Top 5 Optimization Tips for All the Bloggers Who Want More SEO Traffic

optimization tips for bloggers

Who else wants to get more traffic from the search engines?

SEO traffic is the lifeblood for any blog. If you are not getting any traffic from search engines, you can’t make more money or build huge audience.

Let me tell you a harsh truth, bringing traffic from search engines is hard. It is really hard if you are a beginner to blogging or SEO stuff. So how to get traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo! then?

Today I have a detailed article for you on optimization your blog posts for the search engines. If you follow them carefully you will notice great results in no time.

Search engine optimization tips for the bloggers

optimization tips for bloggers

#1. Come up with few keywords

There’s a reason why I put this tip in the first place. Never post something that has no value, you must choose your keywords before writing even a single word.

First come up with few keywords that your targeted readers are searching for. For that, you need to define your ideal customer or reader in the first place. Here are few questions to ask yourself to find your loyal reader.

  • Who is my loyal reader? Male or female?
  • Where do he live?
  • What he wants?
  • What he buys?
  • What he might be typing on Google?

Asking questions like these can not only help you build your audience, but you will also be able to effectively come up with the RIGHT keywords that can bring you more search engine traffic. So focus on choosing your keywords first.

#2. Get more social shares on your blog posts

Did you know that social shares impact your overall search engine rankings?

I personally saw great results from search engines every time I get more shares on your my pages or blog posts.

Search engine crawlers take your social shares that you get on your blog posts into consideration. If you are getting good amount of social shares on your posts or pages, Google will definitely reward you by placing your keywords in top results.

So try to focus on getting more social shares on your blog posts. Here are few effective ways to get more social shares on your posts.

  • Less is more. Always remember that! Don’t use every social sharing button on your posts, try to limit them to 2 to 3 buttons. That’s it! I suggest you to use Facebook, twitter and Google+.
  • Build a platform for yourself on social media sites. Spend your time actively on them and engage with others, share their posts, tag them whenever you find their stuff useful.
  • Ask your readers to share your blog posts. If they find your posts interesting, they will share.

#3. Link out to others “wisely”

If you want to get more traffic from the search engines, you should get backlinks from other bloggers and websites.

Backlinks are often considered as votes by search engine crawlers, if you get links from other websites too often, you can increase your search engine traffic.

So how can you get backlinks to your sites from others?

There’s a simple logic behind it. You first need to link out to others in order to get links from them.

Who will link to you without you linking to them first? Simple reason, right?

I personally suggest you to make a list of top 10 blogs in your niche and often link to them, email the blog owners whenever you link to their posts and ask them to share your posts if they like it. They will do so if they find your content interesting.

What happens after that? Many people will see your content, and people will even link to your sites if they like it.

So first try to write content that naturally attracts links and often link to other web pages, but always make sure to be relevant. Relevancy is the key here, you should never link out just to get links from others or just to grab attention.

#4. Write SEO friendly headlines

Are your blog post titles SEO friendly?

We all know that headlines matter a lot when it comes to grabbing visitors attention.

Learn to optimize your blog post headlines both for humans and search engines. Often people click on your links after reading your titles. If they can’t motivate them to click, they are going to ignore your sites no matter how great your content is.

Make sure to create attention with your headlines, they should create curiosity to read your whole copy.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people decide whether or not to read your blog posts just by looking at your headlines?

So how to write a SEO friendly headline?

  • Make sure to include your keyword in your headline.
  • Don’t exceed the limit of more than 65 words (mostly search engine results show you up to 70 words, so make your headlines short and simple)
  • Come up with at least 3 to 4 headlines for every post you write and choose the best one among them.
  • And don’t forget to include relevant keywords in your sub headlines, they matter a lot too!

#5. Focus on long tail keywords

In simple words, long tail keywords are defined as the keywords that have more than 2 to 5 words.

For instance, optimization tips for bloggers (3 keywords)

Long tail keywords often have less competition but can boost your search engine rankings in the long run.

Why should you focus on long tail keywords?

Short tail keywords like blogging, SEO, marketing etc. often have huge competition and if you have a new blog, it’s almost impossible to rank for specific keywords.

For example, you can nowhere compete with the keywords like marketing because the top results are mostly occupied by industry leaders like Seth Godin etc.

So if you focus on long tail keywords like blog marketing tips etc. you will definitely create your own space in the long run to boost your search engine traffic. Figure out the best long tail keywords and then focus on using them sparingly on your blog posts, you will see the results sooner or later.

So that’s it! If you are implementing the above SEO tips, you will definitely see better results, your traffic grows over time. What are your thoughts? Do you have any more SEO tips to increase more search engine traffic?


  1. Vikas Yadav says:

    Hello Anil, It is true that Optimizing a website according to the search engine helps any blog whether it is new or old to attract large number of visitors on the blog. But, can you tell me how to gain more traffic from the countries like US/UK/Canada etc. ??

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Vikas Here are few things I can suggest you like in case you are aiming at getting more traffic from US:

      – Set your preferred targeting as US from your Google Webmaster Tools account
      – If you are targeting certain locations from US, start using them in your content level.
      – Check out how other websites are doing for the targeted keywords on and try to implement the same thing on your blog
      – Gain backlinks from top blogs and websites in your niche.

  2. nikhil says:

    Hello Anil,
    Informative post indeed. I truly agree with you that long tail keyords have more relevance than one words. I am going to implement the tips you shared. BTW I visited your blog for the first time and got mad over all your posts. You write so good.

    Going to tweet this post. Thanks for sharing this ultimate article.

  3. AAmir Awan says:

    Thanks for sharing such an informative and helpful post with all of your site readers and yes if we focus on long tail keywords then we got some better results, keep sharing such an amazing ideas.

  4. Fabrizio says:

    Hi Anil, great SEO tips for increasing traffic, I love your point about less is more on social sharing buttons. There is nothing worst than seeing a post with lots of social buttons with a big fat zero in them. It gives a post no social credibility.

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      That’s true.

      2-3 years back, I used to show at least 6 social media icons against each of my blog post. But then I studied about the importance of showing less number of social icons at post level. For some time now, I’m only showing social media icons for Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

  5. Thank you for this guide Sir, do you have any article on how to create good backlinks for our website?

  6. srinivas says:

    Hi…Anil, Once again a detailed and informative post. I agree with each and every point you mentioned above. But good content is always king, But proper SEO is required to reachout the wider audience.

  7. Vivek Singh Tomar says:

    Hi Anil,

    Thanks for share nice article. Blogger’s need to use Keyword tools ie; Google Keyword planner & Check search traffic & competition too. I found many times 3 to 4 word keywords have heavy competition in Google.

  8. dilip yadav says:

    Really nice article.
    Great tips for getting traffic.
    A great help… i think this will sure generate some traffic.

  9. Hi Anil, I agree with you that long-tail keywords do help in getting more traffic, especially organically. And getting a link back from an authority blog works well in ranking.

    The above-mentioned points are all so true and I love them absolutely.

  10. Pramod says:

    Hi Anil, although seo is essentia to get traffic but at the same time it overdoing it may cause harm.

    Now we have to be very careful while building backlinks.Recently Google Penalizes MyBlogGuest and I also used to be active on that and hence my organic traffic decreased as well.Could you help me to get my traffic back?

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Hey Pramod. You should either delete all those blog posts that you accepted by MBG or should nofollow all links from those guest posts. You should also check the traffic on these posts via Google analytics before making decision of deleting them from your blog. You need to make sure all contents that you are publishing on your blog whether they are coming from MBG or any other way, are quality content and does not contain any duplicate content issues.

  11. Pramod says:

    Thank you very much Anil, this clears my doubt and hoping to get my traffic back.

  12. Sayyed Parvez says:

    Hi Anil,
    SEO tips mentioned by you are quiet interesting. It is true that it is not easy to get organic traffic. We have to focus on the keywords to get the targeted traffic to our blog. Thanks for the great post.

  13. Hi Anil,
    Thanks for your valuable content.I agree with your points where you have discussed about using of long tail keywords.Nowadays,long tail keywords are really giving much priorities than earlier.Great post.Looking forward to your next content.

  14. Addy says:

    I am glad to read your article Anil for improving website’s traffic. Even, I want to agree with you that using long tail keywords and social media platforms helps to get more traffic eventually.

  15. Uday Ghulaxe says:

    Search engine optimization is really important for every post and if you are using wordpress then there are lots of plugins available for it and I personly use SEO by yoast
    And yes Focusing on long tail keywords really help and it also help us to improve search results

  16. Ahmad Rasheed says:

    my question?? if i only target US traffic from Webmaster tools, will i only be getting preferred traffic from USA, or i will get traffic only from USA but not from other countries??? iam waiting for this replay

  17. Hi Anil,
    I am here today via your share from Growthhackers pages.
    I really missed this amazing and informative write-up
    The 5 optimization tips you shared here is really worth notable, I am sure if apply these tips well no doubt one can achieve more SEO traffic to our pages.
    Keep writing
    Keep sharing.
    Best Regards

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