The Ultimate Guide On Promoting New Blog Posts

blog promotion tips ultimate guide

The traffic you get to your blog posts totally depends on the way you promote. Your promotion strategies will decide the quality and quantity of the traffic you get. But the key here is to not to waste your time on promoting your new blog posts in wrong ways. Avoid the time wasters that don’t give you any traffic to your blog posts, focus on promoting to your posts on hot spots where you can pull massive readers.

Let’s get into the details on how to promote your latest blog posts. Note that, this article is going to be lengthy (around 1400 words), but I want to make it one stop guide for bloggers to promote their new blog posts to get more traffic.

How to promote your new blog posts?

blog promotion tips ultimate guide

Social media promotion

Social media sites are becoming vital for webmasters and bloggers to get more attention in less time. Even if you are new to blogging, you can pull massive readers to your blog posts by writing powerful blog post headlines. Here are few things to do after publishing a new blog post.

Promote on Facebook: Facebook is the #1 destination for most bloggers, they spend a lot of time in connecting with other bloggers, sharing their posts and becoming part of different Facebook groups. So when you spend active time on Facebook to promote your blog posts and connecting with other bloggers, you will instantly get wide reach for your new blog posts.

Be active on Twitter: Twitter is widely used by many professional bloggers who are actively searching for different queries using hash tags. So if you are using powerful headlines for your blog posts and submit them on twitter using relevant hash tags, you will definitely see better results. The key here is to get more twitter followers, but make sure they all are related to your blogging space. Unknown followers on twitter may give you a great social influence, but it doesn’t give you any value to your posts (random followers won’t click on your links or connect with your posts).

Share your posts on Google+: Google is giving top priority to the shares your get on Google+. The posts that get too many social shares on Google+ are also tend to rank high in the search engines. So if you are a blogger and looking for ways to increase your SEO traffic along with the social influence, spend most of your time on Google+. You will definitely notice the rewarding results soon.

List out other blogs and start commenting

One of the best ways to get more reach for your latest blog posts is to comment on other blogs in your niche. Start listing out other blogs in your network and comment on their latest blog posts (try to be the top commenter) when you post something new on your blog.

It’s also advisable for you to comment on CommentLuv enabled blogs, this plugin enables to easily show your recent entries. You will not only get backlinks but you will also drive relevant traffic to your blog posts.

Here are few tips to write great blog comments that get more attention and drive traffic.

  • Never leave short comments, no one likes to read and no one wants to click on your Gravatar links. Always read the post and leave thoughtful comments that will definitely bring your more traffic.
  • Use a gravatar (good looking)
  • Mention the authors name when leaving a comment (this adds personal touch)
  • Try to be the top commenter on any given post

Here’s a great list of CommentLuv enabled blogs if you want to get started.

Guest post on related topics

If you consistently post high quality articles on your blog, you should consider landing your guest posts on top blogs in your niche to get more reach.

Guest posting is the effective way to build loyal readership and subscribers to your blog. Guest blogging is not dead yet, it’s as good as before it used to be. You just need to write quality articles to build relationships with others and never use guest posting as a way to build backlinks. It won’t give you any results in the long run. Network with other bloggers and share their posts, you will be fine with guest blogging.

Email list promotion

If you are not building an email list, you are going to hate yourself later. Google is coming up with too many updates to refine its search algorithms to give better search results. So you can’t depend solely on search engines to bring traffic or make more money. You must build a responsive email list who listens and buy your stuff.

Why build an email list, you may ask. Here are few strong reasons to build a list to grow your blog.

  • To bring more targeted traffic
  • To make more money
  • To build relationships
  • To create awareness about your brand or products

After creating having a good list of subscribers, you can send your latest newsletters about your new posts to them to bring more traffic. That way you will be able to get more reach, shares and comments on them with just a click.

Forum participation

Blokube: Blokube founded by Devesh Sharma who is young and talented blogger from India. It is an online community for the bloggers who wants to share their blog posts and pages.

BizSugar: It is similar to Blokube, it’s also a blogging community where users can promote their links and posts and uses votes to prioritize their blog posts. If you get more shares or votes on your links, you will get more visibility. This is especially created for the Indian bloggers. If you want to get more visibility and traffic from Indians, this is for you. You can share, comment and promote others links using Indiblogger. It’s also a great chance for all the Indian bloggers to get in touch with each others.

Blog engage: Blog engage comes with both free and premium accounts. Where the paid version can bring you more online visibility to your blogs and posts (they spot light your blogs to increase visibility). Whereas in free account, you can still contact with other bloggers and promote your stuff. It’s a social networking community for internet marketers. On, you can share blogging, seo, make money, affiliate marketing, social media and link building etc type of contents.

Apart from, internet marketers can share their contents on website.

Use Just Retweet to get more tweets

Who else wants to get quality retweets from other bloggers? If you are searching for ways to get more tweets on your blog posts or links, Just Retweet is for you. It’s created by Devesh Sharma along with other bloggers where the primary focus is on getting more tweets.

You can create a free account here and share your links to get more tweets. You have to tweet others contents to get credits. You can then use those credits to promote your links to get more tweets. You can also buy credits if you don’t want to promote others stuff.

Bookmarking sites can give you traffic and links

Stumble Upon: It’s one of the easiest ways to both increase your backlinks and get more traffic. You can also use SU ads to bring massive traffic to your blogs or landing pages.

Here are few more bookmarking sites that can drive you enough traffic to your latest blog posts.

  • Digg
  • Reddit
  • Delicious
  • Technorati

Note: Always make sure to submit on the above bookmarking sites after publishing each and every post on your blogs. To see a great traffic from above sources, you have to spend active time on creating a name for yourself.

Best WordPress plugins to promote new blog posts

Digg Digg: One of the mostly used WordPress plugins (to increase social media shares) is Digg Digg. It’s easy to use and a light weight plugin that takes less time to load. All in all, this is a great social sharing plugin to boost your social shares.

Download here

Flare plugin: I have been using Flares on one of my other sites lately and I must say it is one of the best social sharing plugins I have ever used. It looks amazing and loads faster. You can give a pro touch and feel to your visitors using Flares plugin. Your visitors will absolutely love it using Flares plugin to share your blog posts.

Download here

Conclusion: Promotion is the only way to get more traffic and eye balls on your latest blog posts. Without promotion, your blog won’t go anywhere. If you don’t want to depend on SEO traffic (especially when your blog is new), use the above proven ways to promote your new blog posts.

What are your favorite ways to promote new blog posts? Do you have any more blog promotion tips? Please share them below.


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