Social media marketing is the new way of marketing where the marketers try to link with their target customers through social media means like facebook, twitter etc. Social media marketing is preferred to create the awareness by utilizing the platform where almost every customer approaches on daily basis. The main advantages of social media marketing include:


Raising awareness among the target customers is the foremost reason behind doing the social media marketing. Since the whole lot of population use to visit these social websites, reaching them on their best place will help the marketers beyond thinking. It is also a cheap way of marketing the brand, product or businesses. Hence, if you want to create awareness of your image of the company, the best place to start is the social networks.


Since, the social media marketing is useful for building up your company’s image, further; it also helps you to know about the competition currently going on in the market and the views of the target customers about these competitors of yours. So, another plus point is that you become aware of your positioning in the market that will help you enhance your strategies to look better in the customers’ eye.


By giving the customers right to speak will lead to the building of the customers’ trust and loyalty. Having the positive attitude, the customers will then be willing to do the business with you which will be a competitive edge for your business. You can also bring the improvements in your brand or product or company according to the customers’ preferences.


Most important benefit of the social media marketing is the building of the personal relationship. Marketers though target the whole lot of customers but the relationships with the valuable customers, the customers which create high brand equity, are highly managed to make them aware of every new activity of the brand according to their preferences. To know about these customers, and to advertise them directly making sure that they are reading you is the crucial task which if done successfully give the brand a major uplift.


Answering the customers’ queries and their ambiguities will make the positive image of the customer service of the company. This results in the heightening of the level of customer satisfaction. Nowadays, the companies, especially the banks and the telecom companies, introduce the online systems of complaints and comments on their social web pages, like facebook page.


Last but not the least social media can also be used to conduct the market research which is beneficial for the companies in an enormous way. You can conduct the research to get the views of the customers, their preferences, their wants and demands, and their expectations. Market research can also be done for the sample testing of any new predictable launch of the product to check whether the customers are interested in buying of the product or not and if not, then what changes they demand in the product which will make it up to their mark.

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  1. Mariah says:

    Social media is that kind of platform where any newbie can learn lot of things to do in online marketing. N0o doubt in that we can gain and share those kind of things which are important for online marketing because almost every online marketer is using social media sites in all over the world.

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