Top Five WordPress Plugins for your Real Estate Blog or Website

Do you have a real estate blog or website and searching for the top WordPress real estate plugins to make it awesome? If yes, you are at the right place. In this article, I will be providing you the top plugins that boost your real estate websites overall performance.

Take the user experience of your Real estate blog a notch higher with the amazing list of plugins, collected from over thousands of options available over the internet. These widgets or plugins will add to the functionality and make your real estate blog a lot more useful for the users.

Real estate is an over crowded niche in both online and offline. If you want to boost your online sales using your real estate sites in this highly crowded niche, you have to make your sites stand out from the crowd. Only then, you can go ahead of your competition to make more sales, and attract more clients. WordPress CMS can definitely make your sites stand out but knowing the fact that most of your competition sites also run on WordPress. So you need to make your real estate site design to be very appealing so much so that your design itself stands out from remaining crowd.

Here I present you the top WordPress plugins for your real estate blog or websites that will not only help you get a cluttered free design but also improve your overall performance of sites. But remember, just because you can get as many as you want, does not mean you should stuff your blog with all sorts of plugins; you should choose only the most useful while keeping your target audience and demographics in mind, and you have to consider the speed factor too.

The following five WordPress Plugins for Real Estate will certainly optimize the look and feel of the site and add quite some functionality to your blog.

Top WordPress real estate plugins

real estate wordpress plugins

A small note before diving into the details of top five WordPress plugins for real estates blogs and websites. Click on the links to directly download these plugins, all of them are free to use. You just need a WordPress CMS on your sites to start using them, enjoy!

#1. MLS Search Real Estate Cloud

MLS search real estate cloud is one of the widely used plugins for real estate blogs or websites. This plugin helps you create multiple listing services (MLS) on your website pages without any hassle.

With this plug-in you can implement MLS search on your blog, the key features of this particular plug-in is that it is SEO friendly, works perfectly fine with almost all themes, and allows customization of SEO tags on every page. It is really easy to install and vastly improves the search on your website.

Unlike other MLS search plugins, this plugin uses a Real Estate Cloud and it requires third party developers to customize it. Due to this open nature, you can make any necessary changes that you want on your real estate blogs using their documentation and code. There’s also a great function called “compliance” in this plugin that enables you to login to see the sold data, property description etc. of your real estate blogs or websites. This is a great feature that makes your listings easy to be sold out and check your real estate property description.

#2. Easing slider

It’s all about showcasing your products in the best possible way – in a way that’s attractive, easy to scroll through and lists the important features in a concise way on the main page. Easing Slider does it all – it provides an attractive slideshow of properties and listings and provides each one with a link to go into the detailed versions. It is extremely easy to use and has multiple slideshow options and effects to have a really customized and attractive display of the listings.

One of the best things about using Easing Slider plugin is that it is fully mobile responsive. It means when your clients are browsing your information using their mobile devices, they won’t find it hard to see your slides, it’s that simple.

#3. IDX broker

An excellent search engine is the key to a successful real estate website. Having two is even better. IDX broker is one of the finest search plug-ins that will do your site a whole lot of good. This plug-in also comes with the option of downloading an app to iPhone, making things mobile for your readers. Users simply love ease and mobility and will love you for providing it.

This plugin uses custom link results to give an SEO boost to your real estate websites and blogs. Custom link results in IDX Broker will get indexed, and then direct your website traffic back to your primary domains. These IDX web pages loads really faster as they use clouding servers to store their files. 

#4. Real Estate Mortgage Calculator

Real estate involves a lot of calculations, calculating mortgages, prices of property, taxes etc. Make this task easier for those who visit your website with this simple plug-in that provides a friendly interface for doing what may be complex calculations-all in one place without having to look for an actual calculator.

Your website visitors who are browsing your real estate websites to calculate the loan amount and interest rates at one place is very much needed to make it easier for them to navigate your site. This plugin is a huge help for your clients to make calculations on your site itself. Here’s a screenshot of how it looks like.

#5. Mail Chimp

It doesn’t matter whether you are building a real estate website or an eCommerce site, every website needs an email list. You need to tap your website visitors to make more online sales. Before converting your visitors into sales, convert them as your subscribers (also called leads).

It becomes easy to make someone buy your real estate products or get your premium help if they trust you. By building an email list, it becomes easy for you to build a rapport with your real estate customers. Also trust is an essential ingredient to generate more online sales in any business online be it small or large scale.

With this popular tool, you can stay in the minds of your visitors and keep them coming back for more. You keep them in the loop and make sure they will be looking at you for any real estate need by sending them updates about a new property or investment opportunity that they would like to avail. This plug-in can connect your Facebook business page and many other things to your website. The plug-in also allows an RSS driven emails to go into the visitors’ inbox’es so they always remain up to date about you.

Mail Chimp is an email autoresponder service that lets you send emails to your subscribers. Unlike other auto responders like Get Response or AWeber, Mail Chimp is free to use (up to 2,000 subscribers you can send emails for free). Mail Chimp is widely used and it offers excellent features like A/B testing, great email delivery rate, ready to use newsletter samples etc.

In a nutshell: Running a real estate website or blog to increase your sales or revenue is a tedious task, it is so true when it comes to online. You may want to try to different real estate WordPress plugins to run your websites, but the above mentioned WP plugins are worth trying for. And they make your site easier to navigate by your clients also gives better user experience by adding simple calculators, slider and MLS search listings on your websites. So make sure to give all of them a try before looking for additional plugins for your real estates blogs or websites and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

So what are your thoughts about the top real estate WordPress plugins in 2014? Are you already using them?


  1. Destiny says:

    No doubt in that now adays many people like to invest their money in Real estate sector because they k now there is good return on their invest amount. So these are the nice series of useful tools which you should try to use as soon as possible for better response.

  2. Becca says:

    I was not aware of the other WordPress plugin. I don’t ever think I have been looking for it, but it seem very useful for business sites. Thank you once again for learning me a new sweet WP tip.

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    Nowadays many people are interested to invest in real estate, its a good information and guidance for them.

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    Great post @Rob

    But, we can also use Aweber for creating e-mail list. And i more feel secure with Aweber service.

    What you say?

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    Anubhav Gupta

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