Top 5 Most Impressive Google Apps

Top 5 Most Impressive Google Apps

Google is no longer *just* the kind of search engines; in this day and age, Google is a true household brand name. Is there anyone in the modern societies that doesn’t use their products and services a daily basis? Seems unlikely, especially with their recent expansion to mobile apps; and if some of their applications are genuinely useful, others are nothing short of game-changing.

If you’re wondering exactly which are the most popular and exciting Google Apps currently available, this article will show you all the details. Download these into your smartphone or tablet, and all your friends will have trouble keeping their chin from dropping in amazement!
Top 5 Google Apps

1. Google Maps

If only Magellan had an Android device with Google Maps, back in the day… who knows how the world would have shaped up? Simply put, Google Maps takes advantage of the GPS in your Android to provide you with state of the art charting capabilities.

You can go to your current whereabouts with a single tap, and from there… the road is yours for the trekking! You can request directions to anywhere, you get a choice between different types of maps, and more importantly… you’ll never ever have to get lost (at least not until battery on your device is depleted).

2. Google Earth

In the same measure as Google Maps is useful for practical exploring, Google Earth is an awe-inspiring tool for dreaming of new destinations. You can use it to peek at the satellite view from anywhere in the world, zooming in so close that you can almost see your neighbor snoozing in the backyard.

One of the greatest “wow” moments for newcomers into the Android world first happen when they click the “find y location” button from a full view of the God’s green orb we call Earth. Watch the software take you plummeting from outer space to your country, to your city, to you neighborhood and up to above from your Home. So this is what feels like to be a part of the future!

3. Google Docs

If you’re still carrying along thumb drives to keep your working files updated on the go, you’re doing it all wrong. In this future present of ours, on-line backups are the way to go: just keep your files stored online, and you’ll be able to access them anywhere (unless you’re out in the open desert, away from wi-fi signals). And when it comes to on-line storage of documents, Google Docs is your all-in-one toolkit.

You can edit your word documents, spreadsheets and presentations on-line… and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! You can share your documents with anyone you choose, and if you’re so inclined, you can permit collaborative editing and work on a document with multiple users, irrespective of their location. Make no mistake: Google Docs is vastly useful and you need to start using it as soon as possible.

4. Google Goggles

A time will come in the near future when your Android will become a full-blown robotic assistant, ready and willing to attend all your research needs and demands. Oh wait… that time has already come, and this app is another good example of why. Simply put, Google Goggles is a reverse image search… and what does it mean?

In practical terms, this app combines Google’s sophisticated image recognition capabilities with a hint of Geo-tagging, to conjure something akin to magic: you can photograph a monument and it will present you with its name and bring up available information; you can shoot a billboard or poster and it will translate it for you. All in all, this amazing app will help you see the world through the eyes of Google!

5. Google Sky Maps

And if you regularly find yourself staring at the night sky in contemplation, this will most certainly come in handy. Google Sky is the outer space counterpart to Google Maps, and you can use it to learn the name of stars and constellations, as well as see how the sky looked like on any given day in the last few hundred years.

But this is not merely an encyclopedia of the stars, mind you; in fact, it would be more accurately described as an intelligent window into the night sky. What does it mean? You can point your Android anywhere and the software will use gyroscope sensor data to create a precise overlay detailing which starts you’re pointing to. Try this application and you’ll never quite look at the sky in the same way again.

It’s amazing how far we’ve come in the past decade in terms of technological developments, isn’t it? All of these apps can be used in a regular computer, although they’re arguably much more impressive in a mobile device.


  1. Jean says:

    It’s amazing how many cool and useful apps have been made by Google. Google Maps is very impressive to me. Just the scale of the project seems quite mind boggling, especially to the level of detail they are going into. As for Google Docs, I’ve tried it but for the moment I’m sticking with Dropbox for the most part. I’m looking forward to Google’s soon to be released competitor for Dropbox though.

  2. Peyton says:


    I’m also looking forward to Google’s spin on Dropbox, but you should keep in mind that gDocs has many unique features that set it apart from a mere on-line file storage. Most notably, you can write and edit your files directly… including simultaneous collaborative editing. Wonderful way to get things done when working with a team on-line!

  3. Diana says:

    i read an article that google has launched an application related to voice technology….can u explain about tat??

  4. Serenity says:

    ad an article that google has launched an application related to voice technology….can u explain about tat??dfdsf

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