Top 10 Twitter Analytics Tools Explained

How significant it is for webmasters to keep a close watch on the traffic driven to their website from any given source. Out of those numerous social networking platforms which are already integrated with websites these days, Twitter is a predominant one. Therefore from a webmaster’s perspective, it is your constant endeavour to know the outcome of your activities in dragging traffic and to get concise analytics of every minute to large details such as effectiveness of Twitter button on your website or amount of web content getting shared over Twitter. Interestingly enough, just as Facebook Insights or Google analytics, Twitter yet does not have a built-in arrangement. But there of course are some Twitter analytics tools for the marketers to cheer up.

Twitter Analytics Tools

Twitter analytics tools are an exceedingly helpful way to understand how well the traffic generation strategies are implemented, which of them are delivering the desired results or which can be discontinued. There is no question that statistics accessible in API form will lead web experts to come up with newer analytics platforms.Although I feel it is ideal at this time to focus on some of the best and top 10 Twitter Analytics Tools, as a recommendation for webmasters.

1) Every Bit of Information with Twitter Counter

Twitter TrackingThere is a lot you can do with Twitter Counter like tracking statistics, viewing followership trends, finding number of tweets received, knowing who all are being followed by you and the vice versa, etc. This tool offers you a chance to stun your visitors, and even competitors, by providing a lucrative badge which indicates your blog’s or site’s development. The trends you can see over Twitter Counter comprise of stats anywhere between weekly to monthly traffic and can view data up to six previous months. There also is an arrangement to have a comparative analysis of your followers. Most of the features offered here are for free however if you are looking for some extra attributes, you will have to spend few bucks!

2) TwitGraph a Top Twitter Analytics Tool

As you enter your Twitter id over TwitGraph and press go, you get into an analytical study of your existing account and your mannerism in using this account. Besides learning about the per day tweet stats, you can also know about the high ATS and op words.

3) Keep a Check on your Twitter Activities with Topsy

With Topsy, one of the best Twitter Analytics Tools, you can pull a log of your Twitter activities during last thirty days. This is an aid so as to check your blog’s or website’s performance over Twitter. This tool also helps you stay update with latest news in your specific niche. If you have lately promoted a link over twitter, it has a dedicated feature to see how many tweets you received for this link. Here you also get to see which renowned or significant individuals have tweeted over.

4) TweetStats for More Insightful Analytics

It is all about every bit of tiny statistics with a tool as supportive as TweetStats. You can have graphic reports which show cumulative details of the number of tweets received even hourly, besides the daily, weekly or monthly tweets, by way of graphical representation.But that’s not all here! You get to know everything you should regarding the interface usage and can have statistical report on a month on month basis. How good it can be if you know exactly what popular topics have led followers to bring traffic! Yes, you can know that on TweetStats.

5) Know your Standing on a Benchmark

Webmasters are quite naturally attracted to Twitter analytics tools which present something astonishing and facilities they are less likely to find elsewhere. I count Klout as an analytical tool on this specific criterion and its distinctly recognizable features. Besides pulling the most desired statistics which you will anyways look for, an additional feature with Klout is that you can analyse the Twitter stats against your Facebook data. Further, you can compare both these statistics vis-à-vis a benchmark. Here, you also get to judge your usability on various parameters such as network, amplification or influence alongside your friends in network.

6) Enhance Influence through Followerwonk

Finding the heavyweights or most influential people in your market is the most desirable thing you would do anytime. Followerwonk turns out to be a facilitating hand in this regard as you can not only search but also analyse Twitter accounts of such high profile users. If you are into web hosting and want to know about web hosting professionalson Twitter who use ‘web hosting’ as keyword in their profile, Follwerwonk helps. Moreover, you can also know who all are following them, number of tweets they receive or their other business links, etc. and even have an analysis of it. Comparing your own influence, followership, links, etc. with theirs, you can know where you stand.

7) Kred

A relatively newer yet effective Twitter analytics tool, Kred has gained favourites for its ability to analyze your reach in social media. It is a great tool to see the extent of your influence over various communities.

8) Increase your Potential through Twitalyzer

Something about Twitalyzer that I find edge over its competitors is reports generation vide which you can have a complete analysis of your Metrics, Profile and Reach. Through ‘Metrics’, you get to have the trends in 29 different major areas, while ‘Reach’ is a great resource about keeping a watch on the effectiveness and prospect generated through your reach.This way, you get to know about the acquaintances of higher influence and thereby strengthening your network.

One feature you would be particularly interested in is having more insight on your niche market. With Twitalyzer,you can analyze others’ accounts and thus know more about the brands, enterprises or customers you want to focus on. While enjoying its free version, you can go for paid subscription at as low as $5 so as to enjoy even advanced facets.

9) Another New Entrant –wordCURL

The name wordCURL amongst other top Twitter Analytics Tools may sound strange for many of us, however this tool is capable of catching your attention with its beautiful charts. These graphical representations are an exciting way to analyze the daily or hourly tweets, words use most often, highlighted profiles, etc.

10) TweetLevel

Lesser know yet lucrative in looks and high on perfection, TweetLevel resembles with Kloutwith respect to comparison of specific account’s performance as regards the benchmark. Assuring to consistently enhance its functionality, creators of this Twitter analytics tool want to keep it in beta phase permanently. It is claimed that you get everything needed to check your Twitter ‘influence’ by way of this tool.

It would be interesting to know which Twitter Analytics Tool you are using to keep track of your performance on this amazing social media website, please share in the comments section.


  1. Aditi says:

    Hi Anil,
    These tools are simply great. Twitter has really gained a significant role among people and it is one of the best social networking sites so far. I like the kred analytic tool that you have shared. I think it is one of the effective one. Thanks for the share!!

  2. Kevin says:

    I have been using Topsy more and more to find info relevant to our niche/industry, very useful tool.

  3. Dean Saliba says:

    I only keep tabs on my Twitter traffic when it comes from there to my blog with Google Analytic, has anybody done it this way?

  4. Andy says:

    Thank you for the wonderful list of tools. I used only Klout and Followerwonk. Now a set of tools that I used replenished with new instruments

  5. Felicia says:

    Hi Anil,
    There are certainly a lot of twitter analytic tools these days. I personally use the tool Topsy which my friend recommended and I have been using for a while now as it is very easy to use. I’m curious though about the others you mentioned here though and may try a few.

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