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Finding the right resources while starting a WordPress blog which help ease out the technical and other difficulties from establishing a successful end product are not very often easy to find at a single place. There are various posts made around this topic, but the irony is that once a post it made, many other tools are announced in the market which are not easily available or accessible to the end users and in most of the cases they don’t even have the knowledge about it. Here in this post we have compiled a list of resources around most popular and essential blogging and successful online business management strategy. So lets begin with the niche finder segment which is one of the most essential and crucial to begin with.web resources that can help

1. Niche Finder:

niche finderAccording to WikiPedia niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing. A niche website can be developed and promoted quickly to serve a unique and small target based customer base which is focused on raking in small but continuous stream of income. Big online successful marketers depend hugely on such sites and spend a lot of time finding the right niche which will bring in profit without putting much effort. Here are some of these top resources:

1. Wordstream Keyword Niche Finder:   The process of manually performing keyword research and organizing your website keywords to find valuable niches can take hours, even days, using typical keyword tools. WordStream’s Free Keyword Niche Finder automates that process so you can find keywords in the most profitable groups to target in just seconds. This niche finder software can help in Identifying keyword niches allows you to prioritize your SEO workflow, identify promising topics for Web content and blog posts and help ensure that your website is optimized for the most profitable SEO keywords.

2. helps you to earn consistent commissions using one page articles to promote niche products, it helps you create a residual Adsense income with simple set-and-forget webpages.It helps you find out which niches will give you profits and which one will just drain your efforts.The product is very simple to use and if you can follow instructions given by the site, success will follow.

3.  Helps you find those “long tail” golden keywords that folks refer to as “buyer keywords which are more focused keywords and close more sales with less visitors.Helps you make more money by with less efforts.

4. Provides you each day, a content packed email that shows you exactly what hot niche market is making money online right now.Each short and sweet NicheADay email will contain a single niche market, the monthly traffic it gets and the current high PPC bid for that particular niche.

5.  The USP of this tool is the simple act of showing you how competitive any keyword is (i.e. how difficult OR easy it will be to rank that keyword in Google). It works on a very simple but effective strategy that allows you to generate an unlimited number of long tailed keywords actually being searched, on Google and find out the difficulty level of getting a keyword ranked in Google. This will give you a good head-start on which keywords to focus on initially to get organic traffic pretty quickly.

2. Keyword Research:

keyword researchIf you want online success, more traffic, more visitors to your website – you will have to master the art of keyword research. It is one of the most high return activities in online marketing. Finding the right keywords, writing appropriate content that includes all the seo factors most importantly keyword related and posting them on your blog or website on regular intervals is the first and most important step towards your online success. Targeting the right keywords brings in the right kind of visitors to your website and the more targeted the traffic is the greater is the chance of conversion and profitability. So here are some keyword tools that you should be familiar with and use the tips and tricks of the trade to master the art of keyword research to your advantage:

1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool:  Google AdWords Keyword tool is being transitioned into keyword planner which will be now available with your adWords login. Choosing competitive bids, building new search network campaigns, finding competitive keywords in each niche , getting traffic estimates, saving keywords to your account, refining and improving keyword campaigns by suggestions and insights provided by the Google Adwords Keyword Planner. The tool gives you greater insight into which keywords, ad groups, bids, and budgets you may want to use. Researching new keywords and adding it to a new campaigns is very easy and intuitive and they can be put in groups to suit your products services landing pages or other categorization that you like to choose.  Finally you can precisely target all the parameters and set individual as well as group bids for your keywords so that you and later refine them to get the maximum ROI on your adspend.

2. WordTracker Keyword Research ToolThe Wordtracker Keywords Tool helps you to grow your business and multiply your profits. It helps you save time by getting the keywords results which can be trusted, help boost your search rankings, discover new profitable niches and thereby attracting relevant traffic to your website.  Wordtracker has been popular with the SEO community for various purpose and is used by online marketers all over the world. The best thing about Wordtracker is that it is FREE Trial  and gives you many features that are not available with other Free tools and is constantly improving upon its feature set so that it gives cutting edge to its users.

According to Wordtracker team Wordtracker digs deep to uncover the terms your customers are really using on the web, so you can learn to “speak their search language.” Our robust platform allows you to cherry-pick the best keywords from over 320 million Wordtracker keywords and 95 million search engine keywords powered by our partners at SEMrush.

 To check it out why not start a 7 day free trial of your WordTracker tool.

3. Wordstream Keyword ToolWordstream – another keyword research tool provides customers with three core benefits not offered by traditional search-based keyword products. The Exclusive Keyword Research- which it uses a trillion keyword database to provide a precise and most comprehensive , extensive, accurate and latest keyword research. Keyword data you can act on – the keyword data provided is not just randomly presented but it is organized, structured, and insightful that helps you to act in a more precise and revenue generating mode. It also helps the users to automate the process of finding new keywords, which saves time. There are few other tools in its arsenal like  a keyword suggestion  tool,  a keyword niche finder , a keyword grouper etc. Are you feeling the power?

4. Bing Keyword Tool: Bing keyword research tool is from Microsoft and combines the organic search data from MSN and Yahoo. This gives you an additional edge that suggestions are based on organic search, not on paid search or search advertising data, giving you the most natural ideas and accurate numbers.  It provides up to 6 months of data and upgrades regularly. Regional factors are taken into account while giving keyword suggestions. The Keyword Research tool can generate keyword suggestions in wide range of languages and countries/regions, allowing you to fine-tune your keyword ideas for the markets you serve. It also maintains a research history of the keyword search for up to 25 searches and provides you with data on it saving a lot of time for you. The Bing keyword tool is evolving and is doing it in the right direction.

5. MarketsamuraiIf you want to avoid bumping into projects that lead to nowhere and want killer keyword research that will bring in profitability – Market Samurai is for you. The  tools that come with Market Samurai  will help you find those gold nugget opportunities that exist in your marketplace. The experts at Market Samurai  help you with insights on increasing your organic traffic, avoid common keyword traps,  help you find the relevancy of your keywords, improve your site engagement metrics and remove the junk that is costing you time and money.


3. Website Hosting

website hostingChoosing the right website host can be a key to running a smooth business versus having constant headaches caused by technical difficulties, slow website load times, website downtime, configuration errors, malware and other hacking attempts. All these can go a long way in how much of your time is being invested in productive activities rather than running from technical experts to customer care people and handling support tickets. The negative impact it has on your users and even the search spiders will land you in serious trouble if you run into one such web hosts. So here are some of the good web-hosts, which have gained reputation over time and have millions of satisfied customers. There is no doubt that you will also want to use one of their services.

1. : Go Daddy is one of the largest web hosting service, currently managing well over 30 million domains.The hallmark of Godaddy is High quality, great customer service and low cost. Godaddy will always be remembered for their long-standing tradition of providing an affordable  shared hosting plans, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and other hosting related services with impeccable ticketing system to resolve all your hosting related complaints in the shortest possible time.

2. Hostgator.comHost Gator web hosting was started by its CEO Brent Oxley’s in his dorm room in 2002. Over the years, Host Gator hosting has grown to be a leader in the market of shared and reseller hosting. As Host Gator is growing, the employee strength, office locations and services are all expanding at a rapid pace. Besides this huge overhead  it continues to maintain a high level of customer service and support. The company is based out of Houston, Texas, HostGator hosts more than 2,500,000 domains. HostGator has committed itself to providing greener solutions for their shared and reseller servers. With their certified Renewable Energy Credits in wind power, HostGator is not just neutralizing their environmental impact, they’re reversing it. Host Gator is committed to take on the ecological challenges and provide solutions to meet your web hosting requirements.

3. Bluehost.comBluehost was started in 1996, Bluehost has all the ingredients of a good web hosting company to rank among the top hosting service providers. Being true experts in the field; company’s award-winning support,  high rank among customers and independent review sites, a  customer support team, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by live chat, email, and toll-free phone to provide support, a sophisticated support tracking system for all tickets, Bluehost provides fully featured shared, virtual, and dedicated hosting at bargain prices. Unlimited bandwidth and disk space are always included, at just  $5.95 a month that which is pretty hard to resist.

4. iPage was founded on the principle that you don’t have to pay high prices for premium services. Started by industry veterans, range of services available at work together that  by taking a fresh approach to web hosting services. Believing in the tagline “Everything web. Made easy” -the company does its best to live up to this. Their commitment to security may be among the most important, hosting package receive an exclusive free security suite. SPECIAL OFFER: For a limited time: $1.99 web hosting with iPage on your first term! Click the Visit button below – no coupon code required!

5. Dreamhost.comDreamhost was started in  April 1997. Initially working in a  frugal setup the Dreamhost team but even with our always did our best to provide a quality service at a reasonable price. They’ve built most of their technology platform thereby saving cost and having a proprietary platform that differentiates them from the competition. Now they have grown to more than 1500 servers, state-of-the-art data centers, and a full time staff of more than 100 employees. They  now host more than 1 million domains. quality customer experience backed by the absolute best web hosting technology in the industry is the core of Dreamhost and they do have the idea to stick to it firmly.


4. Setting Up WordPress website

wordpress websiteSetting up of a website is a task which most of newbie online entrepreneurs thing as a very technical, time and resource consuming and they are not sure that even after putting such efforts they will be able to gain the results they want. All these hassles are taken care of by installing the most popular and easy to use Content Management System (Unless you want some kind of specific functionality). WordPress is easy to install, it doesn’t require any serious knowledge of HTML CSS or other web technologies and if you want a basic website or blog you can be up and running in just 5 minutes. However if you find it difficult or have some issues here are some resources that will help iron out these for you:


1. : Getting started the process of setting up a hosting service and installing WordPress is complicated and time-consuming. He also helps the users with an infographic that helps one differentiate between self hosted and WordPress hosted websites. He has provided a video which takes you through the process of setting up your self hosted website in less than 20 minutes.  No technical expertise required. The process is explained  in a lucid manner and which makes it easy to understand for even a novice. If you miss something in the video there is a transcript provided at the bottom of the video which will help you grasp what you’ve  missed.

2. : This complete WordPress installation tutorial takes you from the very beginning  to setting up a self hosted WordPress blog. The most important blogging platform is made easy to use by the simple yet effective instructions. By starting with installing the WordPress which takes less than 5 minutes, WPBeginner takes all the technicalities and prerequisites to be needed before starting the installation and also touches on these topics. Things You Need Before Installing WordPress, How to Install WordPress using SimpleScripts, How to Install WordPress using Softaculous, How to Install WordPress using Fantastico, How to Install WordPress using FTP, How to Install WordPress in your Computer, How to Install WordPress in your Language. This is a fairly large tutorials and if you have the patience to go through it, installing and configuring WordPress on any domain will be a cakewalk for you.

3: WordPress SetupOne of the most popular website on copywriting has also provided a great tutorial on how to set up WordPress for beginners. The unique thing about the process explained on this website is that it is done via a graphic which takes each step of installation and explains it graphically so as the saying goes – a picture is worth a 1000 words, this graphic makes it super easy for all novices and beginners understand the intricacies in a pictorial way which goes well with them.  Besides the picture they are also offering a completely free course on the topic if a user registers on their site.

4: Bluehost WordPress InstallationBluehost, one of the most popular hosting service on the web also offers Free WordPress installation service and help on technical issues. The WordPress installation comes in various flavours, 1-click installer, installation through Cpanel, Fantastico and other such tools. It also offers a step by step guide on WordPress installation just in case a user wants to install each and everything via a manual process. It also has a great knowledgebase and ticketing service if you run into any kind of trouble the help is just a click away.

5: Starting a WordPress Website for Less than $100: It was not long ago when Anil Aggarwal the founder of was presented with a challenge to start a self hosted WordPress website for less than 100$ and make it bring in traffic as soon as possible. What tools, tricks, tips, services, he hired to keep the budget under 100$ and yet achieve the target? If you want to learn this is a great thing begin with as it helps you avoid spending money on unnecessary things and focus on the right tools and services to get your things done.


5. Social Media Management

Social media managementSocial media is the new internet where everybody is connected to somebody and therefore it becomes a huge network of interconnected people who know each other physically and often recommend, tweet, retweet, interact and share things that are interesting and important to them. So if your website or blog wants to be among them you must have a presence on at least three of the most popular social networking platform viz. Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Creating accounts and managing these can be done either manually or via tools which do bring in additional benefits besides simply managing and sending posts to these social networks. Here are some social media management tools listed, choose the one that suits your budget and requirement and start your social media journey with the launch of your website or blog:



6. Website Content

website contentManaging content, putting up new posts, researching and writing content for your niche all require a considerable time and effort.
Unless you are willing to put in the effort, chances of churning out content of mediocre or low quality will be great, and this will
certainly not impart any kind of authority to you as a website author, niche expert and your website as a top ranking one in your
niche. So giving up sufficient time to producing a high quality content piece according to your content calendar is of utmost
poriority. You shouldn’t just be putting up content like artices, posts only but also publish interviews, podcasts, videos, graphics,
infographics, presentations, pdfs etc in your niche so that you have a wide array of content to satisfy the needs of your niche. With
content there also comes a problem of plagiarism, people copying your content or, someone you outsourced posted copied content on your blog or website is a sin and search engines do not spare any duplicacy of content. And last but not the least the content should be free of grammatical, typographical and have a professional tone so that you stand out from the crowd. Here are some resources to help you achieve this goal.

1. :
2. Spinbot :
3. :
4. :
5. :


7. Web Monitoring

web monitoringWhat is trending in your niche, what people are talking about your product or website in the blogosphere, social media, forums, niche groups, what new products are being launched, what do you need to track to be on the forefront of the competition all this takes a  lot of effort unless you have the right tools. Once you set up a decent web monitoring systems to listen out about what’s happening in your niche you will be having a competitive edge. These tools will help you stay ahead of the competition:



1. Google Alerts:
2. Feeddemon:
3. :
4. :
5. :


8. Competition Research

competition analysisAn extension of web monitoring is competition resoearch. It all begins with finding the keywords you are going to fight for in online domain and in your niche. Then finding out who is ranking on these keywords, what are their positions, how many backlinks they have, what is their Gogle PageRank, anchor texts of inbound links, their entire link profile etc. After having all these metrics it is pertinent to rank yourself against and you will clearly find out what is required to beat them on their keywords, what are the
sources you need to tap to get quality backlinks and other parameters. Doing this manually will be an arduous task and hopefully will require a full time resource, but lots of tools have cropped up which give you this kind of analisys and also provide you with valuable suggestion on how to improve your rankings. Here are some:

1. SemRush:
2. SpyFu:
4. Keywordspy:
5. Hitwise:

9. Creating Landing Pages

landing page exampleEvery page on a website is a landing page for a particular keyword or a set of keywords. The content, images, conversion funnel all must be designed to align visitors to the goal assigned to that page – be it creating a signup, helping download a free e-book, signing up for a free service etc. This becomes more important when you are buying traffic from paid sources such as Google AdWords or MSN AdCenter, because every visitor has a cost and if it doesn’t convert it brings in loss to the business and overall bottom-line. Over the period of time there have been a lot of research on how landing pages have evolved and it is very difficult to keep track of all the action happening around unless you have few experts at your disposal who will help you design landing pages almost automatically with all the best practices involved so that you don’t loose money. Here are some such resources:

1. Getresponse:
5. Kickofflabs:


10. Website Analytics

website analyticsWho is visiting your website, from what part of the world, by which keyword, have you paid for these keywords or are they organich searches, how much time visitors are spending on your website, which pages attract most visitors and which are the bad players, which pages or paths are giving you conversions and where people are dropping off from your conversion funnel — you need answers to all these questions in order to run a website that you can count on. These statistics help you analyze what is working what is not. There are many website anaytics tool which help you achieve these. Ranging from the excellent free one – The Google Analytics to paid ones like Hitbox or Omniture there is a wide variety of such tools available. But the rapid pace at which Google analytics is expanding its features and helping out webmasters find new insights makes it one of the most desirable one. Here are some more for you to consider.

1. Google Analytics:
2. :
3. Wordstream Analytics:
5. Hubspot web analytics:

11. A/B and Multivariate Testing

ab testingA/B and Multivariate testing is rapidly gaining popularity among website owners who want a greater ROI on their adspend, visitor engagement and other metrics that define their online success. It could be more conversions, more signups, more dowloads, lowering bounce rates etc. The complexities of A/B and MVT are taken out by some recently launched websites which allow a user to create tests with drag and drop functionality and make it very easy to analyze which version of the web page they are testing is giving them better results and eventually adopting it. Listed below are some popular tools which allow you to do A/B and MVT without putting much strain on your brain:


1. Visualwebsiteoptimizer:
2. Optimizely:
3. Conversion Rate Experts:
4. Sitespect:

13. Paid Search Tools

paid searchGetting organic traffic is becoming increasingly time consuming, highly competitive and difficult for new entrants into web businesses. The easy way out for them is to buy traffic which is precisely targeted towards their user base and consumers so that they can straightaway get their business up and running from day one. There are many tools which allow you to buy traffic, each has its own characteristic and requires a considerable level of expertise to master. If you donot play the game right, you will loose money in the process and your competitors can pry over your weakness. So it is advisable to get some expert advice before you venture out into buying paid traffic for your website. Listed below are some tools that allow you to buy traffic based on your keyword, geographical locality, targeted niche and other factors. Remember money cannot buy you everything. There is also a thing called quality which is very much a huge priority for these service providers and if you keep a good eye on the quality score you might end up paying less than your competitors for your keywords.

1. Google AdWords:
2. Wordstream Paid Search:
3. Adobe Search Center:
4. Microsoft Advertising:
5. Facebook Ads:

14. Survey And Customer Feedback Tools

survey toolsFinding out what the customers have to say about your website or blog or product or service is a great way to improve on them, even if a customer criticizes say for example your customer service – he is in fact giving you an advice on an area that you should improve upon. These kinds of services help you interact with your customer on various points. There are many tools in the market that allow you to seamlessly integrate survey, feedback, contact,live chat and other such forms, gather the responses and then evaluate these and get to a result that help you improve upon your services. Here are a few of them:


1. Userreport:
2. Surveymonkey:
3. Uservoice:
4. Zoomerang:
5. Questionpro:

15. Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship managementOnce a visitor or user becomes your customer you need to tackle him on a different plane altogether. Providing him with special offers, constantly removing his grievances if any, providing a regular feedback mechanism, offering him discounts, sending transactional emails at regular intervals — all these help a customer become more loyal, feel cared and builds trust in your organization. CRM can automate general tasks such as sending a birthday email to every customer whenever it occurs or for that matter their wedding anniversary, or the birthday occasion of their children or on any other matter and not only this it maintains all the details of customer right from the first call to the latest transaction and if done right a good CRM implementation can turn a customer into your brand ambassador. Here are few CRM tools that will help you achieve this:

1. Salesforce:
2. SugarCRM:
3. Zoho:
4. Dynamics:
5. Vtiger:

16. Email Marketing Tools

email marketing toolsOne of the highest paying tools in the hands of online business owners is email. A double-opt in email list which is targeted to a niche can do wonders for the success of a business. The key thing is to do it right and use the right tools so that you are not treated as a spammer and your email blast never reaches the inbox of the customer. With the spam filters getting increasingly sophisticated it is very important that you use the right tool to send your emails and that too only if you have the right permissions to do so. Violating these norms can land you in legal soup which can be nasty. Here are some good email marketing tools that will help you avoid the troubles and help you steer in the right direction:


1. Aweber:
2. iContact:
3. Mailchimp:
4. ConstantContact:
5. Getresponse:

17. Social Media Monitoring

social media monitoring You have decided to spend a fortune on social media campaigns for your brand, product or service promotion and have a dedicated team of experts to do it, but does it justify its cost, does it tell you what is working on which social network for you and where it is simply dumping your money. Tracking can be done manually but there are always chances of human errors. Keeping in demand the needs many tools have sprung up on the internet to address precisely this problem and they work for you 24/7 365 days a year. Here are some of these for you to consider:


1. Sysomos:
2. Radian6:
3. Brandwatch:
4. Vocus:
5. Hubspot:

18. Contest Management Tools

contest management toolsThere are lots of groups on Yahoo, Google, Forums, Blog networks etc. which cater to your niche. Find these groups, join them and start participating creatively. A good way to engage users is by announcing giveaways, freebies, contests and ask users to participate in them and spread the message to their network as well. This is a very popular means of gathering fan following, increasing user base, engagement and establishing your expertise in the niche in an interesting and popular way. Here are some tools that will help you achieve this:


1. Lookcontests:
2. Rafflecopter:
3. Wizehive:
4: Tournikoti:

19. Affiliate Program Management

affiliate program managementIf you have some product of service to sell, then why not leverage your community to become your brand ambassadors by inviting them to become your affiliate and spread the word across and in this process if they are able to generate a sale for you they get a commission. This win-win situation is the core of all the affiliate programs. Here are some tools that help you star your own affiliate marketing program:




1. Affiliatemanager:
2. Clickinc:
3. Linktrust:
4. Clickbank:

20. Reputation Management Tools

reputation managementReputation management is one of the latest trends that is catching up with individuals and business to keep their image intact. Things can go viral on internet very fast and before you blink your eyes a content, graphic, video or any other such material could spread on to every nook and corner of the internet. So it is better to set alerts on all the Social media tools and keep a track of anything derogatory, misleading, customer complaint etc and address it promptly before it creates a substantial damage to your online reputation. Here are some popular reputation management tools which you can use instead of hiring a full time reputation management expert.

1. Funded by one of the largest venture captial firms, claims to have 1000′s of users around the world and they have been featured in more than 400 leading publishing houses Read More…

2. is rated the industry’s #1 Online Reputation Management service by team consists of over 135 fulltime employees dedicated to providing you with full control over your online reputation. They offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all of their services. Read More…

3. The mission of is to put th power of reputation companies in everybody’s hands. They provide tools that everyone can do the task of reputation management themeselves and don not have to shell out a hell lot of money to the experts.  Read More…

4. ReviewBalance : Reviewbalance is a free online tool for business owners to prevent, repair and   manage their online reviews. Manage your online reputation or someone else… Read More…


This is a big compilation of most of the popular tools a webmaster or website owner might need to address a specific area of concern in their operational system. This list is by no means exhaustive and complete, tools come and go and technology continues to improve and add new features so we will be constantly monitoring the web for any updates, new product releases or a killer product that might prove game changer for a particular niche of service or product.

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