18 Useful Tips for Building a Successful Amazon Niche Site

Building Niche Sites is the new trend in blogging. Not only are they simple to create but also will provide you with passive income only after a few months of work.

The most popular affiliate network used in all these sites is the Amazon Associates Program.

These sites are flipped for as high as a million dollars. The amount is too large for a small site that you created just the previous year.

This is the reason most bloggers want to create a profitable amazon niche site.

Tips to create Successful Amazon Niche Sites

Tips for building a Successful Amazon Niche Site

Owing to the increasing competition, it becomes quite difficult to make a niche site successful. I created three niche sites, and all of them failed.

To make sure you do not repeat those mistakes, I will share some of the most practical and useful tips to take your niche site to the next level.

1. Vision matters

We all have a vision before starting a site. The important thing here is to understand is when creating a niche site the vision is quite important.

Let us understand this with an example:

Let say Mr X creates a niche site on headphones. The domain name he chooses is ‘theheadphoneguy.com’ which is perfectly fine. Quite brandable as well.


TheRoundingSound is a great example

Later on, the site becomes quite popular, and now Mr.X wants to expand his site by writing about related products. Though Mr.X can write about other products, the brand name somewhat comes in the way.

It will affect the site in some way or the other.

On the other hand, if he would have bought himself a domain name such as thesoundguy.com, it would not have been a problem.

Here both the domain name are brandable but have their own importance as we saw in the example above.

So make sure you take the correct decision as per your plans. Your vision matters.

2. Choose a brandable name (and start a blog)

Gone are those days when EMD(exact match domains) would work like a charm and also would give quick results.

Though people still use them, you are better off not using them.

I understand finding a good brandable domain could be hard in 2023, but it is not impossible. I can’t stress more on the importance of branding for any site.

Why do you think people buy phones from Apple in spite of the expensive price tag? This is because Apple has become a brand that people can blindly trust. They know they won’t be disappointed irrespective which product they buy, be it new or old.

Same can be applied to a niche site.

Let us see an example:

Keyword: best angle grinders

Brandable Domain: thetoolguy.com

Domain you would want not to buy – bestandlegrinders.com or bestanglegrinders24.com

I know most people will say that content and the links are all you should focus about. While they are undoubtedly very important, the CTR (click through rate) is also an important attribute you should worry about.

So always choose a brandable domain name.

Quick tip: If you’re getting started, we recommend you to go with Hostinger as it not only offers affordable hosting plans but also provides you excellent features like SSD storage, free domain, superior security and so on.

Here’s how you can use Hostinger to start your website.

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Here’s what it looks like;

hostinger bp deal

Once you click on the deal button and visit the payment page, you’ll get their 48 month hosting for just $129.

Have a look;

hostinger deal

See that? The coupon is already applied to the link. So what are you waiting for?

3. Buyer intent keywords

Niche sites have the potential to generate more revenue than a long term blog with less traffic. This is because the CTR of a niche site is generally high because of targeted traffic.

But not all the keywords will give you the same result.


Let’s face this:

Have you ever faced a situation when your site is not able to convert despite good traffic? Do you know the reason?

This is because you might not be ranking for buyer intent keywords.

Wait! What is a buyer intent keyword?

A buyer intent keyword is a keyword with a commercial intent. This means a person is more likely to buy a product while searching with this keyword in comparison to other ones.

Let us learn more about these keywords.

So how can one find buyer intent keywords?

It’s quite simple.

Buy Now Keywords
These keywords are used by persons just before buying a product. Such keywords mostly include:

  • Coupons
  • Deals
  • Shipping
  • Buy
  • Discounts etc

Example: Buy Angle Grinder Online, Angle Grinder discount

Product Keywords

These keywords target a particular product. These tend to include:

  • Review
  • Top 10
  • Best
  • Cheap
  • Affordable
  • Comparison etc

Example: Top 10 Angle Grinders, Angle Grinders Comparison

People are more likely to buy a product after reading a review, makes sense, right 🙂 .

You can find these keywords either by looking up a broad keyword in the Keyword Planner or by looking up an already established niche site on Semrush.

4.Treat it as a Long Term Website

I see many people making niche sites with the sole purpose of earning money. There won’t be no author box, neither comments nor a good about us page.

The important thing here to understand is that it is the readers which will make you money and not rankings. You don’t want to ignore even when you are ranking on the #1 position.

Try to interact with them using all the possible ways. Try to add an author bio and interact with them using blog comments.

Capturing emails are also very important. It must be on the top of your list.

Also, don’t forget to update the site from time to time. You don’t want your ranking to drop, right.

5. Target Long Tail Keywords… they are goldmines

Most of the times people ignore keywords with low search volume.

Sometimes you try to include them in the content, but they are rarely found most of the times. I know how much good traffic means to a blog, this is only possible when people target keywords that have a significant volume.


The above image shows an example of a long tail keyword

More Traffic = More Money


This might not be true always. Long tail keywords can prove this equation just wrong.

Why? Let’s see.

The first advantage of these keywords is that they are very easy to rank on Google. This is because these keywords have little to no competition as people are targeting only the broad keywords.

When people search for keywords like –
“Best angle grinder under 100$.”

Traffic from these keywords are very targeted hence conversions are really high. The chances of people buying when searching these keywords are damn high in comparison to broad ones like “best angle grinders”.

Higher Conversion = More money

You can find these keywords by simply seeing the results in Google while searching for a keyword. You can also use Long Tail Pro to find these long tail keywords.

6. In-Content Links will earn you more money

Most of the affiliate sites have these flashy big “Buy Now” buttons. But the matter of the truth is that conversion through these buttons are quite low.


You clearly see the usage of  in content links above 

According to a study, an in-content link tends to work better. The conversion of these links is quite very high. They are the most likely to be clicked than a button etc.

The main aim of any niche site is to get more and more visitors from their site to Amazon. Right?

Well then, these links are most likely to help you in getting more people to Amazon. You can automate this by using a plugin like EasyAzon.

Make sure you no-follow all the outbound Amazon Links.

7. Using more than one affiliate program

I see this very often. People often don’t want to try new affiliate programs.

This means that if someone has an Amazon affiliate niche site, then he will rarely try out other affiliate programs.

You may be earning a lot of commission from Amazon. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore other ways of earning.

Try more affiliate-programs

You can see a different affiliate program used on the sidebar side by side Amazon’s Associate Program

Who doesn’t love extra money? Everyone does! Right?

During my online career, I have seen significant improvement in the overall earnings from a site by trying out different affiliate programs or ads.

Amazon Associates might be one the best affiliate programs out there, but there are many similar ones out there which are worth testing.

You can always go back.

8. Make fair comparisons

Most Amazon affiliate Sites give positive reviews for almost all the products.

No way all the products made are perfect.

The problem is that the site creator’s aim is they hard-sell the products by writing positive reviews. They mostly neglect the cons or sideline them.

But the only reason one comes to read a review is for an unbiased, honest opinion. Don’t think that giving a negative review will reduce your earnings. You can always list better alternatives.

Be honest with what you write. Trust me it will help you get more success.

9. Create something unique

The problem with every other niche site is that most of them have the same thing.

Let’s face this:

Most of the homepages contain a comparison table and a short review of the best products.

People want something useful. Something that they won’t find on an Amazon Product Page. It can be any useful information that is not easily available.

Let us understand this by an example:

Crossbows is a very popular Amazon niche. You will find many affiliate sites for this niche online. I was going through the site bestcrossbowsource.com, and I stumbled upon something very interesting.


A well-researched comparison table

It had a comparison table. No, not same as all other niche websites have.

It had data like velocity and draw weight for each crossbow. These data are very hard to find unless you have used them personally.

I know that buying each product and reviewing them can be next to impossible. But you need to create something very unique to stand out. Be it an infographic or a table or some unique graphics.

Trust me, these things will help you to climb to the first position.

10. Capture emails

It is very important for any site creator to connect with their readers. One email can be more than enough, to make them feel special.


An example of an email form

You can always share your latest blog post to your email subscribers.

But there is much more you can do with emails than just sharing a new blog post. People are like making thousands of dollars by just promoting their courses or ebooks via email.

A long email list has a lot of potential. You just need to figure out things that work best for your niche.

Spencer Haws from NichePursuits.com used a very unique way of capturing emails.

He would take a 3 question quiz and would ask their email for the results. The conversion rate he got was significantly higher than the normal lightboxes.

You can also use free ebooks or cheat sheets to capture tons of emails.

11. Write Quality Content

So how would you define quality content? Confused?

Let me help you.

The definition of quality content might be different for different people.

For me, quality content should have 3 things-

1. Detailed
2. User Friendly
3. Should be well formatted

If you can check all the 3 boxes, you are good to go.

Google’s main aim is to show the best results to its users. This makes quality content super important.

Be it reviews or informational posts, try to produce the best content. Try to get in the shoes of the readers and figure out exactly what they want.

You can always use the super useful Skyscraper Technique.

The best thing you can do to make a site successful is by keeping your audience happy.

12. Promoting cheap products is not all that bad

I know most influencers will tell you that promoting a cheap product is a bad idea. The common answer that they give is that a low-priced product means lower affiliate earnings on a single product which is a bad option.

But the thing here to understand is that people are more likely to buy a cheap product than a pricey one.

Though a commission on a 10$ product is not much, it can be profitable if you end up selling hundreds of them. So promoting cheap products is not all that bad.

You can end up earning more. Just plan out a good strategy.

13. Launch your own e-commerce store

If you are planning to create a niche site, you should definitely give the blog a try.

I   haven’t tried this, but according to Tung Tran from Cloudliving, it worked out quite well for him.

So instead of making 8-10% commission off products, you can launch your own line of branded products to sell on your website with much higher margins.

I would not recommend try this in the starting phase but only when your blog gets established.

Tung Tran tested out different things and found:

“Just simply by switching the Amazon links to my own Shopify store, daily revenue has increased by almost 3x. At 70% to 80% margin, that’s a lot of extra profits to add to my bottom line.”

I will try to link to a great guide on Amazon FBA Business below in case you are interested.

14. Affiliate Links to Images

A very simple trick to increase the number of clicks is to add affiliate links to Images. Though people overlook this and only focus on buttons etc. this is used by most successful marketers.


An example of a image link

More clicks = More money

Many people tend to click on the images while reading a review. You don’t want to take it to them to the image source. That would mean one less click.

In the end, you want more clicks to Amazon, as it would mean more buyers. More buyers mean more money.

You can automate this by using a plugin called EasyAzon. It is quite popular among Amazon affiliate bloggers. Though it is a paid plugin, you should definitely give it a try.

15. Publish Informational posts too

Amazon affiliate websites or blogs don’t mean that they should contain reviews only. You should publish other types of content too.

Something like informational posts. They too will help you generate leads as well as will wider your reach.


A good example of an informational post

Any post that helps people know more about the usage of a product can be an informational post.

For example, if I have created a niche site about juicing equipment then a juicing recipe would be a great post to complement the reviews.

This way your audience will frequently visit as they know they will find something new each time, unlike other niche sites.

16. Links are super important

The content might be the king in blogging, links can’t be ignored. Links can make or break your niche site.

While I am not a big fan of BlackHat Techniques, you can try PBN links for your niche site. (Try at your own risk :P)

People are always very confused when it comes to link building. I will mention some strategies below so you could map out link-building strategies.

Guest Posting – Guest Posting is still by far the easiest and quickest way of obtaining links. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, you ought to find blogs.

You can use Google to find guest posting opportunities. Make sure you provide them with quality content.

Guestographics– This can be the easiest way to get quick links. The only problem with geographics is that you need a great infographic to make your campaign successful.

You can outsource them on a platform such as Upwork. They are not cheap if you are wondering.

You will love to read – How to Get Backlinks With Guestographics

 Round Up Posts– These posts can help you get links as well as quick exposure to your blog. If done in the right way, the links obtained are quite quality.

Round up post

A recent round-up post conducted by 10Beasts.com

17. Keep Things Flowing

Most people have the conception that Amazon affiliate niche sites are a one-time thing.


It’s not a one-time thing. Things are changing each day.

Hence make sure your site does too. Make sure you update the blog once in awhile to make sure it doesn’t hinder your rankings as well as affect your traffic.

With this also remember to add new posts too. This will help in your site’s growth.

18. Follow the rules

The last thing you would never want is Amazon banning your account.

Amazon bans hundreds of accounts every week and the reason could be very simple.

Most people don’t care to look into the Amazon Associates policies. There are many rules you should follow to keep your Amazon Associates account safe.

I will mention few below and will link to an extensive guide for your reference.

  • Don’t use Amazon links in email
  • Try not including links in ebooks and PDFs
  • Don’t try to buy products yourself using your affiliate links (This is the dumbest thing one can do)
  • Violation of Amazon’s Trademark Policy
  • Mentioning the price of a product
  • Avoid Social Media Promotion without Knowing The Rules

Make sure you follow the rules to keep your account safe.

More resources around niche blogging worth checking:


Hope you liked the above tips for creating a successful amazon affiliate niche site. If you do, please hit that share button.

In case you have a tip to add here to build a successful niche site, please do so in the comments section below.

Have a great day.

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Anil Agarwal is the Founder of Bloggerspassion. He is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade Now. He has been featured in Over 100 Publications including Forbes, The HuffPost, HubSpot, Shopify, Semrush, Kinsta, Bluehost, Hostinger and G2.com etc. Know more about Anil Agarwal from here.

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  1. I literally spent 5 years to promote a blog but here are some things that I feel.

    Consistency is the key. So be regular with your users.
    Provide value or help users with your content, media, etc.
    connect with user with giveaways, rewards, events, etc.

    Now, I am a full-time blogger and still learning new things daily with the help of big icon like bloggerpassion.

    Thanks buddy.

  2. Such an amazing article for new bloggers. I am also a newbie blogger and affiliate marketer. This will help me a lot.
    Keep up the awesome work!
    Thank You

  3. Wow…. This article covers so much content on being a great Amazon seller.
    Your first point about creating a vision I found most valuable as all great companies have a vision that inspire you. Taking this approach to selling on Amazon would set you apart from the competition
    Anil – excellent Post. Thank you

  4. Hi Anil,

    This is a beautiful guide which helped me to define my process. I just started in Affiliate marketing and working with Amazon niche site. I am working towards driving traffic and some sales. This is hard at the start but I believe in the hard work and patience. If you’re providing something unique to the user and regularly engaging with them, then its a win…win!

    Thanks for the guide and keep inspiring us.

  5. Hi Anil………….These 17 tips are amazing for building a successful site. Specially, Point 11 “wright quality content” is best but writing a quality content is not as easy as a cup of tea.
    Thanks for sharing this article.

  6. Loved this article, I have been struggling to learn more secret tips for building successful amazon niche site and I think you have shared great stuff here.

    I will certainly follow these tips!

  7. I also Own an Amazon niche blog. Here are the few things that I noticed over the period of time.

    Top 10 Posts, Comparisons and Best Product posts are the most visited ones.
    While Writing Top 10 posts, It is advised to include a table in the post so our list can be shown in the Google featured snippets. We can also make use of subheadings or numbers to get featured in snippets.

    Backlinks are important at initial phase but the most important thing is the quality of the content and time spend on our site by the users.

    Comments are very helpful. The comments posted by the users also contain some search keywords that can drive traffic to the site. So, I always prefer WordPress default commenting system.

    Also, In the recent days, I Installed Https and AMP on my blog. Since an Amazon niche post contains lots of content and images, the size of the page will be around 1.5 MB. The AMP feature will be very useful in such cases and the post will load much faster in mobiles.

    I regularly answer comments on my niche blog and interacting with users is the important thing that drives some sales.


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