The Art of Selling: How to Sell Affiliate Products Like A Pro

The Art of Selling: How to Sell Affiliate Products Like A Pro

art of selling affiliate marketing tips

Selling affiliate products to make money is an art that most people fail. Observe any successful affiliate marketer who is making a living from online, you will notice that they hardly sell. Instead they focus on readers, only promote products they personally use and give strong reasons to let their readers buy. Successful affiliate marketers know how to sell without selling their soul.

Selling is not talking. Most people think they can sell more by promoting or talking more. I strongly deny the fact that you can’t increase your sales by talking more. This is especially true when it comes to increasing online sales.

How can you increase your sales then? Listen. Listen to your audience, listen to your customers and listen to the products you promote and you are halfway through making more money from your websites. One of the lucrative ways to make passive income from your websites is through affiliate marketing.

You will make more affiliate sales if you listen to your readers. That’s the key to the art of selling in any industry be it offline or online.

If you want to create a long lasting passive income stream from your blogs or websites, build relationships with your audience. Instead of focusing on driving “unwanted traffic”, focus on fostering your relationships with one reader at a time and you will be amazed with the results you get in one year.

The art of selling: unreal ways to increase your affiliate product sales

Here are few proven ways to learn the art of selling. Use them to sell your affiliate products like the affiliate marketing professionals.

art of selling affiliate marketing tips

Focus on benefits, not features

Do you think we all buy products for their features? No. We all buy for the benefits they provide us.

No one really cares about the features of a product, consider any great selling product if you want. For instance, Genesis framework is one of the widely used themes by WordPress users and it has a lot of SEO benefits, mobile friendly, faster loading times etc.

Great selling products mainly focus on benefits, not the features. Next time when you are promoting (or creating) an affiliate product, focus on how it can help your readers instead of the features it provides. This is one of the simplest ways to find the greatness of any product.

Ask yourself “who benefits” from the affiliate products you are going to promote. If you have desired target audience who is searching for ways to find solutions, and if you promote the RIGHT affiliate product that suits their needs, you can increase your affiliate sales.

Listen to your audience, they will listen to you

While it’s not only important to focus on benefits but you also need to listen to your readers and customers. After all, they are the ones who buy your stuff, it’s not possible to make more sales without their trust and help.

Ask them what they really want. Read other blogs in your industry and find out the top bloggers in your niche to analyze the products they are selling. That way you will be able to rapidly increase your customer gain, support and sales.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business owner or a blogger who is thinking real ways to increase affiliate product sales, it all boils down to one important thing: learn to listen.

Before selling any affiliate product on your websites, buy it first. Or request the affiliate product vendor for a free copy, then  try it by yourself. Once you start using the product, you will better understand the pros and cons of it. Promote the affiliate products only if you are satisfied. That way you will be able to give strong reasons through your product reviews to increase your sales.

Asking the right question is the answer

“Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.” – Zig Ziglar

Answer these 5 questions

  1. What’s the need, why should someone buy from me?
  2. Price barrier: is it too costly?
  3. Urgency: can you close the deal within a deadline? Always give something for free for buying early.
  4. Desire: what’s the one thing that makes curious about buying from you?
  5. Trust: do you have a social proof to boost your sales?

If you can come up with a framework by answering the above questions, you can quickly sell affiliate products that bring in more income for you each and every month. So start answering the above questions to make your sales journey a cakewalk.

Stop selling, start helping

Most successful affiliate marketers know one thing they help people rather than pitching hard their products to make more money. You will hardly make money by selling products without knowing your audience pulse.

There are thousands of successful affiliate marketers who are using affiliate products to make a living from online. The best example is Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, he generates around 50,000 dollars each month by promoting very few products like bluehost. He’s the true example of how we can make more affiliate sales by building strong relationships with readers.

Help people by writing genuine product reviews, recommend the products you personally use and make their buying experience better. The more helpful you are with your products, the more sales you can make. Give your readers what they really want. Your readers are constantly looking for solutions to their problems and you can gain more sales if you find the right affiliate programs to solve their problems.

Increase your website search traffic

Organic traffic is the lifeblood for any profitable website that’s using affiliate products to make money. Without the help of search engines, you can’t earn money from affiliate marketing. Learn to optimize your websites for certain keywords to increase your website traffic from search engines like Google.

It’s not easy to get the top results for few buyer keywords though but you can expect great flow of search traffic once you start producing great contents around them.

What do you think about the art of selling? What are the other tips do you have to sell affiliate products like a professional affiliate marketer? Please share your views in the comments.


  1. Emmanuel says:

    Hello Anil,
    This is indeed an interesting piece. Going the affiliate way is now the new way forward but with respect to how to go about it is what leaves many hanging but this post has indeed being an eye opener.

    Thanks for the insight and do have a great week.

  2. Pankaj says:

    Hi Anil,

    It’s essential only to offer beneficial products to your audience so that they would love to buy it. Most importantly the product which resolve their problem going to generate more sales.

  3. Babshaybell says:

    Thanks for the important help on selling to visitors.. I find it a lil bit hard to sell to my blog visitors.

  4. Shefali Vaidya says:

    I am never able to sell something to my visitors. I don’t know how to capture their mind into buying it even though it is useful for them. I will re-evaluate my strategy and try again using some of the techniques you mentioned. Thanks!

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