Top Money Making Bloggers And Their Killer Products

Blogging as a source of residual income and freedom from 9-5 work schedule has been a dream for most of the bloggers out there, but only selected few have made it big. In this post we look at the product offerings of such top money making bloggers. Please do remember there might be other sources of income besides these products. But if it is something unique that they are up to we’ll cover that up as well. There is no particular order in which we will be covering the bloggers but we’ll try to cover as many successful bloggers who have a product and has made it big in the online income arena.

List of Top Money Making Bloggers and their Products


Darren Rowse was started back in 2002 when Darren Rowse accidentally stumbled across an article on ‘Blogging’. Life has never been the same for him after it. Within 24 hours of reading the article – he started his own blog, where he shared his experiences on blogging, life, pop-culture, spirituality and many other topics. This was just a start. The impetus provided by pleasure of blogging prompted him to venture out more in the space of blogging and he started many new blogs. The focus was now to make a full time living with blogging. And take my words for it he has done it so successfully that he’s now not online making a very good amount of money but also has earned a great reputation amongst the bloggers and is considered as a thought leader in this domain.

Products of

Over the period of time Darren Rowse has created many e-books and blog training programs which he sells from his website. Here are the details:

  • Blogging for dollars – do you have what it takes?

According to Darren:Blogging for profit: Do you have what it takes?Whether you’re just starting out or have been blogging for years, learn from two professional bloggers how to turn your passion for blogging into extra revenue or possibly a rewarding career.

This is not a get-rich-quick book, but rather a practical guide to creating and marketing a blog with the potential for generating a six-figure income.

This book is available from and Barnes &

You can also get a free sample chapter by providing your details on the books order page. Paperback edition of this book is available at for $14.99

Besides this book Darren Rowse and the team at also publishes a set of 6 resources to make your blog successful. These are basically workbooks and ebooks which are sold both individually and as a bundled package. Listed below are the details of the resources and the package as a whole:

31 Days to Build a Better Blog

It is a downloadable e-book designed to help you revitalize your blog by giving you 31 tasks that will all help to turn it into the page view powerhouse you’ve always dreamed of. Each day in the project contains: A Task – something to DO that day. Teaching – each day you’ll be given great instruction on both the WHY and HOW of the task of the day.

ProBlogger’s Guide to Your First Week of Blogging

This eBook is jam packed with practical activities and exercises to do in your first week to make sure your blog is heading in the right direction. Broken down into 7 days there are actually a total of 32 achievable tasks that will not only get your blog going but that will help you develop the skills you need to achieve your potential as a blogger.

ProBlogger’s Guide to Blogging for Your Business

Written by Mark Hayward – a successful business owner, activist, and blogging coach – the guide takes readers step by step through how to set up a blog, thinking through goals for a blog, developing a content strategy, finding readers and growing traffic, establishing and growing a social media footprint and much more. Practical tasks at the end of each of the 12 chapters let you implement Mark’s mentoring in a way that suits your business, and your customers.

Blog Wise: How to Do More with Less

If you have a blog and understand the basics but are struggling to find time, motivation or focus – Blog Wise is for you. It consists of interviews of successful bloggers like Heather Armstrong from Dooce, Brian Clark from CopyBlogger, Abby Larson from Style Me Pretty, Leo Babauta from Zen Habits, Gretchen Rubin from the Happiness Project, Darren Rowse from ProBlogger and Digital Photography School – and more. These bloggers juggle a lot – but they get things done and will give you insight into what it takes to run a successful blog but also how to use your time effectively.

Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers

This scorecard resource is designed to help you analyze the most important elements of your content to make sure they’re engaging, readable, professional and optimized for search engines. It’s the ideal resource for all bloggers who are just starting out and want to learn the basics of SEO or those who’ve been at it a while but want to grow their search engine traffic.

The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing

The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing—31 Steps to a Profitable Blog is a comprehensive, 31 chapter blueprint for your blog’s ongoing profitability – right from the ground up.This kit was developed by experienced online marketer – Shayne Tilley (the Web Marketing Ninja) – the guy who does marketing on ProBlogger products and those at Darren’s other blog – Digital Photography School.

All these resources are clubbed together at a package and it is offered at a fabulous discount of 40%. So what are you waiting for grab a copy from now.

Probloggers ebook package of 6 books and workbooks


John chowJohn Chow one of the biggest names in money making online shot to fame when he showed his online money making prowess by starting from scratch and reaching a whopping $40,000 per month and that too in just two years and working only two hours per day.

He also authored a book Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul, which rocketed to #1 on within the first week of release. He has written many other books and runs one of the biggest money making blogs in the world. has around 200k active daily readers and his blog tops the Canadian Internet Marketing Blogs.


Products of

Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul
Priced at $10.68 for the paperback edition this book has a lot to offer for the blogger right from the newbie to the expert. As John Chow describes:

John Chow Amazon BookThey may have once been the realm of personal online diaries, but blogs have quickly become just as legitimate and influential as mainstream newspapers and magazines. Did you know that you can make a very healthy income from blogging? Do you want to make five figures every month? I can show you how.

My name is John Chow and my personal blog consistently makes over $40,000 a month. In this book, I describe exactly how I went from earning $0 to over $40,000 a month from just a couple of hours each day. I’ll walk you through the process, step by step, uncovering all the secrets that other pro bloggers are too afraid to tell you.

What are you waiting for? Get out of the rat race and into the blogosphere!


Blogging With John Chow – ClickBank Product

Besides selling this printed books, numerous other books and clickbank products – one of the latest product from John Chow is a Clickbank Product which can be bought from the website

At the start of promotional video embedded on this page John Chow personally asks you to forget everything about the blogging business because he’s going to teach you an ultimate blueprint to succeed in this fiercely competitive blogging world where it will take more than a mere blogging expertise to survive among the millions of blogs out there all waiting to grab a pie of this online money making world.

According to him:

Because I have successfully created a blueprint which has helped me rake in a five-figure monthly income from just 2 hours of work a day

Because the most amazing part is that you can start as early as today, even if…

  •                 You have no website or blog
  •                 You have no technical knowledge
  •                 You have no time to blog
  •                 You have no expertise in your niche

Look, most people will have you fooled into thinking that making money online through blogging is difficult and complicated.

Most people also think that they do not have the knowledge to provide content and that blogging is time consuming.

But in truth, it’s not.

 He’s even going to show you a real-life example of how with zero blogging experience you too can:

  • Discover how my simple blog generates over $40,000 every single month
  • Create blogs earning thousands of dollars every month, thanks to the industry’s best-kept secret
  • Learn the 7 biggest secrets which guarantees success in any niche you blog in
  • Achieve success in blogging using a simple PROVEN step-by-step blueprint
  • Building a blogging empire earning over $523,477 a year (with minimal effort)
  • Get started with your very own blog in a few short clicks.
  • Sell your 6 month old blogs for 5 figure paydays.
Blogging with john chow

This Blogging With John Chow is available for clickbank at 37$. If you are interested click on this link and you could learn more and be on the path to your blogging success.


Shoemoney - adsense checkJeremy “ShoeMoney” Schoemaker (born May 31, 1974) started in 2003 and took his ringtone community company, Next Pimp, to the next level. With this blog  he also started making more money online in one month than I had made throughout his  ten-year career. Actually, a photo of his with a check for $130,000 (his one-month earnings from Google AdSense) is one of the most linked to pages on his blog.

The road to success in money making online niche was not a cakewalk for Jeremey as he himself describes his testing times:

Then the dotcom crash came along, I spent every last dime to pay web hosting bills, and to the real world I headed working for different banks and big corporations. It never ended well and I was fired from every job. At the age of 28, I found myself overweight (about 420 lbs.), $50k in debt, smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, and sleeping on my friend’s couch. I was in a real mess, but part of me said this was all I should expect from life. And I was okay with that!

But he kept faith and continued the struggle and the rewards were more than overwhelming.

Products of

Shoemoney does not have a product as such but makes most of his money from advertising which is adsense and affiliate marketing. Another product of is the Shoemoney Marketplace where it accepts listing from third party providers as also his own products for a fees of 75$ and add 25$ to it if you want it to be featured.


Daniel Scocco - daily blog was started by Daniel Scocco who has lived and studied in several places around the world, including Italy, Chile and Brazil. After receiving a degree in International Economics and working for one year in a multinational company, he decided to pursue entrepreneurial projects on the Internet. He started developing blogs and websites in 2005, and Daily Blog Tips is the place where he shares what he learned along the way.

Daniel has also provided consulting services for many companies and organizations (including the United States federal government), and he is the owner of Daily Writing Tips, a blog focused on grammar, punctuation and spelling tips.

Products of

Daily blog tips is mostly a service oriented blog which earns a major share of its income through advertisement money. However the interesting thing to note is how he builds his emailing list. We’ve seen many bloggers offer free daily tips, blogging based, money making based ebooks and giving freebies, discount coupons but how stands apart from the crowd is that it gives 16 free professional wordpress themes for download to everyone who subscribes to his mailing list along with the newsletter – as stated on his website:

Sign-Up To Our Newsletter and Download All 16 Themes
If you want to download our WordPress themes, all you have to do is to sign-up to the Daily Blog Tips newsletter. It is completely free, and you will receive tips and tricks to promote your blog, the latest trends and opportunities on the Web, online tools and so on. Don’t worry, we just send emails when we have something useful to share. You can also unsubscribe anytime if you don’t like it. Simply put your name and primary email address on the form below:

The form can be accessed by clicking on this link.

If you are curious about the themes that come free, here is a short description about them the full details and images are available on the link above.


Vistalicious is a clean WordPress theme with two columns and a green flavored background. It is advertising ready, comes with an “About” section on the header and with a custom made image for the RSS feed.


DeepBlue is an elegant, two column WordPress theme. It is advertising ready, and it comes with several advanced featured, including Feedburner integration, author comment styling and search engine optimization.


StudioPress is a clean, AdSense-ready WordPress theme. It supports widgets and it comes with alternate comments styling and a customizable “Welcome” section on the sidebar.

StudioPress Green

StudioPress is a clean, AdSense-ready WordPress theme. It supports widgets and it comes with alternate comments styling and a customizable “Welcome” section on the sidebar.

StudioPress Orange

StudioPress is a clean, AdSense-ready WordPress theme. It supports widgets and it comes with alternate comments styling and a customizable “Welcome” section on the sidebar.

StudioPress Red

StudioPress is a clean, AdSense-ready WordPress theme. It supports widgets and it comes with alternate comments styling and a customizable “Welcome” section on the sidebar.


Among all our WordPress themes, Corpvox is one of the cleanest. It is ideal for bloggers that don’t want to clutter their site, while letting the user focus on the content. It comes with Gravatars support.


Decker is a traditional looking WordPress theme, with two columns and a 300×250 AdSense unit integrated on top of the sidebar. It comes with a sectioned footer where you can place your links, blogroll and so on.


DarkZen comes with a dark header and a gray background, packed on a minimalist design. It is advertising ready, and it already comes with social bookmarking icons integrated.


BlueSensation is a clean and live WordPress theme. It has a large content column on the left, and a single sidebar, which already comes with 125×125 advertising spots.


Daily32 is a sharp looking WordPress theme with three sub-headers and three sub-footer sections to accomodate all your links and special content. It is advertising ready and it comes with Feedburner integration. On the download you will also find the PSD file and necessary fonts to change the header image.

PassionDuo Red

The PassionDuo theme has a clean style, rounded corners, space for advertising and a lot of room for your content. It is advertising ready and it comes with Feedburner integration and comments styling.

PassionDuo Blue

The PassionDuo theme has a clean style, rounded corners, space for advertising and a lot of room for your content. It is advertising ready and it comes with Feedburner integration and comments styling.

PassionDuo Green

The PassionDuo theme has a clean style, rounded corners, space for advertising and a lot of room for your content. It is advertising ready and it comes with Feedburner integration and comments styling.


SubtleZen is a minimalist WordPress theme with a calm background and subtle titles and headlines. It is ideal for bloggers looking for a simple layout which lets the visitors focus on the content.


GreenTech is a classic WordPress theme, with a cream background and details in brown and green. It is advertising ready, supports widgets and it comes with author comments and Feedburner integration.


Pat Flynn Smart Passive is one of the successful money making blogs which earns a considerable amount of money from selling products. Though most of the income this blog owned by Pat Flynn generates is via affiliate sales, but he continues to keep adding product to his income generating resources and thereby has multiple sources of income to bank upon.

On how Pat created his first product he writes:

when I wasn’t sleeping or on the train (or sleeping on the train), I was in front of my computer writing a study guide for the LEED exam in Microsoft Word. 4 to 8 hours a day (on top of work and travel) were dedicated to making this guide amazing, organized, and beautiful. I slept more on the train than I did at home, but I was excited.

My goal was to create the guide that I wish I had when I was first studying for the exam back in early 2007.

This eventually led to the creation of his first product.

Products of

Let Go – Book By Pat Flynn

The Kindle edition of this book is sells for about 2.75 $ on The book was published on April 18, 2013. In this book Pat details his journey from scratch to where he is now and the obstacles faced by him along with what kept him motivated enough to reach his goals As described at Amazon:

Let Go Book by Pat FlynnIn Let Go, Pat reveals the inside story of his transformation into one of today’s most beloved thought leaders in the areas of Internet business, online marketing, and lifestyle entrepreneurialism. He shares the challenges and feelings he faced as he pieced together what has become a thriving online enterprise.

If you share Pat’s impulse to pursue your own path, then you’ll enjoy reading Let Go. After all, we all must confront the same risky idea if we are to unlock our true potential: letting go.


Pat Flynn’s Let Go is available on other platforms as well like Snippet and Nook by Barnes & Nobles.

This is another product of Pat Flynn where he sells study guides and practice exams on LEED Exam.  The study guides are available for:

This website has  everything you need to make an aspirants life easier as he begin his career as a security guard officer. State specific training requirements, a step-by-step hiring process, potential employers and interviews to helps the aspirant get hired are just some of the helpful things you’ll find here.

Ths website helps a user with multiple options to customize his own clickable US map. On why Pat created this product he says:

I created this HTML5 compatible tool because I paid a developer a ridiculous amount of cash to build a clickable map for me from scratch, and I wanted to save you time, hassle and money.

After you edit your map, click on “Generate Map Script” to retrieve the html that you can copy and paste for your website. You have the option of paying a small fee that will give you the ability to come back and edit the map later, or you can skip that and just get the code for free.

Though Pat is giving this tool for free but there are people who pay and he makes a decent amount from this tool.

Paid iPhone Apps:

Pat has a number of paid apps and generates quite a decent amount of revenue from these apps.


Pinch of Yum TeamLindsay and Bjork – the couple behind the successful food blog have many sources of incomes ranging from advertisement, affiliate marketing to income from amazon program, but the good thing about this blog is that a major chunk of their income comes from an ebook sales which the couple have created in a very passionate manner. The photographs, techniques and tricks mentioned in the book are simply amazing. According to Lindsay:

I’ve had the honor of being pursued by web magazines, e-newsletters, and book publishers. There’s no doubt in my mind that these opportunities were presented to me because of my improved food photography.

Photography is an incredible tool that can have a profound impact on the life of your blog or website.

Products of

Tasty Food Photography Ebook

This $19 eBook presents a fresh outlook on how to photograph food. Since the improvements in technology and it becoming more affordable – Lindsay experimented with various techniques and shares her learning in this amazing ebook. This ebook helps in:

  • Technical tips
  • Composition tips
  • Lighting tips
  • Props and set up tips
  • Editing Tips
  • General Workflow

About Food Photography.


The undisputed leader in content authorship, examples, sample writeups, guidance, content related consultancy and much much more – Copybloggerhas been a hit with readers since its inception. After considering various business models they’ve finally come up with a product.

Since January 2006, Copyblogger has been teaching people how to create killer online content. Not bland corporate crap created to fill up a company webpage. Valuable information that attracts attention, drives traffic, and builds your business.
These days, that’s called content marketing. Copyblogger founder Brian Clark has been building businesses with online content marketing since 1998, before anyone used that term.
Copyblogger started as a simple one-man blog. Today, Copyblogger Media is a software and training organization with well more than 100,000 customers — and it was all done with useful content, smart copywriting, and solid products and services.

Product of


According to Copyblogger Scribe is the Ultimate Optimization Tool come for $97 and provides :

  • Empowered Online Marketing
  • Smarter Content Creation
  • More Social Sharing
  • Higher Search Rankings
Scribe Image

Scribe shows you the language the audience prefers when searching and discussing on social networks, before you begin to create content. Once your content is created, Scribe reveals other profitable topics and keyword phrases. It analyzes your content, and tells you exactly how to gently tweak it for better search engine rankings.  Finally  it helps crosslink your content to increase usability and time on site, identify websites for guest writing, strategic alliances, and link building, and locate social media users who’ll want to share your content.


Tom Ewer Leaving Work BehindTom Ewer is a regular guy who was desperate to get out of that 9-5 grind and get himself an online business that gives him to earn while live his life to the fullest. He is one guy that earns most of his online income from freelance writing. Over the years he has learned a lot about how to write for online media, affiliate marketing and making money online. In his words:

You see, when I started my freelance career I was a total wet in the ear newbie.

  • I was not a great writer (I’m still not).
  • I was concerned that people wouldn’t pay me.
  • I didn’t know how to market my writing services.
  • I didn’t know how to get clients (not even to mention reliable, high-paying clients).
  • I didn’t know how to set and negotiate fees.
  • I didn’t know how to deal with clients.

In short, I was totally clueless about all things freelance writing.

This prompted him to work tirelessly and document his experience into a product which is now one of  the bestsellers for those who want to pursue freelance writing as a career option.

Product of

Successful Freelance Writing Online : How to Generate a Full Time Income in Part Time Hours from Blogging

This 19.99$ ebook is power packed and offers much more than advice on freelance writing.

  • 150 Page PDF Book. A complete guide to freelance blogging.
  • Blogs That Pay. A booklet containing 45 blogs that will pay you to write for them.
  • Two Checklists. Step-by-step instructions for creating your freelancing blog and for writing blog posts.

The Guide + Resources + Exclusive Interviews & Articles ($29.99)

This upgraded version offers:

  • 150 Page PDF Book. A complete guide to freelance blogging.
  • Blogs That Pay. A booklet containing 45 blogs that will pay you to write for them.
  • Two Checklists. Step-by-step instructions for creating your freelancing blog and for writing blog posts.
  • What Next? A Guide to Taking Your Freelance Career to the Next Level. Interviews with seven top freelancers.
  • Five Exclusive Articles. Featuring tips on maximizing your income, increasing your rates without having to negotiate with clients and more.Leaving work behind ebook package
The Guide + Resources + Exclusive Interviews & Articles + One-on-One Consulting ($129.99)
This version offers:
  • 150 Page PDF Book. A complete guide to freelance blogging.
  • Blogs That Pay. A booklet containing 45 blogs that will pay you to write for them.
  • Two Checklists. Step-by-step instructions for creating your freelancing blog and for writing blog posts.
  • What Next? A Guide to Taking Your Freelance Career to the Next Level. Interviews with seven top freelancers.
  • Five Exclusive Articles. Featuring tips on maximizing your income and increasing your rates without having to negotiate with clients.
  • Two 30 Minute Consulting Sessions. Seek my advice on all things freelance writing for two 30 minute sessions, booked at your convenience.

Conclusion about top money making bloggers & their great products:

The top bloggers have their own ways of making money, creating a successful product and launching in on various affiliate marketing channels and online book stores is just one of them. There are lots and lots of other methods and many other blogger that we are going to cover over the next few months in this post. Do feel free to contact us if you want to get featured in this list.


  1. rakesh kumar says:

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    • Rakesh, Having a blog with a good readership and a killer product even for a small niche will land you with tremendous amount of success. Start working on your product and do let us know when you are ready to launch. We’ll be more than happy to introduce it to our readers

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    I have been making money online via blogging since 2007 and I have been lucky enough to not only read the blogs of the first five people you mentioned, but also receive some very helpful tips when talking to them.

    It was John Chow who told me to charge companies for removing their links from my blog when they paid someone to blog comment on my blog and then contacted me to take them down.

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