Some Tips to Help You Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority

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Whether you know it or not, Google is not frequently updating Page Rank of websites. PR (Page Rank) used to be considered as one of the most important metrics of a website by bloggers and web masters.

Google has a simple reason for not updating PR: most bloggers are using blackhat SEO techniques to increase their PR which further leads to bad search results for most keywords. That’s why Google team is mostly focusing on giving better user experience by penalizing the sites with low quality content and bad links with various updates like Google Panda and Penguin.

You may ask, how do I know the popularity of a website without Page Rank?

It’s valid question and this is the major reason why developers at Moz have created a search metric called “Domain authority” to check the popularity of a website. The more the DA (Domain Authority) a website has, the most popular it is in terms of overall search traffic and rankings.

Right now, Domain Authority (DA) for is 40/100. And if you want to check domain authority for your own or any website on Internet, you can easily check here.

Domain Authority (DA) for BloggersPassion

Note: I have written the detailed guide on Domain Authority here

If you want to increase your website’s domain authority, don’t search beyond, in this article I’m going to give you few useful tips to improve domain authority of your websites.

Here’s how to increase website domain authority

increase domain authority

Improve your website overall SEO

The most common question most people ask me is this: how do I get started if I want to increase my website domain authority. See, increasing website’s domain authority is not a rocket science. Even by having a brand new website, you can still increase website domain authority by following few simple tips.

But here’s how you need to do before getting started, make sure to improve your site’s overall SEO structure. Optimize your loading times, images, permalink structure, use a better web host, remove all the dead links and use a proper on-page SEO structure on your posts to build a search engine friendly website.

When building baclinks to your websites, never use blackhat SEO techniques such as buying links from other sites, spamming other sites etc. Always follow a proven SEO strategy to build quality links and attract quality traffic from search engines. Google always gives top priority to the sites that naturally attract links. If you are attract links naturally, you will automatically increase your website’s domain authority.

Create Google Panda & Penguin friendly content

Be the first person to create problem solving content in your niche. That way you will be able to build a website that is never get hit by Google Panda or Penguin updates. Generally Panda update is to remove all the sites with thin content and Penguin updates are rolled in to penalize the sites with bad backlinks.

So make sure you have a quality content that makes your audience think and persuades your competitors to automatically link to your posts. Once you master these skills, your website’s domain authority will only climb up. Here’s a great guide on creating quality content that is both search engine and user friendly.

Improve your website’s 5 key factors

Here are the five important website factors you need to focus on if you want to increase your website’s domain authority.

  1. Link quality

  2. Number of links

  3. Social media mentions

  4. Domain age

  5. Brand search volume

Let’s now briefly discuss about the above factors to increase domain authority of your websites.

Link quality: Don’t run after building any type of backlinks, only focus on building links that are of high quality. One high quality link from an authority site can instantly increase your website domain authority.

Number of links: The more backlinks you have the better it is for you to easily improve your site domain authority.

Social media mentions: Social media is a crucial factor considered by Moz team when calculating the domain authority of a site, so improve your presence on all the major social media platforms.

Domain age: You will get a better domain authority if your domain is of 3 or more years old. If you are buying a domian from someone, make sure to check it’s age. The older the domain age that better domain authority you can get.

Brand search volume: Do you have a domain name that is based on your brand? Then you can increase your domain authority easily because you will be using your domain name as brand everywhere from your blog posts to social media mentions.

Make your site faster, appealing and user friendly

I’ve analyzed a number of sites which are having a great domain authority and I understood a common thing. All the sites with highest domain authority have better page loading times, most of them doesn’t take more than 3 to 4 seconds to load their web pages. That means, if you are trying to increase your website’s domain authority firstly focus on increasing your page loading times.

The faster your website is, the better domain authority you can have. Also focus on creating a web design that is both user friendly as well as search friendly. Create simple navigation menus, search bars, banners or links to let your visitors easily browse through your contents and pages.

Stop using too many plugins if you are a WordPress user as using more plugins will only result only making your blog loading time slower. Only use the essential plugins that will help you easily manage your WP sites.

Build quality backlinks

Did you know that Google updates its algorithms almost 600 times each and every year? And most of the times, it penalizes the sites with low quality links.

Quality link building is the surefire way to improve your search visibility and overall search rankings. By building quality backlinks, you are not only increasing your brand exposure and website domain authority, but you will also build a search engine friendly website that naturally attracts incoming links from other sites.

So if you are striving hard to increase your domain authority, link building is a must that you can’t ignore. It not only improves your search traffic but it also helps you improve your overall leads and sales.

Final thoughts about increasing your website’s domain authority

Your website domain authority is directly proportional to the content and links you generate. So focus on increasing the overall quality of your SEO and write keyword rich contents to attract natural backlinks that helps you increase your website domain authority.

Do you have any additional tips on increasing domain authority of a website? Please share your thoughts below.


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