Thesis Theme Review: SEO Friendly WordPress Theme with Huge Customization Options

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June 10, 2019
Thesis Theme Review $87


You can create a truly professional and SEO optimized website with Thesis Theme. is also using Thesis Theme Framework.

Thesis Theme is the Premium Template System for WordPress Blogs. Thousands of website owners and bloggers are relying on Thesis Theme Framework for its incredible design, search engine friendliness and fast loading.

With Thesis, you don’t need to worry much about onsite SEO and all you need is focus on generating killer contents for your blog. If you don’t know the ABC of coding, you can still do lots of customization with ease using the Thesis Option Panel.

About Thesis Theme

Thesis Theme FrameworkThis Premium Theme from website is created by Chris Pearson. It’s Framework is too flexible and powerful that you can use to design any website that you have even imagined about. It’s latest version is 1.7 and it will help you improve your website immediately by adding new functionality to it.

Click This Link to Start Using Thesis Theme on Your WordPress Blog

Thesis Theme and SEO

SEO support is one of main feature you will get with Thesis Theme. It will allow you add lots of SEO information at post and Page level within your WordPress Dashboard. Another fact that will motivate you to use this theme on Your WordPress blog is that Matt Cutts, head of Google Web Spam Team is using it on his Official Blog. So now you can predict about the popularity and the kind of SEO benefits you will be getting while using Thesis Theme on Your Standalone website or blog created on WordPress.

Thesis Premium WordPress Theme

  1. It will give you the facility to customize your blog home title and meta tags.
  2. You can edit titles and meta data at post, category and page level with this theme.
  3. You can easily add any traffic tracking scripts or script that you need to add to verify your website ownership in Google Webmaster Tools under Thesis Theme Site Options.
  4. You can use Canonical tag available under Site Options to inform search engines about multiple versions of same page should be considered as one. So this will help you avoid duplicate content issues in your WordPress based websites and blogs.
  5. It will give you the facility to control how different pages of your website should be treated by search engines. You can decide which pages, posts or categories, tags, archives etc should be indexed or saved in search engines data base and certain kind of pages that should be blocked from search engines index.
  6. With this theme, you can add nofollow attribute at sub-pages, categories, tags, author pages, day pages, month pages and year pages etc automatically by clicking the checkboxes against them under Site Options.
  7. Using all the above build in SEO facilities within Thesis Theme will prevent you overload your WordPress blog with different plugins that you otherwise have to use. And as you know, page speed is now a day’s one of rankings factor on Google and thus using this theme will help your WordPress based blog and website load faster. As a result, your website will perform better on Google Search for its targeted keywords.

Thesis Showcase

You can customize thesis theme to extent where it will work as a fully functional website and no one will be able to judge if it’s running on Thesis Framework. Even Thesis Official Website website is also running on it. I would suggest you check out Thesis Showcase section where they have listed some blogs that are using Thesis Framework on their WordPress based websites and Blogs. By looking at this showcase, you can judge the kind of functionality and design you can add to your WordPress based website.

Thesis OpenHoop Plugin

To get full advantage of hook features available in Thesis Framework, you should install Thesis OpenHook Plugin. OpenHook plugin will help you modify this theme to great extent with ease. Click this link to download and install latest version of OpenHook Plugin.

Thesis Theme Site Options

You can control most of SEO elements that we discussed in Thesis Theme and SEO section using Site Options. In case you are using FeedBurner Feeds on your blog, you can redirect your default WordPress Theme to your Feedburner Feed by entering your feed URL in Syndication/Feed URL section. Apart from the Stats Tracking Scripts, you are able to add any extra Java Script you want to add using the Additional Scripts Section.
Site Options

Thesis Theme Design Options

With Design Options, you can edit and control all design related issues on your blog. This is the section which will give you the facility to select Number of Columns You want to Use on Your blog with the width you want to assign to Content Area and Sidebars. You also select the content and sidebar sections ordering using the Column Order Tab.

This is the section from where you can decide the font and colors for different sections of your blog. I don’t see much logic in sharing each and every point available under Design Options. Here is a screenshot showing all Design Options and by looking at this Screenshot, you will be able to know how much control this theme gives you over your blog design.

Design Options

Thesis Header Image Upload

Header Image Section gives you the facility to add header image for your blog. It also gives you the exact pixel size that you should use for your Header Image according to the current layout settings of your blog. And in case you end up uploading image size bigger than mentioned in Image Header Section, Thesis will automatically resizes it.
Thesis Header Image Uploader

Thesis Favicon Uploader

You can use the Favicon Uploader section to upload faviocn for your blog. Your favicon should be in .ico or .png format with a square aspect ratio. Once you have your favicon ready, you can upload it on your blog using this section instantly.
Thesis Favicon Uploader

Thesis Custom File Editor

This is the section that you can use to edit custom.css and custom_function.php files. But before start making changes in any of these files, keep a backup of existing files. This way you will be able to edit these two files without using any FTP client through Your WordPress Dashboard in Thesis Custom File Editor section.

Custom File Editor

Thesis Options Manager

Thesis Options Manager gives you the facility to download all existing design and site options and you can upload then when you are working on installing the fresh copy of Thesis Theme. There is a Restore Default Option also available for those who want to play with thesis Design and Site Options from Scratch.
Thesis Options Manager

Thesis Theme Support System

With this theme, you will get updated User Guide. And they have an active Discussion Forum which is available to Thesis Members Only. You will get answers for all of your questions related to this theme in that forum. And in case you feel, your queries are not answered in the available threads, you can always start a New Thread of Your own to answers for your specific problems.

Apart from Active Forum, you will see lots of tutorials and how to manuals created around various Thesis Hacks by countless of websites and blogs. Thesis Theme is the only Premium WordPress Theme I have seen that has got lots of buzz created in the blogging and SEO community. You will see 10’s of websites created specially around it’s Tutorials and Hacks.

My Experience with Thesis Theme

I have been using Thesis Theme framework on all my WordPress based blogs in the last four years time with ease and with lots of satisfaction. Bloggers Passion blog is also based on Thesis Theme.

Thesis Theme Pricing Plan

It’s membership comes under Two License Types namely Developer’s Option and Personal Option.

Developer’s Option Fee $164

For using Developer’s Option, you need to make a One Time investment of $164. By purchasing Developer’s Option You will get:

  • Unlimited Use of Thesis Theme that you can use on Websites that you Own
  • Access to all Beta versions of This Themes
  • You can deploy it on Your Client websites
  • Full Access to Members only Discussion Forum Section
  • Free Upgrades for Lifetime
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • You can Remove Thesis Footer Attribution links from Your Own as well as Client Websites

Click This Link to Buy it’s Developer’s Option

Personal Option Fee $87

Personal Option will suit to those website owners and bloggers who are interested in using Thesis Theme on a Single Domain that they own. By buying it’s Personal Option for $87, you will get:

  • You can use it one localized server and one website that you own
  • Can upgrade to Developer’s Option anytime by paying $77 only
  • Full Access to Members Answer and Forum Section
  • Lifetime upgrades
  • You have to Keep Thesis Theme Attribution Links in Footer Section
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee with no question being asked

Click This Link to Purchase Thesis Theme Personal Edition

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Conclusion about Thesis Theme Review

Thesis Theme is no doubt the best platform for WordPress blogs when we compare it with free or with even premium WordPress Themes. You will be able to customize it to great extent even if you don’t know ABC of coding and designing. But there will be lots of stuff, that require changes at coding level which you can do if you know coding, can outsource those tasks or can do yourself following the tutorials and help available around those functionalities in different websites and blogs.

Click Here to Buy Thesis Theme in case you feel your search for premium WordPress themes ends here.

Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal who owns, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable websites for over a decade. Bloggers Passion has been featured on premium online sites like, Huffingtonpost, SEMrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on.


  1. Ron Dowd says:

    I’ve been blown away by the quality and performance of the Thesis + Focus environment. I encourage people to take a new look at what Chris is doing.

    And so (& I earn nothing from this) I am happy to pay the $100 / year for his engineered and aesthetically pleasing solution to web complexities!

  2. Mark Laseau says:

    Greetings !! as you mentioned, just the quick “great post” types, in this theme can we use seo plugins or their is any kind of admin panel where i can set meta tag into my website.. graphic in this theme look eye catchy.

  3. Hillary Bost says:

    I have wanted to check out Thesis for a while now, I use genesis but have wanted something more.

  4. Jean says:

    Good review! Thesis is a great theme. I’ve tried it out on some of my websites and it’s been a nice experience all around so far.

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