Swiss Data Centres Are Becoming Popular like Swiss Banks

 Data Centers Developing In the Swiss Alps!

Data Center Swiss Alps

Many articles are being written about Swiss data centres and just a couple of days back I read an interesting article on the future of Data storage penned by Alex Hämmerli and published in the 20 Minutes Newspaper. I will like to share it with you all.

New data centres are developing as a booming service industry in Switzerland. The country has an advantage of having a secure destination reputation. A survey conducted by Credit Suisse and the IT research group shows that the demand for such centres is increasing annually by 20 percent.

Switzerland is popular with several companies and Universities of Europe and many of them wish to save data in the Swiss data centres. Enterprises including HP, Swift, IBM, Green.ch and Yahoo are being drawn to these modern new centres. It is expected that in the coming three years Switzerland will build 50000 or more, square meters of new data centres.

Already there are a number of new data centre companies. Swiss Fort Knox founded in 1994 has grown and has two well developed high security data centres in the Swiss Alps.

High Security Data Center Swiss AlpsFigure 1.0 http://www.swissfortknox.com/infografik.html (Better Quality)

You can take a look at the information on data centres situated in the Swiss Alps. It is not very difficult to understand why so many companies want to save data in Switzerland. Security with political stability is a huge factor according to a top brass of HP Switzerland. Most countries in Europe have great confidence in Switzerland, which is a good reason why they want to save data here. Well known Green.ch CEO, Franz Grüter feels that with the availability of modern and good fibre network many companies will like to bring their servers to the Swiss data centres. Switzerland banks have impressed countries around the world with their safe and prompt services and the Alen.S Director of Tajo Kredite AG believes that this is also an important reason why people trust Swiss data centres.

A data centre worth 50 million francs is being developed by a Belgian financial service provider in the Swiss canton of Thurgau. Swift is looking forward to decoupling the movement of intra-European data bank to the U. S.

Thanks everyone, now you know why Switzerland is among the finest and safest destinations not only for saving your cash but also for saving confidential data.

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