Tweet Adder Review: Fastest Way To Get Targeted Twitter Followers

Review of: Tweet Adder
$19/Month for Single Profile

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On April 17, 2015
Last modified:December 29, 2016


Tweet Adder is the ultimate Twitter marketing tool which will help you gain targeted followers on Twitter quickly.

Note: Tweet Adder is now Follow Adder which is a marketing tool for Instagram

Who else wants to get more twitter followers? If you’re searching for proven ways to drive more traffic from twitter or increase your twitter followers, there’s a great plugin for you.

Tweet Adder:

So far, I have used so many twitter tools to manage my twitter accounts but Tweet Adder is one of the most effective tools that helped me to increase both my website traffic and twitter followers. In this Tweet Adder review, we’ll discuss how this tool can help you reach your blogging goals.

It doesn’t matter whether you are blogging for business or fun, you need to get the right kind of attention to improve your online reach. Without getting attention online, you simply can’t spread your word about your business or brand. Getting targeted audience to listen to you is a difficult task especially if you are new to online world. So how can you spread your word on social media sites like Twitter? Tweet Adder is one of the best tools you can get to manage your twitter accounts be it single or multiple.

Believer it or not, Twitter is the RIGHT social media solution if you want to increase your traffic, sales and revenue. There are tons of people who are actively searching for solutions to solve their problems on Twitter. If you already aware of the importance of Twitter, you will be searching for different ways to get targeted followers on twitter, right?

If yes, there’s a great tool called Tweet adder 4.0 that makes it easy for you to manage your twitter accounts and grow your targeted followers on twitter. There are almost 100,000 users who are using Tweet adder to manage their twitter accounts and to grow their targeted twitter follower count.

Tweet Adder Overview

The great thing about Tweet adder tool is that it comes up with unlimited number of features including auto message, auto follow, unfollow, finding and following specific users, creating white and black lists etc. All these features take your twitter profile to next level and you don’t have to sit down in front of computer to manage your tweets and accounts. This tool helps you by automating the whole process and it allows you to become a twitter pro at sending tweets and growing specific twitter followers.

In the recent times, Twitter has become one of top most marketing tool with Facebook for lots of website owners and bloggers. As the popularity of Twitter is increasing, there are lots of software’s and tools coming in market to help people with their needs related to Twitter. In the past I have tested lots of Twitter marketing tools, some of them were good. But I was not much impressed with any of those Twitters marketing tools that I find good enough to be shared on Bloggers Passion. But there was one tool from which I was very impressed and is very popular among Twitter users that’s Tweet Adder.

Tweet Adder can help in performing lots of manual tasks automatically with few clicks for which we may need to spend many hours doing. Twitter Adder can help us with the automation of Twitter posts, Twitter Follow, Twitter unfollow, Twitter messages and Twitter search etc. So in today’s post, I’m doing Tweet Adder Review, one of ultimate tool for Twitter Marketing.

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Tweet adder review: How to get more twitter followers

tweet adder review

Get targeted twitter followers using tweet adder 4.0

Yes, it’s true that you need more twitter followers to grow your network and increase your online sales. But what is the use of having untargeted twitter followers who don’t bother about your tweets and who never really clicks on your tweets? It’s a waste of time and energy, right?

This is where Tweet adder comes in to the play, it helps you get targeted followers on twitter. You can get niche, national and worldwide followers on twitter using Tweet adder 4.0. Not only that, you can follow someone else’s specific followers on twitter without any hassle.

Even if you are not a tech savvy, you will still find Tweet adder very easy to use and it comes in hand to manage your unlimited number of twitter accounts.

Pricing of Tweet adder 4.0

tweet adder review 4.0

There are 3 price tiers for tweet adder 4.0 and you can choose according to your accounts.

Personal: 1 Profile – $19/month or $68.40 for 6 months
Professional: 10 Profiles – $29/month or $104.40 for 6 months
Agent: Unlimited Profiles – $69/month or $248.40 for 6 months

You will get unlimited support for all the above 3 accounts. But with the personal account, you can only manage 1 twitter profile.

Whereas with the professional account, you can use and manage upto 10 twitter profiles. And you can use unlimited twitter profiles by using Agent account which is priced at $69.

Benefits of using Tweet Adder

One of the best benefits of using Tweet Adder to manage your twitter accounts is it has easy options to clean up your twitter profiles. It means you can get the most qualified followers on your twitter accounts. You can also easily remove all the unwanted followers who don’t have images on their profiles, who are inactive or who don’t post on English etc. This way you can only have a list of twitter followers who are interested in tweeting and sharing your stuff.

Now let’s discuss in detail about the benefits you will enjoy after purchasing the latest version of Tweet Adder, the finest Twitter marketing software:

1. RSS Feed

We can use this feature to update our Twitter accounts by adding content from our own blogs or other blogs of our interest. So we can extract contents from any RSS feed through this feature. We will be able to share targeted tweets with our followers on Twitter with this facility.

2. Re-Tweets

You can do auto retweets for your favorite twitter profiles and can use this feature to schedule certain number of retweets in each hour or day type.

3. Profile Data Search

You can use this feature to search profiles of your interest on Twitter. You can search twitter profiles by keyword, users location and also can apply filters created around Twitter users following, followers etc. You can even filter out those Twitter users who haven’t changed their default avatars or who haven’t even added a URL in their profiles.

4. Multiple Twitter Profiles

We can manage unlimited Twitter profiles using Tweet Adder software. We have to decide the number of profiles we actually interested in managing though this Twitter adder tool when we went to purchase a license of this automatic twitter marketing tool. If we have purchased Tweet Adder software that can manage one profile and in case we want to manage more profiles through this software, we can upgrade to higher version in 2 minutes time.

5. Auto Twitter Following

We can use this tool to follow targeted users on Twitter. We can follow twitter profiles of our interest based on keywords, interest, sex, location age etc. We will have full control over the followers and following ratio. We can control the number of people we want to follow in a day. Tweet Adder will automatically stops following Twitter profiles once it reaches to the maximum following limit.

6. Automatic Unfollow

This is one of my favorite feature available in Tweet Adder that allows me to unfollow those twitter users who are not following me back. This way, I’m able to keep a check on Followers and Following ratio. I would have to spend many hours in unfollowing those twitter users who are not following me back. But with this Twitter adder tool, it will be done very quickly. So this way I can increase my followers base to a great extent by auto following new twitter profiles and by unfollowing those twitter profiles that are not following me back.

7. Auto Updates & Replies

You can schedule automatic updates to your Twitter profile and even can send automatic replies to those Twitter users who respond to your post updates. If you want to increase your reach on twitter, you need to frequently update your twitter profiles with quality tweets. Unfortunately most of us don’t have that much time to frequently tweet, this is where Tweet Adder helps you automatically schedule your posts.

8. Automatic Messages

Tweet Adder has the facility to send automatic marketing messages to all of your followers though this professional twitter marketing software. We can use some proxies while using auto messages feature.

9. Auto URL Shortening

URL shortening is done automatically and you will have access to 24×7 support from Twitter Adder support staff to help us with any kind of our problems or issues.

10. Auto Tweets

You can create automatic tweets as per the keywords of our interest and then schedule them how we want to post them on Twitter as Twitter posts.

11. Automated thank you messages

Whenever someone follows you, using tweet adder 4.0, you can send personalized thank you messages. This works really better to foster relationships your new twitter followers as you can send personalized messages.

12. Black list

This is a great option on Tweet adder, as you can create a black list of users on Twitter. This black list helps you to NEVER follow specific users who annoy you or who send you spam messages or links on your twitter profile.

13. White list

There’s also a white list option available along with the black list option on tweet adder. White list option helps you to NEVER unfollow certain people on twitter. For example, if you create a white list of users (who you never want to unfollow), this tool never unfollows them until you delete the option. This options works really great when you are unfollowing people who don’t follow you back. Most of the time, celebrities, and famous people don’t follow you back, but still you want to follow them, so this options work great.

14. Profile statistics

Want to know your twitter stats and results? There is no other better way than using Tweet adder tool to know your twitter stats. You can easily find out who is following you, unfollowing you, who is clicking on your tweets etc. at one single place. If you are a stat lover like me, you will love this feature and definitely buy tweet adder to manage your twitter accounts.

15. Follow back

If you want to show some care and provide value to the people who follow you on twitter, make sure to follow them back. If you’re actively using twitter, within a few weeks, many people will start following you if you post interesting tweets. This is where it becomes a pain to follow back a lots of people at a time. And here’s where Tweet Adder comes in to handy where you can simply turn on the automatic follow back on and this plugin will take care of everything. It will automatically follows back all the tweets who follow you on twitter.

Tweet Adder Video Tutorials

Tweet Adder has a video channel on YouTube here. They have uploaded some videos to help you in using Tweet Adder to its potential.

Here’s how the dashboard looks like in Tweet adder.

tweet adder 4.0

So if you want to manage only one profile through Tweet Adder, go for 1 profile license only. In case you want to manage 5, 10 or unlimited twitter profiles though this Twitter marketing tool, please use the respective license type. You can always upgrade to higher profile type anytime. You will get the following benefits with all license types of Tweet Adder:

  • Lifetime software updates and support
  • No recurring fee
  • Can upgrade to higher profile activation anytime
  • Tweet Adder will pays for its cost in few days only
  • 24×7 support in all license types

Conclusion about Tweet Adder review

The main reason I use Tweet Adder is because it’s so much easy to manage twitter accounts. It not only helps you boost your website traffic by letting you post automatic tweets but it will help you reach wider audience by enabling you get more twitter followers.

If you  want to attract more people to follow you on twitter, you should invest in Tweet Adder. You won’t regret for having this tool in your hands, it has so much cool features that increase your social media presence.

If you are still confused about buying tweet adder, try their tool free for 7 days. Yes, you heard it right. You don’t have to pay even a penny to use their free trial, if you are once satisfied, you can then buy their tool depending on your twitter accounts.

I would highly recommend using Tweet Adder for taking your website and blog Twitter marketing efforts to great heights. You will be able to get lots of targeted followers, sales and visitors to your website in no time with this auto marketing tool specially designed for Twitter. If you thinking of losing your money someway by purchasing Tweet Adder product, as said above you can also use a demo version available on their website which is available free of cost.

So what are your thoughts on using Tweet adder tool to manage and grow your targeted followers on Twitter? Are you going to try it? Let me know if you have any questions if you have regarding Tweet Adder review, I’d be happy to share my thoughts.


  1. Anubhav Gupta says:

    great review anil

    i really glad to apply for tweet adder. hopefully it will work for me too.

    TA has lots of specs or i can unlimited with details.
    you explain each and every feature very well

    Thanks fo review.

    • Hi Anubhav

      Give a try to tweetadder and share your experiences about this twitter marketing software here. There is nothing to loose for you as you can use it for free for the first week. If you don’t like, you can cancel your membership any time.

  2. Great piece from you as usual. Nice…….But I see that it comes at a cost. Is there any free version for it? And also, are there any other free tools to follow targetted Twiter followers instead of having random ones?

    • Abhijit there is free trail available for tweetadder 4.0 which you can use for a week. One week is a good time for you to judge whether this product is worth buying or not.

  3. I absolutely love TweetAdder and have been using it for about two years now!

    A number of my accounts now have over 5,000 followers generating traffic from targeted fans. I got it when it was still a one off fee though and not a monthly subscription.

  4. Meerkat Mac says:

    I too have been a TweetAdder user for over 3 years, and I love it. But it doesn’t work anymore since Twitter suspended their API access. So I found Autotweet at to at least solve my tweet generation requirements. Works pretty good too.

  5. Hi Anil

    Thank you for this really well laid out and explained post on Twitter Adder, I’m definitely going to give this a shot for my own use and see if there are then benefits for my clients. Thanks again for taking the time to share this.


  6. Just followed the links in your post to Tweet Adder Anil and they all take me to ‘Follow Adder’ where the only option available seems to be to build Instagram folowers and no sign of Twitter. Has something changed since you posted this blog?

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