Traffic Generation Tips for Bloggers to Boost Their Blog Traffic

traffic generation tips

Are you searching for traffic generation tips to increase your blog traffic?

Getting traffic to a website was much easier few years ago. All you had to do was to do article submission to build links and use the same keywords (called as “keyword stuffing”) throughout your posts to increase your website search traffic.

But now, is that possible by using the same methods as above?

No. It won’t work. This is Google Panda and Penguin world. Google is becoming really smarter and is rolling out latest updates including mobile-friendliness algorithm to penalize the sites that don’t give better user experience.

This is the major reason why most blogs are not getting enough traffic they deserve. If you’re one among them, this post is for you.

Building a strong foundation is the first step for any blog to succeed in getting more website traffic. Unfortunately most beginners don’t lay their foundation on long term SEO strategies and they often run behind the traffic tactics that give immediate results.

If you are not focusing on building a strong foundation for your blog by focusing on long term results, you are not going to build a high traffic website. Building audience is really hard if you focus on short term results.

Let’s focus on few traffic generation tips that will boost your overall website traffic.

Traffic Generation Tips for Bloggers

Traffic generation tips for bloggers

Conduct interviews of others

One of the easiest ways to increase your website traffic is to conduct interviews of influencers. How can you do this?

Find out a popular blogging forum in your niche. By typing “your niche + forum” like “blogging + forum” can give you great results.

And contact the admin and ask him that you are interested in doing an interview with him about his successes and failures. Once you’re done with the interview, you can simply mail the published link to the admin.

And ask him to share it with his forum members. 99% of the time, he’ll do so because everyone wants to get more attention. So you will get more visits from the forums.

Similarly, you can find out the relevant and popular Facebook groups around your blog topics and contact the admin regarding the interviews. Ask him to share it with his network once the interview post goes live.

This is by far the effective way to increasing your blog traffic.

Increase your social shares

Did you know that you can increase your website search traffic by increasing the social shares on your blog posts?

Social media shares impact your search engine rankings. Google gives top priority to the web pages that get more social shares, so increase your social shares. Social media sites like Facebook, twitter etc. became so viral these days. And increasing your blog traffic won’t be hard if you use captivating headlines on your posts.

Increasing the social shares on your posts is the surefire way to increase your overall traffic along with your reputation.

Repurpose your blog content

If you want to increase your blog traffic without posting new contents, start repurposing your blog posts. One of the smartest ways to increase your blog traffic is to leverage your content. How can you do that?

Here are few incredible ways to repurpose your blog content to get more blog exposure.

  • Turn your blog posts into PDF’s and upload them in eBook directories and provide easy ways for others to download your stuff. Include links to your original posts in the PDF’s, so that you can drive traffic whenever someone’s reading them.

  • Create videos on the topics that are already popular on your blog. Turn your most popular blog posts into videos or audio files. This way you can reach out more people on YouTube and iTunes.

  • Make your blog posts into infographics. These are great to build backlinks and boost your traffic.

  • You can also repurpose your contents to use them as guest posts instead of finding new post ideas for guest blogging. Just don’t rehash the content but focus on one element on your posts and turn them into guest posts.

Be a blog commenting rockstar

Blog commenting is the fantastic way to generate traffic to your blogs. It is one of the fantastic blog promotion ways for all the bloggers. They not only help you increase your traffic but they also help you build relationships with other bloggers. Make sure NOT to leave one liners as most bloggers won’t respond.

Here are few blog commenting tips that help you increase your traffic.

  • Use a gravatar. Most beginners don’t use gravatars, if you want to leave a great impression with comments, make sure to get yourself one.

  • Use blog author’s name while leaving comments. This is a less-known way to build a “personal bond” with the blog owners.

  • Always leave thoughtful comments. Read the blog posts and extend the conversation about the topic.

  • If you want to grab attention, ask questions in the comments. This will not only help you get replies from others but it will also enlighten your knowledge.

Use keywords in prominent places

Whether you know it or not, keywords are golden. Using the right combination of keywords can send you most suitable audience to your websites. The more targeted people who visit your blogs from search engines the more money you can generate. It’s as simple as that.

Performing keyword research is an art.

Just avoid stuffing keywords in your blog posts and web pages to increase your website traffic. Google considers keyword stuffing as a spam practice and it can penalize your site for doing so.

So make sure not to repeat the same keywords more than the usual. By keeping your keyword density between 1 to 2% is good but I recommend you to use less than even 1% if you are writing detailed blog posts that are around 800+ words.

Here are few keyword research ideas that can help you in getting more traffic from Google.

  • Before writing content, think about the keywords your audience might type of Google.

  • Find out long tail keywords instead of focusing on single keywords because it’s almost impossible to rank for short tail keywords without building thousands of quality links.

  • Use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, WordTracker etc. to come up with profitable keyword ideas.

  • Give high priority to the keywords that are less competitive, it’s easier to rank for these keywords.

Pro tip: Make sure to use your primary and secondary keywords in the prominent places like image alt tags, content, meta description, page titles, header tags like h1, h2 and URL to get more visibility from search engines for your keywords.

Attract incoming links

Link building is the surefire way to increase traffic of any website. If you are not getting enough traffic even though if you’re writing good contents, then you are probably not building links.

Once you start building links ethically, you will find that your search rankings jumping up. Here are few link building tips anyone can follow.

  • Use guest posting to your advantage. Instead of landing on small blogs, try to write guest posts for top blogs in your niche. And link back to the posts that send you more traffic, don’t link to your home pages.

  • Reach out other bloggers in your niche and ask them to linking to your posts. If they are really top notch, most bloggers would be happy to link back to your sites. Before asking for help from others to link, make sure to frequently linking to their sites.

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Assess your Google analytics Data

Whether you know it or not, by evaluating Google analytics data you can double or triple your website traffic growth. How can you do that?

Log on to your Analytics and find out the top 10 pages that send you more traffic to your blogs. Try to work on these blog posts and add more value by giving more details. And republish these posts to get more search visibility.

If the search crawlers find your updated pages more valuable, then you will get top results and you can easily climb up the Google search results by doing so.

Final thoughts about traffic generation tips

When I asked few bloggers about their biggest trouble in blogging, most of them said they lack of website traffic. I know increasing website traffic can be hard at times but it’s possible if you follow Google guidelines properly. Give your readers top priority and always post contents that are worth sharing.

Never forget to reach out to other bloggers in your niche as relationship building not only helps you in building backlinks and boosting your website traffic but it also helps you create a better blog.

If you properly implement the traffic generation tips and strategies mentioned in this detailed guide, I’ll definitely say you’ll increase your website traffic in no time. Just be patient if you are finding ways to increase your website organic traffic as it takes time.

What are your thoughts about traffic generation tips discussed in this article? If find them useful please share it with others. You can also ask questions about website traffic in the comment section below.


  1. rajkumar says:

    Hai Anil, Your are giving Fantastic Out put for Blogger s

    Thanks for Sharing a Such Good Articles

  2. Hi Anil,

    I completely agree of you and your points, but can you explain what mean Attract incoming links?

    Thank you

    • Vikas for attracting lots of high quality links, you need to:

      – Write high quality and well researched contents on your own blog which will attract lots of natural links.
      – Find top blogs in your niche and start contributing your guest post there.
      – Write round up posts etc.

  3. Hi Anil,

    Thanks for the nice post for traffic generation. Few of my posts are getting good traffic compared to other post and once I thought to expand the post data which are getting good traffic, but got afraid to lose the traffic which I am getting already.

    So, can you give some idea on, how can I expand the post which is already getting good traffic and what are the precautions which I have to take care while expanding the blog post.

    Sabrez Alam

    • Hi Sabrez,

      You can simply updated the posts or pages that are already getting huge traffic with latest information. And you can try or add some more keyword variations to increase your traffic. Also build links to the popular posts (from guest posting or blogger outreach). Hope it helps!

  4. Akash Navi says:

    Hello Anil,
    Great Tips i create backlinks to my blog by commenting on other
    most successful blogs on the internet like yours, I actually
    love this way of backlink creation. Most of those are “rel=nofollow”
    but still its ok.


    • I think backlinks to your website should have been the combination of nofollow as well as dofollow backlinks. If you just keep generating dofollow links, will make your backlink profile artificial. With blog commenting whether you are doing on nofollow or dofollow, will somehow help you in getting more traffic and revenue from your blog.

  5. shafi says:

    Hi Anil,

    Good article for a newbie like me, i will implement this for my coming new blog.

  6. Amit Lamba says:

    Well Written Article , I Find it Very Helpful and Hopefully I will Implement for my Website and Improve my Website Rankings and Thus Create More Traffic .

    Amit Lamba

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