Ten Compelling Reasons To Go For Explainer Videos

Through online marketing a company can reach to its thousands of existing and prospective clients across the world. The term online marketing is a wider concept which includes blogs, emails, newsletters etc. They are all different but use the same medium of texts to convey their message. With the advent of explainer videos texts have lost shine in convincing a viewer for a product. Today viewers are no more interested in heavy texts with some pictures thrown in here and there on a website. They are more oriented to know things fast and in a convenient way. This has been made possible with the use of explainer videos.

Need a Explainer Video

With the use of explainer videos websites have today become more appealing, direct and result oriented. Explainer videos help a website achieve its object faster and more aggressively. They make the explanation or demonstration of a product a lot easier, which is not possible with the use of texts.

Sites using videos sell more!

According to ReelSeo, “E-commerce sites that use product videos sell up to 45% more.” This is a good indicator that a website performs more if viewers are welcomed with a video. In other words they are more likely to make a purchase if they are shown the performance and other details about the product through a video.

Explainer Video Infographics

source: www.simplified.tv

The other advantages that explainer videos come with are:

  1. Launches a product: Product launch is a big event for any company these days; explainer videos can help a company launch its product and tell audience about its features. The charm and memory of a product can be retained in viewers mind with the help of an explainer video.
  2. Can elaborate on complex information: Products which have complex usage or are technologically advanced necessarily require a demonstration, for instance a gaming device with several key features may require a detailing on the functions of its each button. This can be achieved through an explainer video which can graphically present the product before the viewers. And not only can they elaborate on complex information but also summarize a given piece of message.
  3. Brand focused: Explainer videos give an elegant look and feel to a website, besides creating a functional relationship with viewers. This helps in creating a brand image into the minds of public.
  4. Connects with your customer: Unlike texts explainer videos are quick to make a connection with viewers. According to Forrester Research a video can convey 1.8 million words in one go. They bring your audience not only closer to your product but also let you enter into a trust relationship with them.
  5. Makes the content flow naturally: Videos with texts, graphics, cartoon characters, music, sounds, voice over etc. makes up for an interesting visual. They all work in coordination to give the content a natural flow. Moreover, they are made in the form of a story which grabs immediate attention of everyone and helps in retaining the message longer in viewers’ memory.
  6. Reaches out to more customers: Explainer videos have the edge as they can be showcased both online and offline. Not only can they be put on homepage but also be used on social media channels such as networking sites and in email campaigns. Further, they also dissolve the language barrier and let people understand easily what is conveyed to them in audio-visual form.
  7. Can derive you through competition: Being a delightful addition to a website an explainer video makes a website stand out amongst all other websites existing out there. It lets you cut through the competition and gives you an edge over your competitors.
  8. Derives traffic to a website: According to Forrester research, video on a website is 53x more likely to drive a first page search result. This shows that they can lead to an increase in traffic to a website.
  9. Can be made to go viral as well: These videos are able to generate a certain kind of emotions in viewers which lets them share the videos with others. Uploading them on several video sharing sites such as Vimeo and YouTube increases their chances of going viral in lesser time.
  10. Convinces customers well: Research shows that 55 percent of people who view videos visit the company’s website and 24% make a purchase as a result of watching them! This shows that videos are effective in convincing a viewer to take an action in furtherance of making a purchase which could be to make a call, place an order or any other thing. In other words viewers willfully go for call-to-action appearing at the end of the video.

Explainer videos can help new start-ups pretty well in reaching out to new clients. No matter what you aim for in your video never forget to give a key-word targeted title, caption and a detailed description to optimize its search engine ranking. This will also help your audience know that you are offering just what they are looking for.


  1. Rahul says:

    very nice tips and video is very helpful to explain products and its working so more and more customer attracts

  2. Great information here! Explainer videos can help companies is so many ways and you’ve captured many of them here.

  3. Explanology says:

    Thank you! A nice post on the value of explainer videos which get business ideas, products, projects and services understood easier and faster.

  4. Media Whale says:

    Hey Sunny,
    Nicely written post. Most of our clients have long winded elevator pitches and struggle to put every service and feature of their product into a simple 60 second video… That’s where an explainer animation comes in.

    And your infographic you pulled sums it up… 45% more revenue when using a video? How could you not have one?

  5. Kasra Design says:

    It’s a comprehensive guide for those deciding to make an explainer video. Making it viral is always the best choice but not all businesses are open to ideas which will eventually make an explainer video go viral. I’ve seen in the past that they reject a potential good idea because it is not compatible with their brands strategy, but come on, if you want to gain something you gotta sacrifice something too. People don’t tend to share boring corporate videos, they would share something that brings a smile to their face at least for a few seconds.

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