Tips to Publish New Content Consistently on Your Blog

Every blogger would come to a time of not blogging regularly or as frequently as he/she used to. Usually, it’s a case of a writer’s block. At other times, it could be either the lack of time. Anyway, here are some tips you could use to ensure that you always have a new post that your readers can expect and look forward to:

Content Consistently on Your Blog

Problem: I have no time to write!

1. Write in bulk

Bloggers are often marketers, managers, teachers, programmers or hold just any other occupation by day. As such, it can be tough to publish a post every 3 days as you intend to. On the days when you have time, do as much writing as you can.

Of course, this does not mean that quantity reigns over quality. And surely this method doesn’t work when you are suffering from a writer’s block. On days when your creative juices flow, write as many posts possible, decide when you want to post each of them and let your blog software (such as WordPress) publish them when the day and time arrives.

WordPress for example, comes with a very easy-to-use scheduling feature. Just a few clicks and you will be able to schedule a post to be published automatically in the future (when you are busy with other work or when you are on vacation). If you need a quick tutorial on this, do check out

2. Invite guest writers

You’d surely know a couple of fellow bloggers, so ask them if they would be willing to contribute a post or two for your blog. This is especially great if the writer is blogging in the industry/niche as yours. In return, add a link to their blog, credit them or return the favor.

Invite 5 guest bloggers and you would have 5 posts already! Besides ‘sharing’ the workload, having guest writers also add a different perspective to your blog and readers get to read the muse of other writers too.

Guess what, this blog also welcomes guest bloggers! If you are a passionate blogger who is experienced and knowledgeable in make money online, SEO, blogging, WordPress, affiliate marketing, social media, web hosting and related niches, then you are most welcomed to contribute. Just hook up with Anil Agarwal to find out more.

3. Get a co-writer

This is even easier than sourcing for guest writers all the time. Popular blogs almost always are contributed by several writers; maybe that is even the key to boosting the blog’s popularity. Once you have a co-writer, create a schedule so that everyone does his/her part accordingly.

There are a few ways to get a co-writer. You can pay your co-writer on a per-article basis, or if your blog uses Google Adsense or other forms of advertising, you can always share the revenue generated. Another way to retain a good co-writer is to allow him or her to include a good byline in each of his/her posts. This will give your co-writer good credibility to continue to build up your blog!

Problem: I don’t know what to write

1. Turn your views into a post

This is writer’s worst nightmare. After creating thousands of posts, the time will come when there seems to be simply nothing for you to write anymore!

An article doesn’t have to start from an idea or event that you came up with. Simply select an article from any source that you feel strongly about or against, do some research on the subject and then write your thoughts, views, arguments or feedback on that matter. Now you have a post!

2. Jot down ideas regularly

Keep a notepad with you to jot down that thought or incident whenever and wherever it comes. Ideas always come at weird times. It could be while your mind runs loose as you are stuck in traffic, as you are crossing the street, even while on the toilet bowl.

If you find that ideas come most often in the morning, you might want to rise early and write while it is still quiet and everyone else has yet to awaken. Well, I actually did this sometimes.

3. Change niches

You might even want to consider switching niches if you have really run out of ideas and passion for the field that you once wrote about.

You don’t have to go to a totally different topic. For instance, if you have written about weddings, you could go to something which your readers could also relate to – parenting. Or if you have always written about tips and guide for organizing weddings, how about moving onto reviews for restaurants and photographers instead?

It is indeed a challenge to constantly come up with something new, consistent and regular for a blog. There are many challenges that a blogger faces but with some time, patience and a little modification, your blog could be revived. Happy blogging, and do put down any comments or feedback you have below.

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  1. Jean says:

    I think almost every blogger goes through a period of writers block at some point. It can be quite a struggle to come up with new useful content on a regular basis. I like the idea of jotting down thoughts as soon as they enter your head because later on, we tend to forget some of the ideas. Of course, if nothing works, it is best to change niches and maybe return to the current niche some time later with fresh ideas.

  2. puneet tyagi says:

    amazing list of solution i must say ……..its the common mistake that bloggers dont provide new and regular content everyday …..according to me before you go for vacation or somewhere else you should hand over your blog in safe hand who can work on your blog sincerely

  3. I like ur suggestion of taking guest post ………you should accept the guest post in bulk before you go somewhere and should schedule it according it will really help u out

  4. Tobi says:

    Nice write up please can i get traffic to a week old blog with this and where do i get guest writters?

  5. Jenom Makama says:

    Thank you Jasmine and Anil. I find this post very helpful, especially the ideas of having a pen and paper handy to put down ideas, and switching niches. Keep it up!

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