5 Unique Ways to Get More Email Subscribers for your Blog

Email marketing is one of the best ways to get more online visibility for your blog. You must be differentiate yourself from other sites to make a decent income from your online businesses. Email marketing can help you to be unique from the crowd.

Here are the top ways to get more email subscribers for your blog

Get More Email Subscribers

1. Conduct Webinars:

Conduct webinars either with the influencers in your niche or join with like-minded people and organize them. And create a separate page on your own blog about the webinar and offer them for FREE. In return, ask them to sign up your webinar to book a seat in advance. If your webinar has great ‘attention’ or attractive topics, you can easily make anyone to subscribing to your blog. The key here is, be EVERYWHERE! This way you can spread your word in no time, and acquire more targeted email subscribers in your email list.

2. Use premium autoresponders like AWeber:

Do you know why most people don’t subscribe to you? They’re more concerned about their email privacy. You can’t play with your reader emails to make an income from your blog. You must be using a great autoresponders like AWeber. AWeber is no doubt one of the greatest email autoresponders which is used by most of the industrial gurus. It’s so simple, unique and fastest delivery autoresponders in the blogosphere. So when you’re building an email list for your blog, make sure you’re using great services like AWeber. You’ll definitely see a huge growth in your email list then, I personally saw a drastic change on my blog when I shifted from free service to AWeber. So I’d definitely recommend you to use AWeber to grow your email list.

3. Offer a freebie:

If you’re offering something for free like, eBooks, videos, podcasts etc you can attract more people to subscribing to your blog. But make sure your offer is good, otherwise your conversion rates in the email list will be very less. Also make sure you’re giving more visibility to your freebies. Most of the people who lands on your blog should definitely know that you’re offering something for free, otherwise you can’t make great conversions for your email list. Before creating a freebie, ask yourself few questions..

  • Why should someone read this eBook (if you’re offering a freebie)?
  • What are the benefits am I providing them?
  • Is this freebie worth their email address? (you can get more leads, when your offer is BIG!)

Now that you know the purpose of your freebies.. just focus on finishing it and provide as much value as possible in your freebies. Never consider that no one will read your stuff – they’ll surely read and make your products go viral if they find something interesting and valuable.

4. Build landing pages:

Do you know ONE secret tip to get more email subscribers or better product sales? It is.. having landing pages for your sites. When you’re using landing pages, you’re giving less options to the visitors. This is why you’ll get more conversion rates when you use landing pages. Landing pages work like a charm if you’re offering something worth noticing. Make sure your landing page design is simple and attention grabbing.

No one will like to buy or subscribing to you when they see false testimonials or social proof on your landing pages.

Use social proof from the real people, use the real words.. this way someone can believe that they can give their email address for you. Also place a link to your privacy page to build an instant trust on your blog. By doing this, you can get more email subscribers from your landing pages.

5. Placement, placement, placement:

Placement is the key to get more emails subscribers. Give your optin forms more visibility on your blog design.

Here are the top 4 places to put your optin forms to get more email subscribers:

  1. Your about page: Undoubtedly, your about page is one of the popular pages in your blog. Then why don’t you use it to get more email subscribers? Place an optin form on your about page, if your about page is interesting and your offer is good – people will certainly consider subscribing to you.
  2. Top of the sidebar: Sidebar is one of the most visible places on your blog design. When you’re using top of the sidebar to get more email subscribers, you can definitely attract more people to subscribing to your list. Use attractive headlines on your sidebar (in your optin forms), so that you can quickly convince anyone to subscribing to your blog.
  3. End of the post: This tip works like a charm if your blog posts are engaging, valuable and unique. Your readers will definitely subscribe to you if the content is too good that they can’t ignore subscribing to your email list.
  4. Footer: If you’re using footer, embed an optin form in the footer and you’ll see better conversion rates on your email list very sooner. Because footer is also one of the best place to get more email subscribers – especially for the scrollers!

 Over to you:

Do you’ve any more tips to get more email subscribers?


  1. Aditi says:

    Hi Rahul,
    Yes I do believe that email marketing is one of the best forms of marketing where you can directly reach your customers through email and it also involves a lesser cost. Building landing pages is also one of the best option I feel for best email marketing. Thanks for the share!!

  2. Dean Saliba says:

    Offering a freebie is the top method I believe, I also like the idea of conducting webinars, but I think you need to offer something interesting to get people interested in that. The freebie method will be my main luring avenue when I start affiliate marketing next year.

    • Dean, yea, webinars need investment and lots of mouth talk to get other people to come. But it worth the money and efforts. Most popular bloggers are NOW using this method to quickly build their lists

  3. Susan @ Travel Deals says:

    Hello Rahul, thanks for sharing this … there is no doubt that you have a better skill to express your experience in words. great explanation.. I think offers E-books Videos etc. is the best idea to attract more subscribers towards to our blog.

  4. Hello Rahul,
    You expressed about the email marketing in much detail.
    Thanks for sharing…..

  5. Uday Ghulaxe says:

    Email marketing is the best strategy.But can you please suggest me is there are any other free tools available in market for email marketing.

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