Top 9 Image Gallery WordPress Plugins for Real Estate Blogs

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June 8, 2019

Who else wants to add gorgeous looking image galleries to their WordPress sites? WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms on the web, you can not only customize your websites as you want but you can also use few fantastic plugins to tweak your sites for the maximum effort using WordPress content management system. If you want to insert beautiful images on your web pages on your sites, WordPress offers you few excellent image gallery plugins that rock your site.

Having a good image gallery on your real estate blog is an important part of drawing in buyers. Home buyers are starting to use the Internet to look up properties that they are interested in, and without a good image gallery your site will be ignored. Photos allow potential customers to browse in the privacy of their homes. So if you are blogging about architecture, design or property, here is some help from We Know Money on mortgages. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Image Gallery WordPress Plugins for Real Estate Blogs

Why use image gallery plugins?

If you are using a WordPress site to show your portfolios through images or looking to create a image based WordPress site, image gallery WordPress plugins are essential. You don’t have to be a technology savvy to tweak your images to mesmerize your website visitors, these image gallery plugins help you insert images in a fantastic way. Moreover most of the image gallery plugins on WordPress are completely free so you won’t lose anything.

Top image gallery WordPress plugins

Without further ado, here are few best image gallery plugins you can use on your WordPress sites to insert images without having any hassle.

1. NextGEN Gallery

This image gallery WordPress plugin is one of the most downloaded plugins in WordPress directory, it has been downloaded by over 10 millions. This fully-integrated gallery is a superb choice for your image needs on WordPress. Uploading, importing and managing your photos becomes a simple one-step task. NextGEN also imports meta data. With NextGEN you have full control over the appearance of your gallery, light-box effects and more.

Here are few features of NextGEN gallery plugin

  • Batch upload
  • Importing meta data with ease
  • Add/delete/rearrange/sort images
  • The ability to edit thumbnails
  • Quickly add watermarks to images to make it safe from copycats
  • You can also use short codes to work faster

2. Flikr Photo Album

Although this plugin has not been updated in over last 2 years but I highly recommend using this plugin if you are in search for a great image gallery WP plugin that allows you to display photo albums from your Flickr photo sets to your WordPress sites without a fuss. Flikr is a great tool for incorporating slideshows into your blog. Social imaging couldn’t be better with this tool. Whenever you upload new photos to your Flikr account, they are automatically added to your blog slideshow.

3. FotoBook

If you use Facebook often for your business, then Fotobook is an excellent plugin to try. Fotobook draws images from a profile, or various profiles, to post them to your slideshow which you can again use them on your WordPress sites. You can keep your blog and Facebook accounts linked and on the same page using Fotobook.

You don’t have to spend extra time on finding and uploading your Facebook image galleries to your WordPress sites using this plugin. Here are few great features of this image gallery plugin.

  • Displays photo albums on a WordPress page
  • Import photos from multiple Facebook accounts
  • Creates an album of photos that the user’s tagged in
  • You can also insert individual photos into your WordPress posts and pages

4. Tribulant Slideshow Gallery

If you want to show slides on your WordPress sites without hurting your  website loading time, you have to use few java scripts. And we all are not capable of using java scripts on WordPress sites to design a slideshow gallery, this where Tribulant Slideshow Gallery comes into place. This plugin uses java scripts to showcase slideshow galleries on your WordPress sites without killing your website loading times.

This plugin is easy to use, comes with a lot of short codes to display images in a slideshow to mesmerize your website visitors with your content sliders.

5. LayerSlider

This plugin allows you to customise each layer of your slideshow. This includes the period of time it stays on the screen, light effects and size. LayerSlider is fully customisable with individual or global settings for the best effect overall. This is a premium WordPress image gallery plugin worth each and every penny.

This plugin has easy to use admin panel with drag and drop features, real time previews and lots of Google fonts to use. This plugin also has 13 built in skins to make your content slides mind blowing. By using LayerSlider plugin, you can easily insert any content mediums including videos, text files, images, custom files etc. A must have plugin for WordPress users who run real estate related blogs where they have to mostly use content related sliders to impress their customers.

6. Flash Rotator 3D Gallery

This 3D gallery takes images from your WordPress library and puts them in a 3D slideshow. This flashy gallery can showcase all of the real-estate properties you have available. Readers are naturally drawn to things that call attention, and this gallery does just that. Flashy but simple to use, Flash Rotator 3D Gallery is an excellent plugin to try out.

7. SlideDeck 2.1

If you want to create slides that shows your content on your WordPress sites, this is for you. This image gallery not only hosts photos, but it can host videos and HTML as well. This gives you more grounds for versatility when creating your gallery. If you have short videos showing off houses, then this gallery is the perfect choice. It’s easy to use and easy to update.

The great thing about using this plugin is that it is fully responsive that means your content slides are automatically turned into responsive across all the devices including smart phones, tablets and PC’s.  You can easily connect to YouTube, Flickr, WordPress posts and Pinterest etc. sites to create gorgeous looking sliders in a few clicks without having to insert any additional coding.

8. Touch Carousel

Want to display your posts using images in a slideshow? Touch Carousel plugin is just for you where you can show your content slides in a beautiful way. In a world were people use their touch-screen phones and devices to view the web, Touch Carousel is the perfect plugin. It has touch-enabled features. Visitors using an iPad, iPhone or any other touch screen can quickly navigate the slideshow with the slide of a finger. This high-tech plugin is a must have for real-estate agents that want their blog to be suitable for all viewing platforms.

You can also slide any post or page type on WordPress and select what taxonomies (categories, tags etc) to include and how to order them on your WordPress sites using this plugin.

9. Easy image gallery

If you are using a default WordPress theme to manage and showcase your images in a slideshow or gallery, it wouldn’t give you promising ways to display results. When you use easy image gallery WordPress plugin, you can easily create an image gallery on any post, page or custom post you want.

The Importance of Good Imagery

If you’re selling property, you’re almost guaranteed to have heard agents talking about the kerb appeal of a particular property. Kerb appeal is a colloquialism used when talking about the attractiveness of a property while driving past. A property either has good kerb appeal, or lacks it. And as logic would dictate, the property with the better kerb appeal (nicer garden, freshly cut lawn, paved driveway, etc.) is the one that will get more viewings and ultimately sell faster.

My point is this: if you want to draw in the reader and get them to engage with the properties on your site, your blog needs to have kerb appeal. It’s not good enough to just simply list a single image of a property and expect a reader to do anything.

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog’s Kerb Appeal

Here’s a few ways you can make your posts look better!

  • Use better images: Visually appealing images always attract your visitors and clients. Don’t use images that don’t add any value to your web pages. Often house images are taken my the estate agent, who’s usually in a rush and hasn’t a clue about photography. Select the better images and use them, putting the best ones in the most prominent position for maximum impact.
  • Compress images: We all know the importance of website loading time as Google gives top priority to the sites that load faster. If you are using a lot of images on your WordPress web pages, the chances are your site loads really slower. To get rid of this problem, you must optimize your images even before using them on your pages. The average user doesn’t want to wait while your images download. They want to see what’s on offer as quickly as possible. Crunch your images using an image compressor to decrease page load times. You can also use WordPress plugins like WP to compress your images at bulk.
  • jQuery lazy loader: If you are adding lots of images per post, not only will your post load slower, but if you get a lot of traffic your host may charge you for using more bandwidth than your standard quota permits. This problem can be mitigated with a jQuery lazy load plugin, which will only load images as they come into view.

Browse more WordPress Plugins:

Conclusion about best image Gallery WordPress Plugins for Real Estate Blogs

Now there’s no excuse for you to have a slow, unattractive real estate blog. Choose one of these image gallery plugins to beautifully display a property’s best features and speed up your website for a better user experience and increased conversions. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a real estate blog or image gallery based website, you can use the above mentioned image gallery plugins to rock your WordPress sites.

So what are your thoughts about the above plugins? Do you have any more recommended image gallery plugins for WordPress?


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