Top 10 Google Reader Alternatives For 2013


Everyone knows the sad fact that Google reader is going to expire from July 1st. You may want to mourn for that, but at the same time, everyone is looking for some best alternatives for the Google reader. You are actually fortunate because we have some of the best readers that serve as a perfect alternative for Google reader. They are trying to make their own place in the web applications platform and to be more precise, they are trying to fill the gap of Google reader. Many of such readers try to do their best in bringing out the same facilities and benefits that Google reader offers you. Though you have more readers to get listed on the best alternatives, here is our pick of best alternative to Google reader that makes you feel the best experience as you get with Google reader.

1. Feedly


Feedly is one of the best alternatives to Google reader, as you can directly transfer all the feeds from Google reader to your feedly account. It has an easy to use interface and more importantly, it is free. You can use it in your iPhone, iPad and Android phones and supports the browser that includes Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

2. The old reader


It is the best alternative to Google reader. You have better tools here for organizing and sharing the posts. You should use your Google or Facebook account to login to the old reader. It is free and simple to use. It can be accessed on your mobile phones, but there are no mobile apps as of now.

3. Newsblur


The best part of this reader is there will not be any delay in getting the updates for your posts, unlike what we expect and convinced with the Google reader. It offers you the great service in refreshing your feeds very fast. It allows you to nest the folders into another folder and so, you can organize your feeds in a better way as per your preferences and wish.

4. Pulse


It was a kind of magazine-design approach to your feeds before 2010. After that, many changes and updates were happened. With all such changes, the reader remains to be the best option for a better Google reader alternative. Similar to the features of other reader, you can also share your stories with others through the social networking sites using pulse.

5. Netvibes


It is there for use for a while and it remains to be hot still. It offers you many widgets. Either you can use their free account option or you can prefer to choose paid option too for better performance. You will get feed limits like 200 feeds maximum for best performance. In addition to that, it is compatible with mobile phones that include iPhone, iPad and Andriod.

6. NetNewsWire


It was launched in the year 2002. Your computer is going to be the boss for it, instead of controlling the servers. The main thing is that you do not need to have a Google reader account for accessing this reader. It is so simple to use, but visually old-fashioned. The reader is still in development mode and so, you can expect more from it in future.

7. Fever


You have to run this application on your own server. If you are ok with that, then you can customize the feeds as if you can prioritize the feeds based on their importance or popularity level. The reader analyses your feeds and picks up the best, mostly discussed, high prioritized and important feeds for a certain time.  With this, you can assign the feeds as most important and lesser important ones.

8. Zite


Zite and Google reader are always complementary to each other. Zite has created a perfect replacement for Google reader and the best part is it does not depend on the Google reader in any way. Zite uploads too many articles from the other sources to your zite account daily.

9. Good Noows


A good thing here is you can use your account of any of the social networking site to access this reader. You can easily add and view the RSS feeds. This reader is there for a while, but the drawback is it is not a mobile app.

10. Feedamail

It is a general feed reader and best alternative to Google reader. After you register with them and done with including your favourite websites, the team will keep updated whenever there is a new post. You can read stories on your desktop Pc or you can access the same from any mobile phone.

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  1. krishnaTORQUE says:

    I didn’t understood, is feedburner going to close?

  2. Dean Saliba says:

    I think I am panicking more than anyone because I have over 200 blog feeds on my reader and was not looking forward to having to move them to a new reader manually, I’ll check Feedly out. 🙂

  3. Shiva Chettri says:

    For me, I find that desktop feed readers are more easier to use than all these online feed readers. It was the same for me with Google Reader, had replaced using it with Desktop Feed readers like Feeddemon and FeedReader so the closing of Google Reader will not affect me much. It seems Pulse and NewsBlur are the top picks from the lot, will be checking them out and if I like, maybe use them too.

  4. this is really a unique post that help new blogger. But I think Google Readers are the best which is billions of readers.

  5. Amish sharma says:

    Thank you for Informative post. Currently I have subscribe to New blog using the Bookmarklet in my blog Toolbar, then the confirm subscription in Google Reader, then use Feedler to read on my iPad. But I’m confused, I rad that I can continue to use Feedler, but how to do add new Subscriptions after Google reader..

  6. otechi says:

    As a blogger I was searching for best tool to keep me updated about the latest techies using RSS feeds. Here I have found Netvibes, a real best solution for me which offers different tabs too to categorize the feeds. Thanks for this nice post.

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