Top 5 Magento Extensions to Improve your eCommerce Store

Magento, the powerful ecommerce open source due to its capability to offer wide customization possibilities is the extensively used CMS around the globe. If you would like to explore the advantage of Magento and provide your consumers the best shopping experience, you must surely check out these unique magento extensions.

1. Magento Facebook App

Magento Facebook App

We all know that the Social Media is the best platform to get connected with maximum network. By bringing your entire store to facebook- the king of social network, you accomplish to reach the millions of facebook consumers, and provide them a facebook store for your online service. This magento extension is the best medium to integrate facebook and online shopping. The extension helps you to set up a facebook presence for your online store and allowing the facebook audience to shop from your facebook store by staying in their facebook account.

2. One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout

The extension avails an easy check out process for your ecommerce shopping cart. The shopping cart being the most crucial part of the ecommerce store decides your ebusiness sales. By providing an easy and simple checkout module, you allow your consumers to complete the purchase stress free. The one step checkout extension simplifies the complicated six –step process that includes repeated information fields to a single step checkout process, thus reducing the shopping cart abandon rate and increase sales.

3.Invoicera Magento Extension

This extension is made by Invoicera, a leading online invoicing software. This Extension assists Megento store merchants to create and send invoices to their customers in real time as soon as an order is placed. This can assist you to synchronize the product and customer information connecting your magento store and your accounting package, thus making certain that order data is correctly assigned to the appropriate accounts.

4. Blog


A blog can be a great way for an online store to connect with customers, and this Magento extension makes it easy for you to incorporate a blog into your internet shop. Are you already using the Monk_Blog extension for your store’s blog? Well, Blog is compatible with Monk_Blog, so this Magento extension can integrate all of the information from your old blog into your new one (make sure you follow the directions closely).

5. Product Banner Slider

Banner advertisement drives traffic which drives sales and thus drives your eCommerce business to success. A banner bespeaks the whole ecommerce store’s objective in few words and appropriate images.

The Product banner slider extension will enable an attractive banner at the header which incorporates an impressive sideshow. The extension allows adding up to six products for the banner display. The product slider with relevant and appealing product image and short description along with the discount offer display forces the target customers to click the Shop Now button that appears on the banner.


  1. Brandon says:

    I’ve always found that the hardest part of working with Magento is finding a way to get all the different extensions you want to work together properly. Ultimento is a very powerful Magento extension and theme that wraps all the basic needs of a Magento store into one. Definitely worth checking out.

  2. Magento is awesome!Their facebook application is so clever.I could not find any fault in them.All in all the tips are amazing on improving any ecommerce store.

  3. Ken says:

    Hi, I think that you should review and include more social media extensions (especially ones that reward sharing!).

  4. Kristine says:

    I love One step checkout and Banner slider extensions very much. They are actually ideal tool to improve my web-site. Thanks much.
    I used One step checkout and Banner Slider modules provided by Magestore ( Is there anyone using this Company’s products?

  5. HillPhillips says:

    You had best tools to improve my website. Magento is awesome and I think that you should review and include more social media extensions .

  6. Andy says:

    Magento ecommerce or online store based on magento platform not only beneficial for store owners as well as provide easiest way to search the particular product on shop , get full description of the products and not least but last compare one product to another product option. Magento shopping cart extension is the most valuable part of the magento based stores because it provides a feature by which customers can put as much as products in there shopping cart before the check out process.


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