5 Twitter Tools to Help You Dominate Twitter

best twitter tools

Twitter is a powerful social media platform. Millions of people depend on twitter to grow their online businesses. If you want to get the most out of twitter, consider using twitter tools.

If used right, twitter can bring you hundreds of new followers and visitors from one tweet. It’s all about who retweets your posts, if someone who is highly influential on twitter tweets your posts, you will get plenty of traffic within a day. That’s the beauty of using twitter to grow website traffic.

You need to always find ways to connect with twitter influencers if you want to get the most out of it.

Although there are a lot of twitter tools out there, it’s really hard to find the BEST twitter tools to work smarter with twitter. That’s the reason why I’ve compiled the top 5 twitter tools that will help you dominate twitter even if you’re not a power user.

Twitter tools to dominate twitter

best twitter tools

1. Tweepi

This is one of my most favorite twitter tools to manage my twitter accounts. Tweepi is the best twitter tool that helps you follow new tweeps without any hassle. It’s also free to use and it has amazing features that rock your twitter account.

More than 350 million tweeps are currently using Tweepi to manage their accounts smoothly.

Here’s how to start using Tweepi to manage your twitter accounts.

  • Logon to tweepi (you can sign in using your twitter account)
  • Enter your name/email with a password and authorize app!
  • Start using tweepi, you can start following someone’s followers by mentioning their twitter handlers under the “Follow Tweeps” section.

Pro tip: If you want to get more twitter followers, start following 100 people every day using tweepi. You can follow some influencers in your industry to get quality followers. At an average 20 people will follow back for every 100 people you follow!

Click here to use Tweepi twitter tool

2. ManageFlitter

If you want to work smarter and faster with twitter, ManageFlitter twitter tools is just for you. This is also similar to Tweepi but has few advanced features to easily follow and unfollow people on twitter.

Twitter allows you to only follow 2,000 people in the beginning. Once you reach the limit, you can’t follow further, so this is when you need to start unfollowing tweets who don’t follow you back. ManageFlitter is a great tool to unfollow people, it is also free so you can unfollow any number of people in a day.

Features of ManageFlitter twitter tool

  • The ability to see the best time to post tweets based on your account
  • Easy analytics that will help you know your viral activity on twitter
  • Super easy tool to unfollow people in seconds
  • Finding relevant people on twitter to follow is easy

Start using ManageFlitter now!

3. BufferApp

The above two twitter tools are mainly used for following and unfollowing people on twitter. BufferApp is a complete different social media tool that helps you schedule your posts in advance.

In social media, your reputation goes up if you share quality links and tweets all the time. But it’s really hard for anyone to share great tweets consistently. But by utilizing the scheduling option in BufferApp, whenever you find a great link, you can buffer it for later sharing on your twitter account.

All you have to do is to login via twitter and start scheduling your posts in advance. BufferApp free version allows you to schedule 10 posts every day and you can also link to your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts along with Twitter. Most twitter influencers use BufferApp tool to schedule their tweets in advance.

Try BufferApp for free

4. Paper.li

If you want to display all the top tweets at one place (like a newspaper or magazine), Paper.li is for you.

Paper.li is great application that allows you to collect top tweets or information from your followers. This is a great twitter tool that not only helps you connect with your followers but it’s a great way to increase traffic to the links you publish using this app.

Here are few benefits of using Paper.li

  • Most twitter users love it when they are being mentioned. Paper.li does exactly that! When your twitter followers share great tweets, it arranges them daily and mentions who tweeted that. This way your twitter followers get notified. This also improves user engagement on twitter.
  • This can also be done automatically. You don’t have to spend time on curating the top tweets to publish your newspaper using Paper.li
  • You can post daily, weekly or monthly according to your needs.

Click here to sign up for Paper.li

5. Hootsuite

Over 10 million people are using Hootsuite to manage their twitter accounts. That says it all about the popularity of this twitter tool. You can not only easily engage with your twitter followers buy you can also see your social media analytics from dashboard to analyze your clicks and user engagement.

Here are few top features of Hootsuite twitter tool

  • You can schedule posts in advance and publish them later automatically!
  • You can use Hootsuite dashboard to post, tweet or comment without visiting twitter.
  • Track your results easily

It’s free and you can manage up to 3 social profiles. You can also upgrade to their premium service if you want to add more social profiles and want to schedule a bulk of tweets in advance.

Click here to sign up for Hootsuite twitter tool

Final thoughts about the top twitter tools

If you want to leverage the power of twitter, make sure to use the best twitter tools that are used by top social media experts. These twitter tools not only help you increase your twitter engagement but they will also help with analytics, unfollowing, scheduling and much more.

By using top twitter tools mentioned in this article, it becomes easy for you to engage with others on twitter without much trouble. You can save a lot of time and money by using these twitter tools.

Do you have any more twitter tools that help anyone dominate twitter? If yes, please share your most favorite twitter tools in the comment section below.


  1. Nirmala says:

    Hi Anil,

    I’m familiar with your blogging skill and I know very well that you always bring the best data for us, this time too!

    Coming to your post, I know bufferapp & hootsuite to schedule the tweets and heard about Paper.li. I unaware of ManageFlitter & Tweepi to manage tweets.

    You’ve specified that Tweepi is free but when I tried to sign in, it asked me to choose a price plan. What would be the reason? Is it a paid tool? So, I headed to Manage Filtter.

    Thanks for crafting this useful blog post for us.

    • Hi Nirmala,

      Tweepi offers both free and premium services. Click on sign up button on the home page and authorize your account with twitter to start using it’s free service.

      You can later upgrade to premium if you want!

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