering Bloggers Passion blog.

After installation of Subscribe to Comments plugin, a check box that says Notify me of followup comments via e-mail, will be added at the end of comment section as shown in the screenshot.

Subscribe to Comments Plugin box in action

How to Install Subscribe to Comments Plugin?

Subscribe to comments plugin installation is very similar to any other plugin you do on your self-hosted WordPress blog. Access the plugin section from your WordPress admin panel and click Add New. Now enter the term Subscribe to Comments into the search box available and the very first result will be for ‘subscribe to comments plugin’. This plugin is designed by Mark Jaquith from Tempus Fugit.

Install the plugin and activate it from plugins directory. You can even manually download this plugin from website.

Benefits of Subscribe to Comments Plugin

Here are some benefits you will enjoy after start using this plugin on your WordPress blog:

Keep Track of Incoming Comments

This plugin will be really useful for those readers of your blog that want to keep track of incoming comments on blog posts of their interest. There can be some readers who are expecting a reply from you on their comments. And subscribing to comments gives them the freedom to keep track of incoming comments on those blog posts. In the absence of plugin for Email notification about comments it becomes really difficult for your readers to manage blog posts they have left their comments on and replies to their own comments.

A Great Blessing for Guest Bloggers

if you are accepting guest posts on your blog, you should install Subscribe to comments or any other similar plugin like subscribe to comments reloaded on your WordPress blog from here. You as a blog owner can keep track of incoming comments in your blog posts directly from your WordPress admin panel. How guest bloggers will be able to keep an eye on latest comments appearing on their guest posts? Presence of this plugin will make things easier for them.

More Traffic and Comments on Your Blog

After installation of this plugin, there will be lots of your blog readers and guest bloggers who will be directly hitting the blog posts of their interest from their email boxes. This will add up few additional clicks to your blog overall traffic. On most of time, we as a commenter forgot about blog posts where we had entered our comments. But availability of Subscribe to Comments plugin will work as a reminder about the latest comments arrivals on blog posts of your subscription.

Whenever they get a reply on their comments from its blog owner or any other commenter having expertise in topic in hand, there is every chance they want to discuss things further with them through their subsequent comments. This will result in more targeted content and thus traffic on your blog.

I have noticed blog posts that use to get one or two comments even on daily basis, do well on search engine front. I think it’s all happening due to additional of fresh and targeted content on regular basis on those blog posts. There can be lots of additional keywords for which your blog post is a perfect match, but you forget to mention those keywords or unable to give much focus on them while writing a blog post. Flow of comments coming on regular basis will make your blog posts a perfect match for lots of additional keywords you have never thought of or imagined of targeting and getting rankings on Google and other search engines.

Better Engagement Metrics for Your Blog

If you are able to bring lots of comments on your blog using the methods mentioned in this blog post, you will notice improved engagement metrics for your blog in Google Analytics account. Better engagement metrics means, you are sending a positive note to Google about your content quality and thus should work as a positive vote when it comes about calculating your blog rankings for its targeted keywords on Google and other search engines.

Have you ever used Subscribe to Comments plugin on your WordPress blog and if yes how is your experience with it and do you see any benefit of using this plugin, share in the comments section below.

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