5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Hosting for Your First Website

Okay buying hosting for your website is not a mandatory thing, surprised?

Yes, when you’re blogging for no purpose, buying hosting isn’t really essential. But when you’re blogging to making great impact on others or to make money – you definitely need to consider buying best hosting for your blogs.

There are few things to be considered before buying hosting for your websites.


Is it reliable?

This is the foremost important question that everyone needs to ask themselves before buying hosting. Is the hosting service reliable? Can I trust their services? How many other bloggers are recommending the same hosting service?

For example, HostGator, DreamHost and BlueHost are exceptionally doing well in providing hosting services for webmasters and all the bloggers. You can’t deny their authority and trustworthiness when it comes to buying hosting for your websites from these hosting sites. They are simply amazing and reliable, so you can definitely tick this question when you buy from these sites.

Reliability of the web hosting you’re going to buy is the key factor to run a successful online business. Because at the end of the day, you and your visitors going to land on your blog to read or buy your stuff. When your blog is often getting server or backend problems, it will surely annoy your readers, they even permanently leave your blog.

Does it come with great support?

The next thing that you should keep in mind when purchasing hosting for your website is about their supporting system.

The smart tip here is to ask other bloggers in your circle to know their best experiences with the hosting companies.

Ask them the best and worst experiences about the hosting providers they use. This way you’ll be aware of which hosting providers are good and you can opt the best hosting provider among them.

Make a list of few hosting services and then go read some reviews on them, then you’ll know what is the best hosting service that fits your needs.

You should always keep in mind about how the web hosting services offer their support system, because when you face problems in opening your website or when you’ve troubles in migrating your domain from root source to domain, you’ll definitely need a great support staff to solve your blogging needs.

Make sure the support is fast, responsive and reliable. These qualities are must to consider before you’re going to buy hosting for your first website.

Is pricing affordable?

No matter how much you’re earning through your blogs, you should be always considering about the pricing factors that you pay online. There’s no rush to choose the random services which offer crappy services to their customers. Invest some money to get the best hosting for your sites.

Don’t pay attention to those hosting services which offer their hosting for very cheap cost. Most of the cases, they might be facing difficulties in bandwidth, hosting space etc.

So choose the best service provider, even if it costs bit more from other hosting services.

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How many are using the same hosting?

This is often a good thing to consider yourself before buying hosting. How many other bloggers are using the same hosting service?

You can retrieve this information by asking other bloggers or professional bloggers in your niche. Know what they use, and if possible try to ask the influential bloggers in your niche.

I don’t know whether they respond to your questions related to guest posting, but they’ll surely respond to these questions because they want more affiliate sales 😉

They will even provide their best reviews to read, you’ll know and will be more aware when you read the product reviews on the sites which you always trust.

You can even build great relationships with other bloggers by buying web hosting through their affiliate links. In the long run, all these small things do matter a lot in building healthy relationships. After all, it’s a win/win approach to succeed in blogging, right?

So, it’s always a smart idea to enquire about the number of customers the website hosting services have, the more they’ve the more chances you’ll have to choose their services to buy.

Any other alternative services?

This is also a smart question to ask yourself before buying hosting service for your websites, why buy cheap stuff?

Compare all the best services that are available in your surroundings. You’ll come to know which is the best web hosting service for your blog only after comparing your existing services with other hosting packages.

Know and find everything that’s related to web hosting for your WordPress blogs. This way you’ll be more aware of all the web hosting packages and you can then choose the best service among them.

Over to you:

Which web hosting services do you love? Here Anil is offering free WP setup for you! All you’ve to do is to buy web hosting service using his affiliate link. Feel free to ask any questions you’ve.


  1. Jafar Dhada says:

    After this post, which one is the most relaible and awesome web hosting?

    I think it must be Hostgator because you are also using it on your blog.

    Well one more thing to keep in mind when buying hosting is BANDWIDTH too. 😀

  2. Tech Savvy says:

    When looking for a hosting provider, first of all I check if a company has “live support” on their website homepage. It means a lot.

  3. Rahul says:

    it is very nice post i am searching for hosting plan for my new wordpress site its help me more thanks for sharing..

    • Hello Rahul,

      Use the affiliate links of Bloggers passion if you want to buy the hosting service, you will also get free WP installation from Anil! Let me know if you have any questions.

  4. JamesW says:

    Great post, I usually look for space and speed of the host, because if the hosting is slow loading. You then loose both time and money.

    thanks for sharing

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