Top 13 Blogging Tools Every Serious Blogger Cannot Survive Without (#2 Is a Must)

best blogging tools
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Blogging is such an interesting and profitable business that requires a total commitment on the part of the blogger to make things work as expected.

best blogging tools

Your success does not come from just being a good blogger; it comes from using the right tools for your job and making the right investments as well.

If you are really serious in making headway in your blogging business, you must consider these top 13 tools every serious blogger cannot survive without. What makes these tools important and indispensable? Well, you will get an answer to this question by the time you finish reading this post. So, settle down and get a pen and a jotter by your side to take down the names of the tools as they are rolled out, one after the other.

Top 13 Blogging Tools Every Serious Blogger Cannot Survive Without

Having been blogging for several years and having tried my hands on different tools, including plugins and widgets, I have compiled a list of tools that are absolutely needed for your blogging success. Even as new tools are introduced and some old ones phased out from time to time, these ones remain inevitable. Here are the top 13 blogging tools you must possess as a serious blogger:

1. BlueHost

bluehost hosting

After buying your domain name, the next thing to do naturally is to secure a hosting plan for your blog or website. How else would you display your website for the world to see other than by hosting it with a quality web hosting company?

BlueHost is one of the best web hosting companies out there in terms of reliability, security, speed, and pricing. One good thing with BlueHost also is that they offer seasonal discount sales as well as Splash sales that assist you in getting your hosting plans at a relatively cheaper rate.

Click This Link to start hosting for $3.95/month only and a free domain with Bluehost

2. Getresponse

Email Marketing Software

You all know the great role e-mail list plays in building communication between the blogger and his subscribers as well as in income generation. Every serious blogger, therefore, needs to have an authentic autoresponder that will help him in building his mailing list. Top on the list of autoresponders for me is Getresponse.

Although, there are many other good ones like Aweber, MailChimp,  iContact, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, InfusionSoft, MailerLite, ConvertKit, etc. However, Getresponse offers more features and is cheaper than most of them. Check out this comprehensive review of Getresponse to see what I mean.

With quality autoresponder like Getresponse, communication is made easier especially after publishing blog updates and when there are fresh announcements for the list.

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3. Grammarly

Grammarly review

Some bloggers do not pay attention to the kind of English and grammatical errors on their blogs. Such bloggers would lose readers fast. Just visit some blogs and you will hardly be able to read and understand the kind of sentences they construct.

I wonder how their readers are able to decipher the message they try to pass across. Such blogs only end up annoying their readers. And once those readers are gone, they are gone forever.

But with Grammarly, such issues as incorrect spelling, inaccurate punctuation, bad syntaxes, wrong grammatical structures, are taken care of. This App will scan every line of your written post and highlight everything that is wrong in red.

It also provides suggestions for the highlighted words. With it, you are able to make corrections where necessary. Grammarly is not 100% accurate, but it helps to minimize your grammatical errors especially if you are a freelance writer or a blogger who writes guest posts or partners with other high-quality blogs for content delivery.

You can use this App for free. But if you wish to upgrade to the premium version, it will take you only $37.95/month to do so. With that, you have access to over 250 new, premium checks, 24/7 callback and email support, relevant correction for every writing situation, availability directly within Microsoft Office, and a 7-day money back guarantee.

4. Namecheap


If you are running your blog on the WordPress platform, you will certainly need some domain names, especially if you plan to expand your business. As the name implies, Namecheap is one of the cheapest places to buy your domain names.

Apart from being a reliable place, the site also enables you to buy your domain names at a cheaper rate by providing you with monthly/periodic coupons to help make this a reality. Besides, renewing your domains is quite easy as there are multiple payment options to make everything effortless.

5. Copyscape

Copyscape Plagiarism Checker

Have you ever written any content for someone and it got rejected because it failed plagiarism test? That is because you are not using Copyscape to crosscheck your job after writing. As a blogger or a freelance writer who regularly produces content for people, this tool is a must have.

It enables you to run a scan on the content you produce, in order to be sure it does not exist somewhere else on the web and that it is unique in its own way.

Copyscape helps you escape copyright violation penalty and also save you the litigation that should otherwise come up if the content had been written by someone else before you. So, you are sure your post does not run afoul of any plagiarism and that you will not be asked to re-write it after submitting it to your client (if you are a freelance writer).

With Copyscape premium, you will be able to search the copies of your offline content just by copying and pasting them into the search box, check up to 10,000 pages of your work with batch search in a single operation, exclude the result of some sites, check your own content for duplication.

Copyscape premium will only cost you 5c per search. So, with $10 you can purchase 200 credits which you can use for 200 searches. Isn’t that cheap enough? Once you have that, you are sure your jobs will no longer be easily rejected for copyright or plagiarism issues. This tool is certainly a must for all bloggers and freelance writers.

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics Solutions

This tool is a tool no blogger can do without, because of the important role it plays in helping you to monitor your site traffic and the activities of your visitors. With this tool, you can get an insight into how much time visitors spend on your time, the pages they visit, the actions they take while there, and where they go to from your site.

Google Analytics also provides insight into the demography, age, gender, browsers they use, keywords they are using to find your site, type of traffic (Referral, social or organic), sources of traffic, etc.

This tool also takes record of your site speed, site content, user timing, in-page analytics, as well as provide suggestions as to what needs to be done to improve your site. This is why this tool is definitely “a must” for all bloggers. Google Analytics tool is free for use.

7. Tweet Attacks Pro

Tweet Attacks Pro

Any blogger who is serious about growing his twitter account and getting more tweets should consider having Tweet Attacks Pro 4. This tool has officially replaced the once effective Tweet Adder that has now been phased out. With Tweet Attacks Pro 4, you can now put all search functions (people search, tweet search, followers search, local data, etc) into a single module. The search module will make it easier for you to lay your hands on any data needed to feed other basic modules like the tweet, follow, and unfollow.

However, because twitter usage encompasses vast areas where you may need to cover, you also supplement the use of Tweet Attacks Pro with Buffer, Crowdfire, SimplyMeasured or EngageWise.

8. Elegant Themes

WordPress Themes

Premium themes are the beauty and engine house of every WordPress site. Building a WordPress blog would be meaningless if they are not constructed on quality premium themes. This is the reason while some sites are more attractive, responsive and secure than others. The quality of the themes matters much; hence every blogger needs to get what would add more value to his site.

The two most important parts of WordPress are premium themes and quality plugins. Elegant themes site is one place to get those templates you need for your site, as they are such indispensable part of your blogs/websites.

There are several quality templates you can get from this site. Some of the available Responsive ones to choose from include: Divi, Extra, Nexus, Vertex, Fable, Foxy, StyleShop, Nimble, Lucid, Fusion, and Explorable.

Some Magazine themes on the shelf of Elegant themes include: TheStyle, Magnificent, Glow, TheSource, Aggregate, DelicateNews, Bold, Influx, Grungemag, eNews and eGamer.

Click This Link to Get access to 87 premium WordPress Themes for $69 only

 9. Optimize Press


This is another tool every blogger cannot do without. As a blogger, you need to have optin page and other things that will enhance your online marketing. This is the reason why you can never get to the real level of success without making use of the Optimize Press. What exactly will Optimize press provide for you (read review)? They will offer you the following:

  • Landing pages
  • Sales & marketing pages
  • Secure membership portal
  • Product launch funnels
  • Free training & Course pages
  • Authority blogs
  • Webinar registration page
  • Mobile ready versions of all pages.

You can now see why this tool is so important to your blogging success and must never be overlooked.

 10. WP Engine

WordPress Hosting

This is a hosting tool exclusively for the hosting of WordPress sites. If you wish to give your WordPress site/blog a unique touch, then you need to host it with Wp Engine. Some of the features of Wp Engine include: Daily backups, Reliable help, Malware scan, Firewall, SSL ready, CDN ready, Evercache, Speed report, etc.

You have five plans to choose from – Personal ($29/month), Professional ($99/month), Business ($249/month), Premium (negotiable) and Enterprise (negotiable) grades.

Don’t miss to read my WP Engine Review here before giving a try to it.

 11. WP Robot

Best WordPress Autoblogging Plugin

WP robot is one of the most useful blogging tools on the internet today because of its great features. If you’re blogger who finds it hard and time-consuming to write contents for his own blog then, this piece of tool is for you.

It’s an autoblogging software that will always feel your blogs with fresh articles on any niche even when you’re not around.

According to the developers of this tool, it can:

  • Build totally new WordPress blogs for PBNs or as satellite sites.
  • Enhance existing WordPress sites with related images, videos and other useful content.
  • Monetize your WordPress sites by publishing targeted affiliate marketing products.
  • Curate engaging content that is good for SEO and of interest to your readers.
  • Import your own PLR articles, enrich them with related photos and schedule them.
  • Aggregate and display industry-specific RSS feeds relevant to your websites content.

It will do all these things on autopilot.

The good thing is that it supports over 30 different sources of contents on the internet including Ezine articles, PLR articles, etc.

12. SERPed


This is a great tool for all SEO-minded bloggers who intend to dominate the search engines. The All-in-One tool contains 45+ tools that help you in your keyword research, lead generation, Advanced reporting, and Backlinks (read Review of SERPED).

Recommended Deals for Successful Bloggers Bluehost: Claim Huge Discount | Hostgator: Over 60% OFF | GetResponse: Try 30 Days for Free | Elegant Themes: Get 87 Stunning WordPress Themes for $69 | SEMrush

13. WordPress

Blog Tool Publishing Platform

This remains the platform of choice for all bloggers who wish to succeed online. Unlike Blogger and other free platforms, WordPress is safe especially for those who wish to monetize their blogs. Little wonder WordPress is used by millions of website and blog owners. Research has shown that 25% of all websites make use of WordPress for their business.

Conclusion About Top Blogging Tools for Bloggers

Blogging success does not only depend on your ability to write great contents, it depends also on using the right tools for your job. To be a successful blogger who earns a living from his blog, you need to invest money, time and other important resources in growing your business.

Having the top 13 blogging tools every serious blogger cannot survive without, is a great way to work your way into being a problogger.

So, don’t take the risk of doing your job without having these tools, especially the #2, because they are a must for anyone who wishes to seriously build a lasting business in 2017. I am sure your jotter has been busy and that you have taken down the names of all the tools I listed in this post.

Now, it is time to take action. Type the URLs into your browser and begin to get these tools for your blogging business. It’s time to move ahead and make the difference. Don’t ever limit yourself, make use of the tools and see how they help your cause.


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