Twitter Contests: Best Practices To Enhance Your Community Engagement

Having a lot of twitter accounts and even more followers who are passive about your brand or product is the last asset one can think of having on twitter.  A small but well engaged community which is passionate about your brand is a better thing to have. Building a community on twitter requires a smart and steady process. Researching your niche and creating focused efforts towards providing them with value is the key to retaining and increasing well engaged community.Engaging more visitors on twitter

Running contests on twitter has been one of the leading practices that brands use to improve their awareness among followers and keep them well engaged.  Here are some best practices on running contests on Twitter if you want to get greater traction from your followers on this very popular and fast paced social media platform.

Goal vs. returns: Building communities on Twitter without a purpose will lead to nowhere. And running contests among such followers can lead to a total failure if concrete goals are not attached to the outcomes of the contests and ways to measure these outcomes. The payoffs from having such a community could be to garner feedback about product, increased sales or customer service. But keeping track and measuring all these is really helpful in gauging the success of your current contest on Twitter and planning for a future one.

Keeping the followers interested: Note even seasoned salesmen like people to sell them stuff. Twitter followers are bunch of people who might never come into direct contact with your social media manager or community engagement expert. Advertising to them about your product or creating a contest that doesn’t drive any interest is like shooting in the foot.  One way, commercial and un-interesting things are not welcomed by any community.

Give the followers incentives: There have been numerous successful twitter campaigns and contests around stuff like “Be the 5th tweeter to get a free sample of this product”. This is in fact asking your followers to tweet about the product or service to his followers which has a very big chance of getting viral, successful and increase your twitter followers. This not only engages your followers directly, gives them incentive to do so but also taps their follower base and spreads the message across a wide network.

Twitter contest best practices

Be consistent: If your company is running contest on Twitter on a regular basis, that’s a real good practice to follow. Giving back to community, creating instances for them to interact, engage at regular intervals is like asking them to keep coming back regularly, participate and get rewarded. This is definitely a hit with any community. On the contrary keeping your followers guessing when to expect the next contest or offer will drive them to other communities.

Run contests on workdays: Though the mobile web is growing, but it is still an established fact that most of people browse and interact socially from their workplaces. Though this comes at a cost to the employers and many have put social media site access policies to thwart these efforts but it is still popular. So it is good to be present with an offer or contest when the chances of your followers of being online are best. This will ensure a maximum ROI on your promotional effort.

Make it easier for followers to engage: A prominent Tweet This button on your product page will attract more visitors instead of the event when they have to scan every nook and corner of your product page to enter into the announced contest. Providing them with relevant information like – your participation was successful and you’ll hear from us in this much time – will satisfy them about a correct submission. This will also inculcate trust in your process and that the contest is very real not a scam.

Add a recommendation button: By not allowing the users to share the contest with their followers or recommend it to their network, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. People who want to spread the message should be given the opportunity to do so in a very easy and visible way. This kind of activity can also be clubbed with other offers to increase the engagement.

Keep them reminding: Twitter is a very faced paced environment, the sheer amount of information that a user gets in any minute is awesome. Chances are great that the information about your contest could get lost in the clutter. Tweeting about the contest at regular intervals and increasing the frequency when the end of contest is near will create an urgency among your followers to act. Doing this on the product page where the contest runs on your website is also a good idea. But remember there can be a thing like too much self promotion, which can backfire for your business.

Contests on Twitter are a great way to create a more engaged and thriving community for your business. Many businesses have successfully employed these strategies to profit, create more followers and brand loyalty. There is no reason why it should stop you for doing the same for your business.

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