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Once you come to SEO, you will find A-Z cases that sometime are make  you dizzy and thinking about the easiest, simple, fast, or a dozen similar like that. However, that all are not SEO at all. You have to leave them if you are thinking to get most advantages of SEO.

BUT here I wouldn’t talk about the overall or entire of SEO (It’s quite long even hundredth of blog posts can’t finish it). So, let’s talk to the core. BACKLINK, the other one that take the important role in SEO, especially once you done with your ON-PAGE SEO and wanted to get more exposure by starting your off-page campaign.

It’s not easy as well as not too difficult to build a backlinks that actually can help your website or page get ranked on SERPs within several potential key phrases. If you are thinking to create a bulk backlink with your paid bot, then (just my guess) it wouldn’t work , even take your website at risk to consider  as a spam site, althought  if you already have a quality source where you will going to leave a  link pointing back to your  sites.

How backlinks could actually help your site get ranked?

Here are unordered part that you have to consider while building a links to your site:


This become a debate, how a relevant backlink with actual pr3 can worth more than backlink that came from actual pr5 page BUT hasn’t  a relevancy?

Relevancy Matters

If you are following every update of Google  related with SEO especially how backlink or how Google give the rank to each site on SERPs, then you’ll notice that relevancy become one more important task for SEOs or “the right” backlink builder.

I wouldn’t like to going force you to build a relevant backlinks instead you may hard to find a backlink source on your niche to leave your link. But it’s really not a necessary, it’s mean that your niche is quite “low competition” and you could easy to get ranked even with no backlink. OR simply, you can be a backlink source for your own website. Let’s assume that you’re expert or at least understand your niche. You don’t need a backlinks, enough by building your own great content, and Google will sure give rank for your site.

OBL (Outbound link) of the website where you made / want to make a backlink


I am sure that a quality or high authority site will only have a link to the other site that also relevant with their topic, or relevant with what they’re talking about at that time. How about Wikipedia (or may be the other too) that have a lot link out to the other site, but still being an authority in Google eyes?

Well, (my own thought) Wikipedia is only give a link to the other site when these site are relevant or have a value as a source related the article topic that was built. Much different with a website that rent their PR page to the other website. Or a blog with huge spam comment on their comment section. Or even a link exchange sites. It’s not a good for SEO backlink building.



Some sort of ‘Authority site‘ can be described as webpage the fact that has a tendency to get hold of better ranking enhance belonging to the search engines. Shortly in my own opinion and by considering these statement an authority site is that meets several important supporting aspects such as trust rank, relevance and endorsement from those sites that have gained a position of authority from the search engines “. For complete information about authority site you can read at Measuring Website Authority in Google or Page Authority

Why You Should Avoid Bulk Backlingking Service?

There are plenty freelancer, company or whatever out there that called their own as a backlinks provider. That provide for massive backlink creation for very “cheap” cost. For now it’s just really waste your time and money, even it just for small amount. Potentially hurt your website caused these backlinks. Google regularly change their algorithm, and the latest news, Google focused to give more appreciation for high quality site and throw “spam websites”.

If you are thinking to purchase any type of massive backlink packages, bulk cheap backlinks, or something like that, it’s better to  read my own experience and tests below

Here some fact I want to share as my own experience and test:

  • They(bulk backlink provider) are using software or bots to create massive backlinks in a short time. Could possible considered as a spamming. Creating too many links in a very short time.
  • All backlinks source are not relevant. Imagine, only for $10-$20 they are promise will create 1000 backlinks pointed to your URL in less that 4-6days. They don’t have any reason to seek an relevant website to put your links. All link source are random generated, come from so many type or niche of a website. There’s no relevancy at all.
  • There’s no quality! Mostly backlinks are pr0, irrelevant as said above, low authority domain site, crazy “out bond” link amount.
  • They are gave a same source for almost buyers/customers. (There’s no unique / fresh/ quality links at all)

– My own test, I just purchased a backlink packages from folks I found on “WF”. Just purchased 2k wiki backlinks for only $10. Delivered as promised, 4 days after order.

Yeap, I check these all backlinks and that are live, that all are from different domain. Until now (2 months later) there are about 1988 links still alive.

Then I setup new account, purchased one more packages (same packages) from the same provider. As before, order and report delivered. Until I check all of the links, it’s 100% exactly same like the first order. Same domain source I got for these second order, with a little randomize on the report, so it’s looks different from previous order.

You can imagine, how many people order for these type of bakclink packages, and they (provider) use the same source website/domain to put all links as buyers requests.

The provider search for 2k wiki sites –> 1 order (1 URL and 1 keyword) –> 1 link out for each of these 2k wiki sites.
–> Second order, 3th, and so on. Provider used the same 2k wiki sites to put all of links requested by the buyers.
You can imagine how that would so damn!


So many risks and bad by using these type of service. If you want get higher ranking in SERPs within your potential keywords, you need to firstly build your own quality website, by providing a contents that really help the users. As Matt Cutt said

We want people doing white hat search engine optimization (or even no search engine optimization at all) to be free to focus on creating amazing, compelling web sites.

Google always improve their algorithm in order to provide the best search result. More value for quality website that provide for exactly what’s users search on search engine.

If thinking to get more power by building a backlinks, but you don’t have any times or beyond your expertise, then it’s really better for you to only choose the best backlink builder that actually will help your site get ranked. Avoid bad service providers as mentioned above.


  1. Dominic says:

    As we all know in SEO whole game is depend on backlinks if you get quality backlinks for your website then i think you will achieve success in that. Beside that who all are promising to give backlinks for your sites with some paid option in my opinion you should avoid these kind of SEO help because it’s a part of Blackhat SEO which can be prove very harmful for your site.

  2. Jose says:

    Building backlinks is a great SEO strategy when it comes to promoting your site. However, bulk backlinking techniques are normally considered spamming and it can definitely cost you if you continue to do this. Building quality backlinks take time, but it can be very beneficial to you and your blog site.

    • Deny Saputra says:

      That’s right, if website owner(s) are thinking of hiring someone because they don’t have time to do it, then choose the right service will greatly give more savings.

      Btw, thanks for commenting.

      Deny Saputra

  3. Uday Ghulaxe says:

    I think backlink building is good strategy if you want to promote and list your new blog in search engine, but it can be harmful if done in wrong way for log term seo.

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